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Monday, August 21, 2006

   The majority of this weekend I housesat for my sister and her hubby while they were off visiting some ritzy neighborhood known as Santana Row. I read a teeny bit, wrote the third chapter of my story, watched Titanic for the first time, and played with the dog. Oh, and soaked in their bathtub. Tis nice to be able to do that every once in awhile.

So now you know why I didn't post yesterday.

Sunday was church, then putting together our photography after all the electric and paint jobs we had to do (the electric part was done by a friend). All we have left to do is finish what we want the final design of it to look like (details wise).

So, onto the final part of the post: the second chapter of the Animaniacs story I posted here, since the linkies are not working on me.

Story Alert! Feel free to skip this.

Chapter Two: It begins

“Waky Waky, time for breaky!” A distinctively feminine voice that was far too cheerful for early morning disrupted my sleep.

I ignored the voice and turned over, intent on getting more sleep. Wakko had been barking like a dog in his sleep…again.

“Yakko Warner, if you go back to sleep, Wakko will eat it all.”

That got my attention. I shot straight up and tripped, bowling over my sister as I went, and groaned. How humiliating.

“Oh, no wonder you fell. You were tangled in your sheets!” She giggled like crazy, making me want to slap her. Some day this was turning out to be. I opened my mouth to retort with some witty comment when she held a gloved finger to her mouth.

“Now, now, you don’t want to lose your bet so early on, do you?”

Still trapped in my sheets, I froze, and permitted my head to make contact with the floor. Mentally callling myself every name I could think of, I began the task of extricating myself. My big mouth had gotten me in trouble. Still, a bet was a bet, and I would not fail!

By the time I had both legs free from the cotton sheets, Dot was gone. I slumped on the bed and resigned myself to leftovers for breakfast. My plan to survive the day was far more demanding of my time.

The idea of staying in the tower was tempting. Alas, that wouldn’t happen. My sibs would end up dragging me out soon (more like, Dot would).

There was a mime that was seen around the studio… I had seen him often enough to copy him. Plus, I could keep a notebook and pen with me, for humor purposes of course.

Like slapping a ‘Kick Me’ sign on an unknowing victim. I couldn’t suppress the grin that arose at that thought.

I was suddenly filled with inspiration. Today I would be even more funny than usual, and that was a promise.

The tower was a mess, as usual. Toys, videos (and crumbs) littered the floor, but this was normal. It’s not like we could be bothered to actually clean. I passed the train set, the Bugs Bunny telephone, the games, and into the kitchen.

Wakko burped aloud. Dot grimaced and protested, saying “Digusting!” She was holding her nose to ward of the smell, too. This was common routine in our home.

“Morning,” Wakko said, and gulped down on a sandwich with who knows what stuffed between the bread slices. He could eat anything, including desks.

She sighed despairingly and looked towards me. I resisted the urge to say ‘hey, he’s your brother, too!” Instead reached behind my back, pulled out a sign and scribbled the following: Deal with it.

She gave me a dirty look as I coolly walked past her, dropped the sign, and proceeded to the refrigerator that we had procured by various means. No, we did not steal it. We took it off someone’s hands at a garage sale.

The inside of said machine was pitifully empty. The only things untouched from the tornado that was Wakko were a tub of vanilla flavored yogurt, half a chocolate cake, a bag of small candies, two old carrots, part of a ham, a loaf of bread, and a quart of apple juice.

Sigh…so many choices.

In the end I chose some yogurt and a plain ham sandwich that I whipped up in 2 minutes flat. Not much, I admit, but it would do until the next trip to the grocery store.

In order to reach our dining table, one must go past the sink brimming with dirty dishes. When the last of the clean dishes were used up, then we would clean them. It’s our system, see. Anyway, I came to a table that has seen better days. It did, before Wakko took a bite out of it. If you know Wakko as well as we do, you know how big a bit he can take.

Finally, I cleared a spot for my lovely breakfast and set to work feeding my stomach. Since we had no more clean spoons, I dipped the sandwich into the yogurt and began chowing down.

Vaguely I could hear Wakko on the train set, and Dot shifting position at her place at the table. I ignored them both, too lost in thought about the coming trials I would face.

