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Monday, January 1, 2007

Well I have pictures as I promised in last post.

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this is what I made for my parents.
Style: accordion book.

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This is what I made for my brother.
Style: japanese stab binding. 4 pictures in this one.

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my sister's tree. So pretty!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The guys doing what else...videogames. I believe at this time the game in question was Halo.

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Look, its Link vs Link! Super Mario Brothers Melee, if you haven't guessed already.

That is only a small part of the day, but I didn't want to overwhelm anyone.

Moving on to new years...my night was uneventful. We stayed home, played some games. Then it was lounge-around-and-watch-tv time, butI couldn't stand sitting still so long and washed dishes and did laundry.

Hey, I was being productive!

And now let the big birthday months commence!

Okay, out for now.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I could wait until later tomorrow morning to post...but I won't be sleeping for at least an hour.

First of all, a listing of what I got for Christmas:
necessary things to develop film--my only request.
an FMA manga, volume ten from my brother
3 books
a dvd of a live Santana concert (sqeee!!)

This year was a bit unusual. Each family exchanged gifts at home the 24th and gave a donation to the charity of their choice, and the 25th we all communed at my sister's house for her very first time as a holiday host. She did very well considering how much time is left in her pregnancy.

So...I'll be posting pics later another day (plus pictures of what gifts I made for my parents and brother).

Hope you all had a wonderful day!

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Holidays are upon us
Now I can relax and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. The homemade gifts are finished (finally) and wrapped. The house is (somewhat)cleaned and vacuumed, and laundry is doing what it does best.

Thank God for a quiet house while the family is out.

so sorry this post is really short, but I'm hungry and want to make some early dinner.

So, happy holidays everyone!

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas is arriving fast!
Hello everyone!

First of all, for those of you able to see the pic of my new rockin' bag and enjoyed it/wanted to steal it, I'm happy you enjoyed it. It's a ton better than my older bag.

These past two days the house has been smelling wonderful--my mom and I have been baking cookies (gingerbread and sugar, if you were curious). Working on the third recipe today (peanut butter). Plus, we giving some away for friends and family, so its not all for us. Somewhat.

this week I have a very shor time to make my presents...but I have all I need to make them, so that is no longer a worry. Still, the looks that will be on their faces will be so worth it!

Yeah, I'm on a homemaking kick...thats not a bad thing. It's a nice chance to seal myself away in my room and turn some music on as well.

And that is it for news. Nothing real special goin' on.

P.S. Any I Love Lucy fans out there? If so, what is your favorite episode?
Mine is Vitameatavegamin.

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Friday, December 15, 2006

I have such wonderful friends...
Thank you all for being so understanding about my little melt-down. One little article caused me to mentally check out for a few hours. Thankfully I was calm enough to attend my brothers play (he was the lead male character, too!).

Now my long awaited news...my messenger bag arrived!
Here it is.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

It's so pretty...

Anywho, now its off to the races to visit people. Ja ne!

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Short post
I am sorry for making this so quick...but today I am grieving. Earlier this year a wonderful teacher at my old highsschool died, and I just found out.

So, in the meantime, I am cleaning away in the hopes of keeping distracted. Apologies, I will not be visiting today.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Well, the baby shower I wrote of last post came and went, and it was a grand success. My sis is now fully ready for when the baby comes, with most of the big furniture, aside from the crib. The crib brand they want is so popular it is on backorder.

Today I turned in one of my finals, so there are still 3 left to go, and they are all on the same day.


One more day, one more day, one more day...

Anywho, response to comments.

Tiggerola: Gosh, its always such a pleasant surprise when you visit. Do not fear, the essay will be done...soon. Whenever soon is.

Arrekusu-sensei: hope you do well on your final exam. Freedom is coming soon!

Shisu-dono: You hoped I would have refreshing sleep last post..I got little to no sleep last night, so...my sleep cycle is off. Again.

Elves: that is a pretty darn smart idea to advertise your own used textbooks. No long lines to stand in then!

