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Saturday, February 21, 2009

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Time: 1:27 p.m.
Listenting to: "Inevitable" - Anberlin


Yo, everyone! How's everyone doing? I'm sorry I've not posted in forever. Been busy with school, and frankly, just lazy. x_x;

Just a few things:

1.) I gave up what I mentioned starting in my last post. I'll eventually reply, I'm sure, but right now I just don't feel up to playing games.

2.) My English teacher loves me cause he can nerd it up with me about anime, LOL! He was telling me that he really looks forward to my paper, because he loves anime. I lol'd. Srsli. xD

3.) I've been spending more time with friends and stuff, and my bf. Maybe that's why I'm feeling more stressed and feeling like I don't have enough time to do what I want, but I think that's just an excuse for me being lazy and procrastinating til the last minute.

4.)I finally got what I ordered from ebay: Death Note V.13 and Another Note. I'm about halfway through, and its pretty good book. It used to not take me that long to read a book, but I am savoring it and want it to last, hahaha.

That's it! I'm off to check everyone's sites. Enjoy a few pics:

death note Pictures, Images and Photos

This picture is my favorite:

Funny Pictures, Images and Photos

Funny Mikami Pictures, Images and Photos

death note funny Pictures, Images and Photos
I love the artist who does those comics. xD
Okaybaibai nao!

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

If our love was a fairytale, I would charge in and rescue you.
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Time: 5:32 p.m.
Listening To: "Breathless" - Shayne Ward (Obsessed, and I love it.)


There's only one person who reads this blog that will know the extent of what I'm about to say. But I can't go around announcing it, but I have to tell someone. I made a fake myspace, and I've been covertly talking to my father under a fake persona. Why would I do that? Simple. I'm curious. Curious to know if he still has feelings for my mother, curious if he'll acknowledge that his daughter exists (he didn't after we left, I was pretty much dead to him.), and most of all, curious to see what he looks like. I'm playing a dangerous game, because if I'm found out, who knows what will happen. But its been three years, and I'm so good at acting (also it helps I have someone proofreading everything I say that knows how cautiously I have to tiptoe around)that maybe he won't notice. I hope! Gosh. It's terrifying. My mom knows I'm doing this too, and she just told me to be careful and if anything suspicious is said, to abort immediately.

But anyway, that being said, I really haven't had anything exciting happen. V-day was a bust, but I won't say why. I'll just say that it was a bust because the other party wasn't really in the "mood." Oh well. We can't all be perfect, can we? Ah, doesn't matter I suppose. I'm just too busy with school work to deal with my relationship right now. I wish he'd understand that and back off, really. It seems like he's the one on his period, not me.

Blahhhhhhh. I'm in a sad mood. Someone cheer me up. ):

Today, I leave you with one picture, and quite a few quotes (because I feel sad):

funny/ quote Pictures, Images and Photos

Funny quote Pictures, Images and Photos

Me and my baby (the best man in my life - I feel so bad I'm getting him neutered this week. :( ):


And last but not least, a good picture (or two):

loveless Pictures, Images and Photos

(Cute, but totally suggestive):

Loveless Pictures, Images and Photos

Cute... Pictures, Images and Photos

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Friday, February 13, 2009

   So I began Again. "Let's Make Memories!"
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Time: 5:50 p.m.
Listening to: "Breatheless" - Shayne Ward.

Hello, how are you all doing? :D

Just a few things as usual:

--This is an anime based site, so why not? I've been reading Loveless again. I stopped after


Finding out that Seimei was indeed alive through a phone conversation. My first thought was "IMPOSTER!" But turns out, after reading today where I left off, he really IS alive.

Spoiler Over.

