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Thursday, November 30, 2006

   First, responses to comments:

ToonMasta: I am so glad that you are one of my friends on dA. For the longest time I don't post anything.

Tiggerola: Disney's cool, though some people think it is too childish (I do agree with that to an extent). The classic stuff is the best, but of course, people keep coming up with new ideas.

Shisu-dono: I hope that you enjoyed visiting my site! (and yes, this world is full of troublesome things...)

Blue: Sorry, Al, if I knew where one could buy a life, I would tell you.

I hope that everyone who wanted to see my deviant art page visited. For those of you who are very confused and want to see what I am talking about, read the post below. For those of you who did, what did you think of my gallery?

Well, not much has been going on...just classes, deadlines, studying (something I've been expertly avoiding). I also am sleep deprived.

For the past week or so I regularly fall asleep around 2 or 3 AM...it's so annoying when it actually effected my ability to get up early for school. It's scarey...a small part of me is considering a sleep aid like a pill. However, they can be addictive, and I don't like that. And the 'soothing' ads for them on television don't help any.


Been considering purchasing a 'messenger' or 'courier' bag, but I can't make up my mind if I want an Neon Genesis Evangalion themed bag or a Rurouni Kenshin themed one (or for that matter, one of Sesshomaru-sama). It's sucks being indecisive, when it is only a bag.

So, this is my question for the day:
Hypothetical question: If you were looking for an anime-themed bag, and only had the three above choices, which one would you choose?

Welp, gonna go now. Got time to waste and um....nothing else to do. Ja ne.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

The weekend is almost over!
Responses to comments!

ToonMasta: no way, your on dA too! Just so you know, I added you as a friend. Any other sites you are on as well?

blue: I hope you were able to find my photos...I'm including a link to the site if you couldn't.

Cute Kilala: well, at least people tell you info, and you choose not to listen.

LS: I am fortunate that I don't have any relatives that don't know where to leave (but that doesn't mean we don't have our own problems).

Shisu-dono: my aunt (the one who urged me to watch it) also has watched it multiple times. She loves Sense and Sensibility.

First order of business: linkage to my deviant art site, for those of you who want it. (sorry, you'll have to copy and paste it, don't know how to make it all colory or whatever the term is).

linkage: http://kayrie.deviantart.com/

Not much going on otherwise than posting photo's like crazy...and watching Disney. Again.

Meh. I need a life.

Welp, this is it for now.

Ja ne.

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Title - less
Well, Thanksgiving came and went. Found out later, after posting, we were going to my aunt's house for the evening--apparantly my sister is hosting Christmas celebrations.

Does anyone else have the problem of not being kept in the loop when it comes to finding out things like one's daily schedule?

Anywho, the evening was wonderful. We had the regular fixin's and ended up watching a movie afterwards, Sense and Sensibility. My aunt, upon learning that I had not seen it before, deemed it necessary for me to see it. Great movie...just not after eating turkey.

Turns out that I didn't get much sleep tonight, so I'd better get to sleep before midnight tonight! *shakes fist* However, I did post a new photograph on deviantart (a community you post art, flash animation, photos, whatever), the first in months...no, a year? If anyone wants to see it, my username is Kayrie.

This cold, if I still have it, has been real moderate. Which was good, because I had to come to school two days after not feeling well. Fortunately, I survived.

So what were all of you up to? Life treating you well?

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It was inevitable...the one thing this time of year I cannot escape: the common cold.

It is only moderately annoying, so that is a little comforting. However, the first morning (that is, yesterday) was torture with all the sneezing and congested nose, and later, the headache. Blah. Getting home was so nice (I did not dare skip out on classes when it wasn't that bad)!

That is the only new thing at the moment, besides my intended goal of studying for a spanish test. It is already 3 pm, so I have to hustle and finish. No cramming for a test on test day for me. No way. It's too troublesome.


Today my mom went shopping for Thankgiving. Apparently my sister wanted it her new house, so she can have help with baking a turkey and all that jazz. I think she just wants a sweet smelling house and lots of company, really. :)

Okay, so I have now wasted enough time...I really have to stop this habit of procrastination. It's bad.

ja ne!

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday morning
...and I start it off with posting.

One of our cats is basking in the sunshine coming through a window. I don't know what it is with cats and sunshine, but they like it. Sometimes I feel like joining her, especially on sleep deprived days.

You will be happy to know that my Naruto streak is over, and that I am all caught up. At least until the next episode comes out. :) So until I find another series to obsess over, Naruto-kun is going on the backburner.

When is the next episode of Deathnote gonna come out? I know, I should read the manga like every other series, but I really don't have the money for manga lately. I don't even go to Borders much on the weekends anymore.

le sigh.

*stares enviously back at cat*

Okay, I'm gonna make some breakfast. Come noon, we have lunch, a photoshoot, and then dinner at a relatives house, so it's time to get off my lazy bum and look busy. haha.

Ja ne!

P.S. What is it with anime characters and the backwards wave? (if you have no idea what I am talking about, it is when a character is leaving and doesn't bother to turn around when walking away, raising their hand up into the air lazily). Shisu-dono, you should know what I'm talking about right? Kakashi-sensei does it all the time.

P.P.S. I'm really leaving now. Really!

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Monday, November 13, 2006

...I hate you, Al.

Yes, I finally decided to watch one episode of Death Note on youtube, just to see what the heck you are so fascinated by.