LS: if you have a ton of books you haven't touched in years, why haven't you tried to sell them on ebay or something? You could get some moolah back that way, unless you're too lazy too.

Al: Fruits Basket is cutesy (initially, it get pretty dark once the main caste of chars is established), but it does tend to grow on you.
Yes, it would be awesome if more anime fans came out of hiding and bought bags that advertised their interest. We could make new friends in a snap!

Okay, thats over, and I'm once again on deviantart. I practically live there on the evenings, chatting away with other photographers and making new friends. Tis very fun.

Okay, it's time I attempted to get some shut eye, since it is almost midnight now.

Ja ne!

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Ay ay ay...
Bad news: I haven't been able to get around to visiting this week. Studying, then my sister's baby shower, and both had precedence over myO.

Good news: come the 13th, I'll be a free girl! I can visit all of you then. And finally get started on the essay linking Fruits Basket and ancient chinese family structure.

...how many of you thought I had forgotten?


Anywho, I'm gonna respond to comments and get some shut eye.

ToonMasta: My major is liberal arts. Originally I was going for a teacher degree, but decided to change it.

Elves: Yeah, it sucks selling back books and getting less than half for some of them. Yesh, you didn't even get 50 bucks back for that $120 book?

Shisu-dono: yes, it has felt unbelievably good purging my binders of excess stuff. It gets pretty crowded.

Blue: Yes, I can't wait till my bag gets here! then I can show off my RK fanness and meet other fans while I'm at it.

Arrekusu: yikes, killer classes are well...killer. It is always so nice to them over with--mine was speech class. Ironically, I liked it in the end.

Ja ne!

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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

End of Semester
I love it when I can clean out my binders and toss away scraps, leaving my rollerpack a little lighter. Then I get to return my textbooks and at the same time, some moolah. It is the part of the semester that I love and dread.

On one hand, at this point you tend to get to know your classmates well and hate to part, but on the other hand...you tend to be tired and not want to read another word of another textbook anytime soon.

I was hoping my bag would be here on time for the last day of class (december 13), but it is being delivered on the 13th. Meh.

Before I forget, responses to comments!

EAMR: Yes, Kenshin is a classic series. :)

Arrekusu-sensei: I can understand why you don't like Inuyasha. the battles tend to go the same...but the humor? Priceless.

Blue-eyes: I myself can't wait to see the bag...but it is still in transit. I'll take a pic for you when I get it.

Shisu-dono: I don't mind that you got carried away listing what you want--that Naruto wallet does sound tempting, if you are referring to the green frog one.

Last post I promised to post a picture of the tree lighting. Here is the picture...it's kinda big.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Well, got sites to visit and time to waste---er, I mean, finals to study for. Ja ne!

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Saturday, December 2, 2006

1500 hits!!
I have officially a little over 1500 hits! Thank you all!

Response to comments:
Elves: yes, I am on dA, under Kayrie. I added you to my friends list even. Woah, who knew Ambien could put you in a little drug trip.
Thanks for your contribution, elves. I did decide to go ahead with the Kenshin one.

Shisu-dono: thank you for visiting my dA site, and am so glad you like my offerings. :)

Cute Kilala: thank you also for visiting dA site--and that you also liked what you saw.

ToonMasta: thank you so much for answering my hypothetical question last time! I appreciate it.

SonicPrime: yes, Insomnia can be evil, but I have done some of my best writing when I can't sleep.

blue: I can't help you with the lack of anime merchandise in Australia...that's your problem. XD

LS: so sorry you were confused, but hopefully you aren't anymore. And I think I am beginning to break out of this sleep deprivation cycle, as I have gotten to bed earlier these last two nights.

Okay, responses over.

I decided to get a Rurouni Kenshin bag, and then my brother decided he wanted one, and chose Lord Sesshy-sama (even though he doesn't know much about the series...lol).

Last night there was a tree lighting in downtown near where I live. The streets were all lit up with lights and stands selling food and a kids area, and everything. I missed the actual tree lighting because I was at an extra photo lab time, but the tree is beautiful just the same. I'll post a picture of it sometime.

Until later, Ja ne.

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