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Saturday, February 21, 2009

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Yo, everyone! How's everyone doing? I'm sorry I've not posted in forever. Been busy with school, and frankly, just lazy. x_x;

Just a few things:

1.) I gave up what I mentioned starting in my last post. I'll eventually reply, I'm sure, but right now I just don't feel up to playing games.

2.) My English teacher loves me cause he can nerd it up with me about anime, LOL! He was telling me that he really looks forward to my paper, because he loves anime. I lol'd. Srsli. xD

3.) I've been spending more time with friends and stuff, and my bf. Maybe that's why I'm feeling more stressed and feeling like I don't have enough time to do what I want, but I think that's just an excuse for me being lazy and procrastinating til the last minute.

4.)I finally got what I ordered from ebay: Death Note V.13 and Another Note. I'm about halfway through, and its pretty good book. It used to not take me that long to read a book, but I am savoring it and want it to last, hahaha.

That's it! I'm off to check everyone's sites. Enjoy a few pics:

death note Pictures, Images and Photos

This picture is my favorite:

Funny Pictures, Images and Photos

Funny Mikami Pictures, Images and Photos

death note funny Pictures, Images and Photos
I love the artist who does those comics. xD
Okaybaibai nao!

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