That is, until the abrupt, shrill ringing of the telephone reached my ears. I nearly lost the bet that very second, nearly choking on my last bite of sandwich as I clenched my mouth shut. The anticipatory silence as Dot and Wakko were poised in their places was stifling. Then came the “I’ll get it!” and a mad scramble.

“Too bad you can’t answer!” Dot taunted before she was off to the races, her feet going a mile a minute.

“Hey look, your Mel Gibson calendar!” Wakko was pulling the usual trick we all did.

“Where?” Dot sounded panicked (and from where I was in another room entirely I could hear her huffing in annoyance a moment later).

“Hello, Wakko speaking. Uh huh. Yes. I’ll tell him. Buh bye.” A pause. “Scratchy wants to see you, Yakko!” he yelled in my general direction, then started the train set again and was off amusing himself.

I only sighed and stayed where I was. It wasn’t the doc I was worried about. There were plenty of things I could do to annoy him. It was Hello Nurse. However could I resist howling like a wolf and gazing in admiration at the female form?

This day was starting off badly.

It would be prudent to get this out of the way. Off to the p-sychiatrist I went.

End of Chapter 2

I sincerely hope that those of you who read this enjoyed it.


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Thursday, August 17, 2006

   Sorry all!
I posted 2 links to my most recent fanfiction adventure, but sadly, the links were dead. So, in order to make it up to you, I will post the first chapter text for you at the end of the post, so those that want to read it can read it, and those who don't can skip it.

Just finished watching the finale show of the dance competion, So You Think You can Dance. Not sure if any of you have heard of it, but I love dancing, however little I get to. What irked me is that they announced who was chosen as "America's Favorite Dancer" the last five minutes of the show and kept on putting off and putting it off.

Thank you, Simon Cowell, for starting this wonderful tradition.

I have to post this little tidbit from the magazine The Week.
Good week for...
The future of the human race, after scientists at Germany's Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics announced the invention of the first pill to combat stupidity. the durg has been shown to improve the attentiveness and short-term memory of fruit flies and mice.

Haha, that made me pause and re-read it. Yes, you read it right, an pill to combat stupidity. Feel free to laugh.

I leave you with a quote from said magazine.

"People who drink to drown thier sorrow should be told that sorrow knows how to swim."
Ann Landers, quoted in the San Antonio Express-News.

And now here is the story I promised you! Note: this is an Animaniacs story, so if you are not a fan, you will experience confusion. Read and enjoy.

No One Calls Yakko Warner a Chicken!

Chapter 1: The Calm before the Storm

Life as a Warner is a blast. We run amuck across the studio and meet all kinds of special friends. And our contract ain’t bad either.

It was evening. Wakko was planted in front of the television set watching his annual Don Knotts marathon, which was nearing its end. Dot was in her corner of the tower, doing girly things. I was reading Groucho and Me, one of two autobiographies of the famous witty comedian, Groucho Marx.

“My dearest elder brothers, I have an idea.” Dot’s voice interrupted my reading, just when the book was getting really good.

“We’ve already visited Scratchy and T.P. today, Dot.” Wakko turned off the television set. “Unless you want to run around the studio again.” He good naturedly grinned.

“What is your idea, Dot? I was hoping to finish my book.” I scowled, fully intent on returning my undivided attention to it.

Dot only clasped her hands together and rocked back and forth on her heels. “It’s not so much an idea, so much as a dare.”

“What is it?” Wakko smiled excitedly.

“It’s for Yakko, actually.” She turned towards me, all smiles and big eyed.

It isn’t often Dot uses her cunning wit against us, but when she does…it always turns out bad. I mentally prepared myself and closed the book.

“What is it? Breaking into ACME labs? A stare down with your pet?” My tone was jovial, or at least, I hoped so. I had a bad feeling about this.

Wakko was oblivious to my anxiety, bouncing up and down like a human kid. “Does he have to make a gookie?”

Dot only continued to stand there primly. Cutely. Cunningly. I gulped. “Yakko Warner, I challenge you to…” She then put a gloved hand to her chin and ‘hmmed’. “ I don’t know if you can handle it, now that I think about it. “ She skipped off in the general direction of the board games.

Relieved and annoyed, I made to open the book again. However, fate was cruel. Wakko was chasing after Dot, repeating his query, “What challenge? He can do anything!” over and over.

“Wakko, she’ll tell us in her own time,” I muttered. The book was now back in my lap, open and ready for me to partake of its knowledge.

