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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

   Hearts Burst into Fire.
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Time: 2:51 p.m.
Listening to: Know By Now - People in Planes


What are some misnomers (or stereotypes) associated with people who like anime?

So far, I have:
--People think anime is nothing but cartoon porn.
--People think anime is childish.
--People think anime is nothing but GAY porn.

I'd like to hear other misnomers about anime? Even from your own personal experience. :] Please continue on with my post now.
First thing, thank you for all the comments. They were really helpful and supportive. -love love.-


XXX-XXX-XXXX is my cell phone number. That also goes for the rest of you. I have free texting, so if you wish to text me and you live in the US (I can't get international texts, I wish I could!) Feel free to text me. :)


Second of all, please check out my New World on theotaku: http://www.theotaku.com/worlds/obsessivecandy

It is a site dedicated to L as well. I am writing a fanfic for my creative writing class and would appreciate if I could get some feedback! And the song I'm listening to is in the video. (Warning, spoilers! ;D)


Other than above news, things are still as tense, but my aunt and uncle are staying scarce, or maybe I'm just staying scarce. Either way, I haven't seen or heard from them since Sunday, which is fine and preferable by me, honestly.

"Everything I do, everytime I talk to you, nothing's getting through, is it over? I should know by now. I have to say, you fascinated me. But was it real? Or was it just a dream?"

I sort of imagine L thinking that towards Light. That or the other song I posted yesterday: "4 a.m. Forever" - Lost Prophets.

"Yesterday I lost my closest friend. Yesterday I wanted time to end. I wonder if my heart will ever mend? I just let you slip away. Four a.m. forever. Maybe I'll never see you smile again, maybe you thought it was all pretend? All these words I could never say, I just let them slip away."

Gah! Music's my outlet for when I can't think or anything. then I just write. Hence my fanfic. It keeps me occupied. I'm terrified of making L not how he should be and warping him to my tastes. I hope I don't do that. -sigh.-

Anyway! I love you all. Thank you for listening, I'll be doing some site rounds now. Here are some yaoi pictures for you!~




And my favorite because it's how L would most likely observe what Light was doing to him:


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