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Sunday, February 15, 2009

If our love was a fairytale, I would charge in and rescue you.
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Time: 5:32 p.m.
Listening To: "Breathless" - Shayne Ward (Obsessed, and I love it.)


There's only one person who reads this blog that will know the extent of what I'm about to say. But I can't go around announcing it, but I have to tell someone. I made a fake myspace, and I've been covertly talking to my father under a fake persona. Why would I do that? Simple. I'm curious. Curious to know if he still has feelings for my mother, curious if he'll acknowledge that his daughter exists (he didn't after we left, I was pretty much dead to him.), and most of all, curious to see what he looks like. I'm playing a dangerous game, because if I'm found out, who knows what will happen. But its been three years, and I'm so good at acting (also it helps I have someone proofreading everything I say that knows how cautiously I have to tiptoe around)that maybe he won't notice. I hope! Gosh. It's terrifying. My mom knows I'm doing this too, and she just told me to be careful and if anything suspicious is said, to abort immediately.

But anyway, that being said, I really haven't had anything exciting happen. V-day was a bust, but I won't say why. I'll just say that it was a bust because the other party wasn't really in the "mood." Oh well. We can't all be perfect, can we? Ah, doesn't matter I suppose. I'm just too busy with school work to deal with my relationship right now. I wish he'd understand that and back off, really. It seems like he's the one on his period, not me.

Blahhhhhhh. I'm in a sad mood. Someone cheer me up. ):

Today, I leave you with one picture, and quite a few quotes (because I feel sad):

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Me and my baby (the best man in my life - I feel so bad I'm getting him neutered this week. :( ):


And last but not least, a good picture (or two):

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(Cute, but totally suggestive):

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