“Nah, Yakko is too much of a chicken for this one,” she absentmindedly replied, picking up the game Operation. “Ah, the perfect game.”

“What?” I slammed the book shut for the second time in three minutes. “I can handle anything.” I crossed my arms over my chest and waited.

Dot slapped a hand over her mouth and giggled. Lady like, she knelt on the floor and opened the box. She was smug, that was no mistake.

“Oh, it would be a whole day of no talking is all, starting tomorrow morning.” Coyly she smirked up at me and picked up the bag of little items into her hand. “Course, you can handle that, silly me.”

My mouth dropped open. I stared at my next of kin continuing to assemble the game, unable to believe what I had heard. If I hadn’t been in that chair, I would have fainted, honest to God.

The mere thought of a whole day without my witty intelligence put to use was an abomination.

Wakko waved a hand in front my face, then glanced at Dot, unsure who to ally himself with. The room was quiet, with the only source of noise my sisters cheerful humming.

“Ha, I was right,” she sang aloud, daintly picking up the pincer and pondering which item to pluck from the game board.

“I’ll prove you wrong, Dot Warner. I accept!” I jumped out of my chair and jabbed my thumb into my chest, inadvertently knocking Wakko to the floor. “No one calls me chicken!”

“Your not a chicken, you’re an inkblot,” Wakko offered in response, causing me to do a double take (not at him!). Like an idiot, I had lost my cool.

Dot had won her battle, at least in part. I mentally cursed, slumping back into the chair. “Me and my big mouth,” I darkly muttered, glaring
hatefully at Dot.

I wanted to kill her.

That's all folks!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I have successfully pulled off writing a new story. My entry into the Animaniacs category has been well recieved, with 6 reviews in two days!! If you want to read the story, follow the nice linky. If you don't, don't.


if that link doesn't work for you, the following link is my profile. scroll down until you see Me and My Big Mouth story.


Responses to comments:
Blue eyes: yes, Leliel was quite an interesting angel. Not like the others, at least at first. and yes, I really love Sonic.

Yamisgirl: my dad is doing a lot better now. Now he deals a lot with his eyes drying out. Thus, eye drops come in handy.

Jungwoo: aww, I'm sorry you had nightmares for a week after seeing that movie!

currently listening to: Mazashi no Aria (from Yu Yu Hakusho
mood: happy

Today is an ordinary, unproducttive day. Chatted with daff power on MSN, wrote, am working on laundry (and getting somewhere!)

Been watching a lot of a television show, Monk. For those of you who have no clue what show is, it's about a detective who is severely obsessive compulsive and has who knows how many phobias. Not your average cop show at all. His name is Adrian Monk--thus the title of the series.

Welp, that is enough blabbing for now. Ciao.

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

haha, when I read the comments you guys left, you all pretty much were weirded out by the laser surgery thing my dad went through. Still, it is a surgery, and just like any other, the 3rd and 4th day after are the worst. My poor dad. -_-

So my sunday was spent attending church (great speaker today), dropping off a DVD and game at Hollywood movie store, and watching a Sherlock Holmes movie.

Said game I wrote of was Shadow the Hedgehog. It was fun, for the three levels I could work through. Lots of guns, overuse of the word 'damn' when I accidently marooned Shadow over a dark pit, lots and lots of robots. The introductory song ain't bad, either.

So, my little curiosity has been sated. ^_^

Till later, Shani

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Friday, August 11, 2006

First off, I want to apolagize (however do you spell this word?!) about the mistake I had about last post's quote. Indeed, as Elvesatemyramen wrote, Yakko said that after reading his fortune cookie, and its not a wheel of Morality read out. I don't know what I was thinking that minute.

Moving on, I did watch the Evangalion dvd 5 (in other words, episodes 15, 16, and 17), including the one with the Angel Leliel, which I believe is the picture I got when I joined Blue eyes Eva club. *Le sigh* It felt good to watch real good anime again. Much better than the dubbed Inuyasha eps that I watch once in a blue moon.

Yesterday my dad had touch up laser surgery on his eyes. It's kinda freaky if you know how they do it *squirms*. Anywho, he is doing well, and already is back on the computer responding to emails, though he still has to be careful.