I'm excited to be reading Loveless again, and I forgot how much I loved/hated Soubi. Haha. And why does everyone always say I'm just like Ritsuka? ;_; My bf remarked how much i was like him, and my friends agreed a couple of years ago when i was reading the series earlier that I was ritsuka. :(

--So what's everyone doing for Valentine's Day? Anything special? I'm just hanging with my bf and playing WoW with him all day, haha. WoW has an event "Love is in the Air" for V-day. :) It's uber cute. And alot better than him giving me manufactured propaganda (though I told him some chocolate wouldn't hurt. ;]] )

Really, that's all for today. :) Enjoy some Loveless/Moar L pics;


Loveless Pictures, Images and Photos

hahahaha. L pants'd light. pwned.



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Thursday, February 12, 2009

   I'm Sulky now. ;_;
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Time: 3:54 p.m.
Listening To: Long, Long Way To Go - Def Leppard.

My post totally just got deleted. ):
Basically this is what I said:

--Hi, how is everyone?
--I don't have much to say, but thank you for the comments and opinions. :)
--*gives cookies to everyone who guessed her avatar*

--My Opinion: Sex Education should be taught on the basis that every teenager needs to know the basic mechanics of sex, how to correctly wear a condom to avoid breaks and unwanted pregnancy, STDS, etc. Encourage them to abstain, but if they can't or do not want to, here's where they can get condoms/birth control. IN my research paper I'm leaving morality and religion out of it. This is my opinion, and I hope it doesn't offend any of you, but I'm just so tired of hearing at school: "Omgsh she's pregnant...(AGAIN.)" I've had that happen so much lately, and unwanted teenage pregnancy rates are shooting through the roof. It's a scary prospect, and I feel we should act soon, if not now.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures while I go sulk about my post being deleted:




This one is my favorite, I laughed so hard:



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Monday, February 9, 2009

   See my last Two Posts.
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Time: 5:26 p.m.
Listening To: "9 Crimes" - Damien Rice.
Snippet of Song: "Leave me out the waste
This is not what I do.
It's the wrong kind of place to be thinking of you.
It's the wrong time for somebody new.
It's a small crime, and I've got no excuse."


Hello, how is everyone?! :D

Just a few things to say:

1.) Only a few people commented on my last few posts, but I understand everyone is busy. But thank you to those who took the time. ♥ Hope to see more of you around. ;)

2.) See my last two posts if you'd like to see how I'm doing, because not much has changed. Except my friend confessed he had feelings for me today, which just complicated things, since I'm dating someone very special to my heart.

3.) I've started work on my research paper for Comp 1. The topic I'm doing is: Sex Education vs. Abstinence Education. So the food for thought today I'd like to see from you guys is: What are your thoughts on thoroughly educating our budding teenagers on sex? (This includes but is not limited to: Sexual Mechanics (penis goes into vagina), STDs, Condoms, and informing where to get them and birth control, etc.)



Enjoy pictures!





Just what exactly are Near and Mello staring at on L's body?!!!! >__>;;;;;;


Now I'm off to make my rounds!

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Snow, School, Stress.
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Time: 10:16 p.m.
Listening to: "Acoustic #3" - GooGoo Dolls.

Also note: If you guess what song my avatar is copied after, i'll give you an e-cookie of your choice and eternal nerd love. ♥


Rawr! I'm about to begin making my rounds as far as checking up on how everyone is doing!
(I know, I'm a terrible person! ;___;)

But I've just been so busy! D: Studying, job-hunting, etc. So much to do, so little time as they say.

As for those of me who asked if I was okay in my comments, not really. I'm in a bad mental place that's fairly new and scary to me. I'm short tempered, anti-social, and I just don't feel like doing anything but squeaking over yaoi and getting on myspazz.

We had a snow day, and I spent it catching up on work, and sleeping. I'm not getting enough sleep either. Which is terribly frustrating as well.

School is going alright. It's boring, and pretty methodical. I guess they don't call it "Wally High" for nothing. It's just like high school. Except I feel as if I'm taking steps back instead of forward. ): UTC was so much more of a challenge for me. -sigh.-

I have a lot of things to do, and I'm terrified that I'm going to fail my math class. A.)I've not attended the past few classes which is STUPID of me), and B.) I'm not going because I don't understand the material and it's so hard to pay attention. ]]]: I know that sounds terribly childish, but I'm trying really hard to go to class, and pay attention. D: I feel so terrible. But I'm definitely going for the test on Monday.

