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Sunday, February 1, 2009

   How I managed to Scar Myself, I'll never know.
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--Thanks for all the feedback, guys! Really appreciated! ;D

Just stopping in for a quick post and update. I will get to everyone's sites within the next few days hopefully. This week is really busy for me with school, so please please bear with me! ;_;

To quickly cover the subject line, I was reading a translated version of this online Doujinishi Game with LxLight, called "Bound Prince." (Do not look it up if you're faint of heart.) The reason I say this is because I was scarred. And it takes alot to scar me. I've seen almost every shock factor out there, as far as pornography goes. But the things that L does to Light are grotesque and while they fit how weird in nature he is, it just all seemed over the top. Some of it is cute, and hot, but there are certain fetishes L seems to present that made me cringe and "WTF" over and over again with the O___O'''''''''''''' expression. I also, however. Downloaded this cute Doujin game of MelloxNear. But I apparently didn't get to the juicy parts cause I picked wrong. -cry sob.- and I apparently let Near get beat up! -cry again.- Poor cute little Near. I love him about as much as I love L, only in a different non-perverted way. Near seems too much like a shota trap to me. >_>;;

Moving on, that's all I have. Enjoy the pictures!


Cute L! -squee.-


I loved this picture of LxLight.


A tame part of the doujin game mentioned above right before L rapes Light with gruesome detail. (I mean seriously, I know Light's horrible and all, but wtf.)


Some MelloxNear. DOESN'T NEAR LOOK LIKE A 12 YEAR OLD TRAP?! Gosh. ):

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