6 episodes later (1 just wasn't enough, and no one interrupted me, so I could finish all 6 episodes in one sitting), I'm left pondering the awesomeness of the series. It's the best thought out, intelligent series I've ever watched. There are no drawn out battles, useless fillers, blah blah. Whoever started this is one smart cookie.

An evil smart cookie.

Hm, cookies. I want some. Alas, we have none.

Yes, this has to be one of the most baffling posts in my history here so far. Hope this entertains you.

Bought a comic book today (not manga, surpisingly). I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the Green Lantern, but I've wanted to learn more about him for awhile. What is even cooler is the deal I snagged on it...ten bucks for 500 pages. That was cheaper than the thinner comic books! (no joke).

Welp, that is all for now. Ja ne!

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Quick Update
Not much to say. It's just saturday night, I've had enough of reading history textbooks and am juggling watching anime on tv breaks. One guess as to which series, if you know me.

Don't worry, I'll move on and obsess about some other series soon. Or even better, I'll finish a series I've started.

Saw a movie today with my family--Stranger Than Fiction, starring Will Ferrel (who I normally don't like to watch). Excellent movie.

Welp, gonna let you go now. Ja ne!

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Thursday, November 9, 2006

Voting came and went
Not much to report on. Went voting, had family time, watched Naruto, went to school and did homework, watched more Naruto...

There is discussion going on about whatever we are gonna do for thanksgiving. On one hand, I hear paying someone to cook food and bring it to someone's house, or making a full meal at home. Not sure what the verdict is yet.

...I can't believe the holidays are fast approaching. Yikes!

Welp, I need to go now, so ...
ja ne!

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Saturday, November 4, 2006

This month is already flying by--soon it will be the 7th, voting day for various measures and government and local positions of power are up for filling. Voting is very important to me, even more so now that my brother is old enough to vote.

Let's see, what can I talk about now...
oh yeah, I have a spanish test on monday (yippee), a photo assignment due in 3 weeks (with no vision of what it will look like either). My history prof has been unable to show up the last 3 class days, so who knows what kind of time crunch we'll have on monday. Anthropology remains to be a class of listening to myths and stories and whatnot.

Today my folks and I went to lunch with a friend at a chinese restaurant--which has the table top complete with the ...surprise, surprise, the Zodiac. It was funny to read some of the animal characters and see what matched what characters. I'll type some out for you (just for fun):
The Snake: wise and intense with a tendency towards physical beauty. Vain and high tempered.

the Rabbit: Luckiest of all signs, you are also talented and articulate, affectionate, yet shy, you seek peace throughout your life. Marry a sheep or boar. Your opposite is the cock.

The Tiger: tiger people are agressive, couragous, candid and sensitive. Lok to the horse and dog for happiness. Beware of the monkey.

The Ox: bright, patient, and inspiring to others. You can be happy by yourself. yt make an outstanding parent. Marry a snake or cock. the sheep will bring trouble.

the Rat (and Elves cheers): You aer ambitious yet honest. Prone to spend freely. Seldom make lasting relationships. Most compatible with Dragons and monkeys. Least compatible with horses.

the Dragon: you are eccentirc and your life complex. you have a very passionarte nature and abundant health. Marry a Monkey or REat lat ein life. Avoid the dog.

the Horse: populare and attractive to the opposite sex. you are often ostentatious and impatient. You need people. Marry a tiger or dog early, but never a rat.

sheep: elegant and creative, you are timid and prefer anonymite. you are most compatible with boars and rabbits, but never the Ox.

Monkey: you are very intelligent and are able to influence people. An enthusiastic achiever, you are easily discouraged and confused. Avoid tigers. Seek a dragon or rat.

the Cock: a pioneer in spirit, you are devoted to work and quest after knowlege. You are selfish and eccentric. Rabbits are troublesome. Snakes and Oxen are fine.

the Boar: noble and chivalrous. your friends will be lifelong, yet you are prone to marital strife. Avoid other boars. Marry a rabbit or sheep.

and lastly, the dog: loyal and honest, you work well with others. Generous yet stubborn and often selfish. Look to the horse or tiger. Watch out for Dragons.

Okay, so I ended up typing ALL of them...but that does not matter. Which one are you (or which one do you think you are?)

I am a rat--and the text is true, aside from the 'spending freely' part (I am frugal).

welp, this post is already long enough. Have a wonderful day!

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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Welcome November!
I can't believe it is already November...soon it will be December, then a new year, along with a new yearly planner that I am dying to use. tis very pretty.

While housesitting last weekend, I discovered a new show: Dave the Barbarian (a disney kids show). Surprisingly witty--it reminded me of Animaniacs without the veiled sexual remarks. It's refreshing to find a kid's show that doesn't treat kids like dumb 5 year olds.

Halloween came and went. Two kids came to our door, and all I could find was licorice, so I hope they enjoyed it (our house is in a small neighborhood, mostly inhabited by older people). Then my parents returned from the grocery store with more teethrotting candy to eat while watching Over the Hedge (great movie, but I am glad I saw it at home instead of the theater--it saved us about 20 bucks in tickets).

Then after that I watched a marathon of Naruto on youtube. I tell ya, it's addicting!

Okay, now it is time to focus on homework. Tonight is my photography work night, since my family will be out watching Lost (a television series) with my other relatives.


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