Anyway, for now. That's all. I'll waddle over to y'all's sites now. Peace, and enjoy more delicious goodness!~ -heart love-





Ninja hotline. I'll be L's first caller! ;D


Lol, Light is L's manbitch. how befitting.


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Sunday, February 1, 2009

   How I managed to Scar Myself, I'll never know.
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Time: 8:53 p.m.
Listening To: "Malchik Gay" - T.A.T.U.

--Thanks for all the feedback, guys! Really appreciated! ;D

Just stopping in for a quick post and update. I will get to everyone's sites within the next few days hopefully. This week is really busy for me with school, so please please bear with me! ;_;

To quickly cover the subject line, I was reading a translated version of this online Doujinishi Game with LxLight, called "Bound Prince." (Do not look it up if you're faint of heart.) The reason I say this is because I was scarred. And it takes alot to scar me. I've seen almost every shock factor out there, as far as pornography goes. But the things that L does to Light are grotesque and while they fit how weird in nature he is, it just all seemed over the top. Some of it is cute, and hot, but there are certain fetishes L seems to present that made me cringe and "WTF" over and over again with the O___O'''''''''''''' expression. I also, however. Downloaded this cute Doujin game of MelloxNear. But I apparently didn't get to the juicy parts cause I picked wrong. -cry sob.- and I apparently let Near get beat up! -cry again.- Poor cute little Near. I love him about as much as I love L, only in a different non-perverted way. Near seems too much like a shota trap to me. >_>;;

Moving on, that's all I have. Enjoy the pictures!


Cute L! -squee.-


I loved this picture of LxLight.


A tame part of the doujin game mentioned above right before L rapes Light with gruesome detail. (I mean seriously, I know Light's horrible and all, but wtf.)


Some MelloxNear. DOESN'T NEAR LOOK LIKE A 12 YEAR OLD TRAP?! Gosh. ):

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

   Quick Question, really revelant.
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Why can't I or HOW do I turn on my profile on my new account: Rozewyn? I went to edit my information and then view my site and it gave me an error message: "This user has their profile turned off" HOW DO I TURN IT ON?!

And yes, you caught me. Shortly, I will be switching to my new name. But don't worry! I'm not leaving myO and all my wonderful peoples. I'll be transferring you all to my new account, definitely! Just as soon as I figure out how to work it.

So that aside, how is everyone? :]

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

   Hearts Burst into Fire.
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Time: 2:51 p.m.
Listening to: Know By Now - People in Planes


What are some misnomers (or stereotypes) associated with people who like anime?

So far, I have:
--People think anime is nothing but cartoon porn.
--People think anime is childish.
--People think anime is nothing but GAY porn.

I'd like to hear other misnomers about anime? Even from your own personal experience. :] Please continue on with my post now.
First thing, thank you for all the comments. They were really helpful and supportive. -love love.-


XXX-XXX-XXXX is my cell phone number. That also goes for the rest of you. I have free texting, so if you wish to text me and you live in the US (I can't get international texts, I wish I could!) Feel free to text me. :)


Second of all, please check out my New World on theotaku: http://www.theotaku.com/worlds/obsessivecandy

It is a site dedicated to L as well. I am writing a fanfic for my creative writing class and would appreciate if I could get some feedback! And the song I'm listening to is in the video. (Warning, spoilers! ;D)


Other than above news, things are still as tense, but my aunt and uncle are staying scarce, or maybe I'm just staying scarce. Either way, I haven't seen or heard from them since Sunday, which is fine and preferable by me, honestly.

"Everything I do, everytime I talk to you, nothing's getting through, is it over? I should know by now. I have to say, you fascinated me. But was it real? Or was it just a dream?"

I sort of imagine L thinking that towards Light. That or the other song I posted yesterday: "4 a.m. Forever" - Lost Prophets.

