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Saturday, May 6, 2006

For those of you who are curious, the speech mentioned in last post went well. There are a few points that the teacher deducted, but nothing major.

I also had a dance recital (for my dance class) in the cafeteria. All of us were so nervous, but we did well, both in our final projects and in the group project. Plus, my parents got pictures of it, so therefore my goodbye/farewell to them will be a picture of them in their final project.

Now, response to comments:

blueeyes: for as long as youtube has existed, it has been a miracle I have not given in to visiting it until recently.
*smiles* even though school just started for you again, at least you can see your friends.

ryosuke: I am not off of school entirely...I am taking the summer semester, too.

daffy: you brave man, killing those nasty bedbugs Vegeta-style.

Elves: 1) yes, school does fly by. except the last few weeks. those take their sweet time. 2)sure, you haven't had fangirl moments...I've read those on your posts *smirks* 3) It is quite interesting to hear a voice actor in their job, and then meet them/hear about how they really are. I too am now curious how a an un-like inuyasha person becomes that way...

LS: thanks for the link to the pic of bedbugs..I think. Nasty bugs.
Meeting Akira Toriyama would be fun, if nothing else to learn how he came about the idea of Saiyans and having one hit his head and forget anything of his past. It's a funny series.

Number 5: I had no idea you left...but welcome back!

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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Is tomorrow wednesday already?
I have a speech tomorrow. Not stressed about it, as I am done on time. yeah for being done on time!

School is drawing to a close, at least for this semester. I only have 2 more tests and one more project after this, thank goodness.

So yesterday I surfed the youtube site--I finally gave in--and found a lot of rockin' Yugioh music videos. Coincidently, my favorites involve Kaiba, more Kaiba, and some Mokuba cuteness. (Understandably, some of you don't follow the series, so please ignore my random moment of fangirl silliness, as they are rare).

Hrm, stuck for fillers again. Hee! *ponders for one moment, when an imaginary lightbulb shines overhead*

At last, an idea! I have a question for you folks, nothing special. If you could meet ANY voice actor/manga writer/comic writer, who would it be? (you can choose one from all 3 categories if you wish).

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Is the near the end of fall already?
Not only is the weather changing here, from cold to warm, but it is the last couple of weeks of the fall college semester, which means tests, projects, essays, etc. It's a lot of work, but so far it's going well. It's fortunate that I have a physical ed class to relieve some of that stress!

So how are my friends doing? Doing well, I hope. :)

*thinks for several moments on what else she could possibly fill up this post with, and shrugs*. Meh, there isn't much to say now, so I'll leave it on this. Caio.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

You're probably wondering why I am so chipper. Well I'll tell you...I am posting from a brand new Vaio laptop!

Response to comments:

tiggerola: I loved your little story about your room growing up. :) Yeah, painting can have its up and downs.

And for those of you who commented about easter...it came and went so fast!

*bangs head against wall* Spanish is driving me crazy! It isn't the hardest language out there, but telling time drives me up the wall.

Enough of my woes. How about you all?

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

I can't believe it's easter already...time has flown by.

Yesterday we had quite a mess! We bought some paint for my room, since I am quite tired of white walls. I had the room vacuumed, the bed out of the way, everything I needed...then the can spilled, so now I have a vaguely pink spot (originally red) on my carpet. The steam vacuum did wonders for getting it out on the top layer, but who knows how deep it has gone. *sighs* And I had such high hopes of having it done before monday.

Oh well, disasters happen, ne?

It's been so nice to be able to post and comment on your sites again. I took it for granted for awile, but no more.

Till later, Shani

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

yay for spring break!
We have this week off for spring break, so I am celebrating by reading the Millenium World series (YGO) book 3. It's been fantastic, finding out what really happened in the past life of the pharaoh.Bakura-kun is so dang evil I can't help smiling.

Typing here with a dog on my lap...she is just watching my mom retouch the wall with paint, and making tying a bit hard.

Still, I love the her, however spoiled she is.

Post again soon, Shani

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Sunday, April 9, 2006

Watched Howls Moving Castle!
My lord, was that a good movie or what? Kept me engaged the whole time and second guessing my theories. That is what a good movie does, ya know.

It's 6:50 on a sunday evening, I have been reading for awhile to smooth jazz...it started to put me to sleep. Blah. Gotta go outside and take a walk.

Post later.

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Friday, April 7, 2006

I was pleasantly surprised to know that my faithful readers missed, even though I shouldn't have been. Still, it made me smile.

In regards to Howls moving Castle, there has been no good time to watch it these past few weeks. At least I got in some inuyasha manga, so I'm not completely deprived.

So, in the little time I have left here, I just wanted to say hi, and that I will post as often as I can. Ciao.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

I'm alive and well!
Sheesh, how long has it been?

I really tried to update, but then I had forgotten my password, and had to wait until I get a few minutes to myself on the compy to reset it.

It's good to be back! School, work, and photography has been keeping me busy, but I do make time for anime and manga when I can. (I still have yet to watch Howl's moving Castle from netflix yet though).

How are you all? For those of us with rain for about 10 more days, I'm sure you are ready for it to be over. The whole of march was bizarre, and April is turning out to look that way too.

Until next time, Shani.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Yet another meaningless post...
Just got out of my television class. It is hard to keep focus when my parents are watching American Idol next room over though.

Watched Inuyasha 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler! It was awesome seeing Sess and Inu (reluctantly) fight back to back, and bickering (about dad). Didn't dare watch it in english. Richard Cox doesn't do it voice actor wise.

Hrm...can't think of anything else to say now...ciao.

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