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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

   Cat Fight in the Family.
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Hey everyone, how are you?
The title pretty much says it all. After all the problems that have slowly snowballed into a bigger and bigger problem that could be solved with four words: "Move the FUCK out." I don't know why no one hadn't said it. Maybe if it had been said and followed through, what happened on Sunday wouldn't have.

My mother doesn't live with me anymore. I live with my grandmother, grandfather(who's away during the week on business), my uncle, his fiance, her two kids. We live in a three bedroom house, so the five year old boy that belongs to the lazy fat ass of a soon to be aunt sleeps in the living room. Nice bedroom, huh? Anyway, its been a big problem lately. And my mother comes over to visit on Sunday, and play some poker with me, and she brings her boytoy and his friend. My mom's boytoy is her brothers (my uncle) ex-best friend. they aren't friends anymore BECAUSE of Momma, pretty much. Nothing she did, just my uncle is over dramatic.

Anyway, so my mom comes over, and we all sit down in the dining room to play poker, and it's completely innocent. It's about 8:30 and my aunt walks into the kitchen and says pretty rudely, "Can you leave? Jacob's trying to sleep." (It's not her house, by the way, its my grandmothers) So of course that has the opposite effect and we all are louder because we don't think its right. Eventually my uncle comes out and it escalates from there. Yelling, screaming, its nothing but pandemonium in there. I got up and left because I had nothing to say, I wasn't going to be involved.

HERE'S THE HORRID PART: My aunt eventually gets in my mom's face, and my mom keeps repeating "Get out of my face" over and over again and finally pushes her away, not hard enough to knock her down or anything. But then my aunt shoved my mom so hard she fell off her chair and flew across the room. That's when my mom got up swinging, so to say. She grabbed the aunt by her belly fat (yes, she had gotten so fucking fat) and started punching her. My aunt grabbed my mom's hair and it took my mom's boytoy and my uncle to pull them apart. And I came out during the fight and started screaming stop. Then Nana came up, and it just all went to hell. My aunt was threatening to call the cops and have momma thrown into jail and at the time I was in my room crying so hard I couldn't stand it. I don't handle violence well at all. I watched my mom get beat most of her life by my father, and I thought I was past all the violence now that we left. But I hate my aunt so much right now that I hope she dies, just like my father. the animosity I hold towards her is infinite, just like for my father. I don't hate, I'm not the kind of person that does that. But it was just a terrible situation.

So now, here I am, afraid to leave my room. I want to play WoW, but I can't for fear that she will jump me next. I can't fight, I've never fought anyone in my life. But I didn't say anything either during all of this. I got up and walked away. But yes. I feel just like I did when we were living with my father. Terrified to leave my room for anything other than to go to the bathroom or get something to drink. I've barely eaten and I'm just ready for it all to be over, and it will this weekend. My grandfather is the alpha male of the house, and he's so pissed. You don't touch his kid.

-Whew.- Sorry for the long-windedness, but I needed to say that. I'm so so so sorry I've not been posting. And I think I've gotten to everyone's sites. I have, right? D: Let me know if I haven't.

Anyway, to lighten things up a little, here are some pictures!




I want to know if it's okay to post somewhat graphic images? I have a few hardcore yaoi images of LxLight that I'd like to share with fellow fangirls, but I'm not sure it's okay! Let me know if it is or not, okay? :D

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