And in conclusion, I'll leave you with a quote, more like a one liner, from the brilliant (or insanely obsessed) mouse, the Brain:

Brain (to who else, Pinky): You have the recall of a lima bean.

Feel free to take that if some one insults you. I'm sure you would get weird looks. :)

Anywho, ciao.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

   Eh...I can never think of a subject line.
My summers tend to be long with nothing much in the way of productivity. I read tons of fanfiction, write fanfiction, watch television (sometimes), watch anime and read manga, etc. I am working with my parents though, so I get to get out and have a life in some form.

Still, I won't have this forever, so I am counting this as a blessing while I can.

If you can believe it, I have a new cartoon interest(as if I need another, haha): Tiny Toons. Been watching episodes on youtube.com, since that is the only to watch them. No DVD's out for them, for shame.

Question of the day: do you think my generation (and for those of you aroud my age, our generation) think we are rediscovering the old shows we used to watch? I look around and see college age students gobbling them up like crazy.

My answer: I think its mass sentimentality, for the most part. We can't relive it like when we were 10 or whatever, but at least its fun.

I leave you with a quote of the day (and I think you will know from whence it comes):

Yakko (reading Morality lesson of the day): "The hotel of your mind has many vacancies."

I know some of you will stare at the screen all confuzzled, but I find that really funny. So will Elvesatemyramen.


Okay, off to ... watch Evangalion. Ciao.

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Monday, August 7, 2006

   Yesterday I went to a concert starring Santana (and some guy named Anthony Hamilton who played for about half an hour before them). It was wonderful to be out there on the grass (though not so wonderful with all the smokers and drinkers). There were two drummmers, one of which had a great solo.

The only fly in the ointment was a political rant by one of the members of the band. It must be in high fashion to rant about government and all during concerts, or something. *scratches head*

Anywho, it was midnight when we got home.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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Saturday, August 5, 2006

   A good day
yesterday EAMR and I talked on MSN for ...eh, close for 2 1/2 hours, maybe more. 3 guesses about what we discussed!

For those of you guessed, its Animaniacs! Boy, it was hard falling asleep, with our zany conversation stuck in my head.

Not surprising really, for those of you who know me.

Schoolwise, I have my schedule ready, all I need to do is buy my books, and I'm set. Believe it or not, I am ready to stuff more knowledge into my head. Writers are always learning something new. Otherwise how can we come up with ideas?

Welp, today I am helping my dad out around the house today. It's good to get off the couch and be active, since I haven't been to the gym in two days.

Have a fantabulous day!


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Thursday, August 3, 2006

A new car
The very same newfound family who gave me my first tequila sold us a car. It is 16 years old, but they kept it up wonderfully. I have yet to ride in it, but reportedly it drives smoothly...and the windows in the back roll down (in a van, the only windows to do so are the driver and passenger ones).

I think it's gonna be the car we take to photographic assignments.

School starts for me in a few weeks. Excited to be that much closer to my first degree. After that, I'm probably gonna stay for another degree in photography.

Even better is that lately I have been getting story ideas again! Of course, I always have ideas that involve research that is over my head, but I plan to collaborate with Elvesatemyramen and her friend Angel. Hopefully these stories will lift off the ground.

Oh, before I forget, I bought some keychains! A set of 3 for $9.99, a sweet deal. They are a mini [classic] nintendo controller, a mini Mario, and a mini Link from Legend of Zelda. Here is the link if you want to see them.


Okay, off to be somewhat productive today. Caio!

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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

A very important occasion as of yesterday night has passed
My family and I went to visit some family on my sister's husbands side, a real italian family. We ate dinner around 9:30 (normally they don't eat until 10 due to work hours). They got the idea into my head to give me my first hard liquor shot (tequila) tempered with Hanson's soda. Boy, I was nervous.
Here was my train of thought as they poured a portion of the alcohol into a tiny glass: Oh my God, I don't want to get tipsy visiting family! What will my parents think?

Apparently I did it like a pro, my sister couldn't stop admiring me for gulping it down so good.

the only bad thing about it was I had a growing headache the rest of the evening accompanied by the desire to sleep. Alcohol does that to me.

My plans today involve helping my mom clean the house today, just like any other day. Not much else, besides watching DVD 5 of the Animaniacs set. I can't believe I have paced myself so well!! Then of course, off to read more brain rotting fanfiction.

So, have a wonderful day!


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