"Yesterday I lost my closest friend. Yesterday I wanted time to end. I wonder if my heart will ever mend? I just let you slip away. Four a.m. forever. Maybe I'll never see you smile again, maybe you thought it was all pretend? All these words I could never say, I just let them slip away."

Gah! Music's my outlet for when I can't think or anything. then I just write. Hence my fanfic. It keeps me occupied. I'm terrified of making L not how he should be and warping him to my tastes. I hope I don't do that. -sigh.-

Anyway! I love you all. Thank you for listening, I'll be doing some site rounds now. Here are some yaoi pictures for you!~




And my favorite because it's how L would most likely observe what Light was doing to him:


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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

   Cat Fight in the Family.
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Time: 4:05 p.m.
Listening to: "4 a.m. Forever" - Lost Prophets.


Hey everyone, how are you?
The title pretty much says it all. After all the problems that have slowly snowballed into a bigger and bigger problem that could be solved with four words: "Move the FUCK out." I don't know why no one hadn't said it. Maybe if it had been said and followed through, what happened on Sunday wouldn't have.

My mother doesn't live with me anymore. I live with my grandmother, grandfather(who's away during the week on business), my uncle, his fiance, her two kids. We live in a three bedroom house, so the five year old boy that belongs to the lazy fat ass of a soon to be aunt sleeps in the living room. Nice bedroom, huh? Anyway, its been a big problem lately. And my mother comes over to visit on Sunday, and play some poker with me, and she brings her boytoy and his friend. My mom's boytoy is her brothers (my uncle) ex-best friend. they aren't friends anymore BECAUSE of Momma, pretty much. Nothing she did, just my uncle is over dramatic.

Anyway, so my mom comes over, and we all sit down in the dining room to play poker, and it's completely innocent. It's about 8:30 and my aunt walks into the kitchen and says pretty rudely, "Can you leave? Jacob's trying to sleep." (It's not her house, by the way, its my grandmothers) So of course that has the opposite effect and we all are louder because we don't think its right. Eventually my uncle comes out and it escalates from there. Yelling, screaming, its nothing but pandemonium in there. I got up and left because I had nothing to say, I wasn't going to be involved.

HERE'S THE HORRID PART: My aunt eventually gets in my mom's face, and my mom keeps repeating "Get out of my face" over and over again and finally pushes her away, not hard enough to knock her down or anything. But then my aunt shoved my mom so hard she fell off her chair and flew across the room. That's when my mom got up swinging, so to say. She grabbed the aunt by her belly fat (yes, she had gotten so fucking fat) and started punching her. My aunt grabbed my mom's hair and it took my mom's boytoy and my uncle to pull them apart. And I came out during the fight and started screaming stop. Then Nana came up, and it just all went to hell. My aunt was threatening to call the cops and have momma thrown into jail and at the time I was in my room crying so hard I couldn't stand it. I don't handle violence well at all. I watched my mom get beat most of her life by my father, and I thought I was past all the violence now that we left. But I hate my aunt so much right now that I hope she dies, just like my father. the animosity I hold towards her is infinite, just like for my father. I don't hate, I'm not the kind of person that does that. But it was just a terrible situation.

So now, here I am, afraid to leave my room. I want to play WoW, but I can't for fear that she will jump me next. I can't fight, I've never fought anyone in my life. But I didn't say anything either during all of this. I got up and walked away. But yes. I feel just like I did when we were living with my father. Terrified to leave my room for anything other than to go to the bathroom or get something to drink. I've barely eaten and I'm just ready for it all to be over, and it will this weekend. My grandfather is the alpha male of the house, and he's so pissed. You don't touch his kid.

-Whew.- Sorry for the long-windedness, but I needed to say that. I'm so so so sorry I've not been posting. And I think I've gotten to everyone's sites. I have, right? D: Let me know if I haven't.

Anyway, to lighten things up a little, here are some pictures!




I want to know if it's okay to post somewhat graphic images? I have a few hardcore yaoi images of LxLight that I'd like to share with fellow fangirls, but I'm not sure it's okay! Let me know if it is or not, okay? :D

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