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Sunday, October 29, 2006

the end of the weekend
First, responses to comments!

Elves: I don't find it odd that you thought of me with A! as background noise :) It made me laugh.

Arrekusu-sensei: yes, it was good to get away from it all, despite the bad virus. and yes, I can't stop watching Naruto on youtube either!

blue-eyes: *glomps her back* I missed you and your randomosity so much! Congrats on hooking up with Phil!

LS: You say your a boring guy, Chris, but you really are. Thanks for the welcome back.

Okay, now that that is over, I can post about my weekend.

I spent friday, saturday, and sunday morning housesitting for my sister and her hubby while they were out of town. As usual, I watched a lot of television, snapped some pictures, took a roll of pictures, and did very little homework--that will cost me tonight.

Right now I am enjoying the first dvd of the Pinky and the Brain, and it is very much enjoyable to once again here the voices of Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarsh.

Yes, I know I am weird, but we all are weird in our own way.

Welp, that is all for now. I have sites to visit and people to catch up with. Ciao!

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Friday, October 27, 2006

I'm back...for good
It was a good thing I posted last when I did, cause that was ten days ago, and just now my dad got done with cleaning my laptop of the last traces of the virus.

So, I will not be dissapearing like that for a good while.

However, it still was good for me to be away from it all. Homework got done faster.

So, how are my wonderful myO friends that I haven't seen in days? Doing well? Anything new I should know about?

I would go to sites, but its 10 in the evening, and want to watch some Naruto before a photo job tomorrow.


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Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm posting during tv class. Yes, you read right. Granted, its during a movie clip I have seen before, so I'm not worried about it. If you are curious, it's Disney's Jack and the Beanstalk.

It's so wonderful to be back! I missed my MyO friends, but now I am back. Hopefully no more viruses will come my way.

Fall semester has now been in business for 8 weeks, and it's been a long 8 weeks. Photography class has been great--it always is. Spanish is getting even more frustrating, but the professor says that this chapter we are on is hard for anyone learning it for the first time. History is fun too--today I learned about ancient India. Fascinating stuff, I confess.

Okay, enough rambling. Off to watch Mickey outwit a stupid giant. Ciao!

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

I'm alive!
yes, I am aware that I dissapeared again after posting last post...but I have got the green light for [limited] internet, since my dad still needs to do some work on my laptop. However, the virus is gone!

In the mean time, however, I got some things done!
1) the laundry monster has been tamed!
2) started on the fruits basket-asian culture correlation--just a few notes on a word file that will give me something to chew on in the meantime.
3) finished another chapter of my animaniacs story.
4)took 3 rolls of film.

Onto comment responses:
Elves: yes, it was a saving grace I didn't bump into you on MSN...it was one big mess of a virus.
Tiggerola: yes, it could be why you couldn't log onto MSN, but it could be your compy being stubborn. Who knows.
Blue eyes: awww, I'm sorry I worried you! *hugs*
Sonic Prime: yeah, I always wonder who makes teh viruses myself...you must have to have a lot of free time.

Welp, that is all I have for now. Please update me on you all, since I missed out on about 2 weeks of posting. Ciao!

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Monday, October 9, 2006

Quick update
Lucky me was the victim of a msn virus that spread from a someone on my list (I think their list was hacked too...)to everyone else, so I hope that the damage that occured afterwards was not severe...I was not online at all for 2-3 days give or take, so I ended up missing your guys posts (and watching Naruto on youtube) while my dad cleaned it all up. It did help me focus and get homework done though, so that's good.

This, as the title suggests, is a only a quick one. I have a tv class on in 14 minutes, and it would be wise to ready for it. Especially as the VHS recorder went Kaput on us awhile ago.


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Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Naruto on the brain
I have been watching episodes of Naruto like crazy this last week and a half, for reasons unknown to me. I read chapters 1-30 in manga form a while ago when I still had a Shonen Jump subscription. When it stopped, I moved onto other series. My guess to why I have seen episodes 31-88 via youtube.com is that...it was a dormant interest that had to be fed sometime. Let me say this: it's been a roller coaster ride emotionally. I even cried at the end of episode 80.

I joke not. I know you are staring at the screen thinking I'm a big maroon.

Onto other things, I am so glad that I could teach you a little bit about what I am learning myelf. There will be more tidbits in every post, I hope. It gives me a good excuse to post if nothing else. :)

Other good news! My relations have found a house and bid on it, and soon they will be able to move. They have already begun packing their stuff into boxes and whatnot. The house is all built, so there is no need to wait months while construction goes on.

Yosh! My cousins are finally close to moving near us!

Well, this is for now. The essay I mentioned will be awhile, since I have to keep up on homework, and that is number one priority. Plus there is the arduous task of rereading the FB manga I have read so far (somewhere around volume 8). Poor me.


Have a great day!

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

   Good but long day
The worst of the week is over. Photography is continuing to advance and is oh so fun. Spanish is still frustrating, but this chapter is a bit easier. History is fascinating.

And now for the main point of my post. The chinese mindset about family and social circles were explained early on, and boy did it clear some things up about asian culture in general. In terms of this circle of fanatics, the context of Furuba (Fruits Basket, for those who do not know) makes so much more sense, in particular the importance of the family name, education, social status, mannerisms, and why the Sohma family live under one big generational roof. I plan to write a little essay on that, just for my own pleasure (and partly to improve my essay writing skills -_-). I'll post it whenever that is done.

Oh, and one more little tidbit for you to ponder on! The Great Wall of China is not made of brick, as it appears to: it's packed dirt with a brick face, really. Thus, it was really easy for nomads to break on their raids.

Plus--this will gross some of you out--whenever a worker on working on the wall died (a lot of whom were criminals), their bodies were used as filler in the wall.

There is your lesson for the day kiddies! Ja ne!

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

The end of a weekend
Tonight I must ready my school bag for tommorow...rignt now I really wish my first class wasn't so early.

Remember in my last post I was in the process of making a gift for my mom? She loved it, so that made the time it took to make it worth it. ^_^

Le sigh...and my battle to tame the laundry room continues. The dirty laundry piles up so fast, it must be a ploy to tire me out and take over the world--or at least the house.

*yawns* Today I'm gonna retire to bed early (so I think now, we'll see what happens in the next hour, haha). :)


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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Today was mostly consumed with getting my mom's present finished...picture wise. I ended up not using the scanned pictures I found of her family, instead used pictures of a family outing. All I have left to do is write some text and title it.

I am so glad thats over. *sighs*

Also got a roll of film finished, so I was somewhat productive. History books have yet to be read yet though, but that can be done tomorrow.

Welp, that is all for now. Post later.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Today is my study day. I have a spanish test tomorrow, but sitting and actually doing it? Not in the mood for it, which is bad. There are a couple problem spots for me. Urgh.

In other news...there is no news. I just felt like updating.

There is the matter of my mother's birthday coming up this tuesday. Dad is whisking her away for a couple of days for a surprise trip. In that time I hope to reach into the vast resources of our vast picture storage and make a collage or something.

Welp, no sense wasting the rest of my day.


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