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Friday, September 12, 2008

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So like I said last post, I'll talk about my plane ride there. It's ironic how I always get isle seat. I've never not had a isle seat. It's kind of nice. :] so we were in the economy section [ewww] and we were put WAAAAAAAAY in the back. I was sitting on the second to last row. It kinda sucked [added to the economy part] so yeah. The good thing though was that we all got or own tv screens to watch from. We had an array of channels to choose from to watch. If you were first class though, you'd get about 30+ channels to watch. Since we were in economy, we only had about 12 channels. I've seen almost every english movie on the list so I got bored fast. Also watched a japanese movie that made me cry. It was about a girl who grew up with her dog and the ten promises she made to the dog. But later she starts growing up and starts to ignore the dog [kinda] but when she finds out that her dog is dying from old age, she comes back and realizes what she's done. It's pretty sad, but then again, I cry really easily when it comes to movies and the such.

The girl sitting next to me though was really loud when she would laugh or scream. She was watching "The Eye" and started to get all scared. lol. I don't get how you can get scared of those movies on a plane. but yeah. It was like that pretty much the whole ride there. Ten hours of BOREDOM. I tried to sleep but probably succeeded for about an hour or two. ughhhh. also played a bunch of random old arcade games through the tv screen thingy. It was awesome. I was playing connect 4 with the computer. haha. too bad I really suck at connect 4 so I kept losing. D: so sad. When we were about to land, I tried to look out the window from the other side of the plane and wow. It was really beautiful. Everything there is so green and vibrant. It's completely different from LA. LA is REALLY brown if you compare it to Japan. Their mountains are so healthy, its ridiculous. haha. But yeah. after we arrived, my camera broke after taking one photo D: so I used my phone temperarily until I got another camera. I tried to fix it but it completely died. And going through cutoms wasn't that fun either. Hd to fill out stupid forms. ughhh.

Oh yeah. Japan is byfar the most humid and hot place I've ever gone to. It's worse than Hawaii. As soon as I got of the plane, my arms were like sweating. haha. it's kinda gross.

next post I'll talk about day 2 of the my trip. :D well reall short summary at least. it's really not that interesting if you're hearing about it [sigh] but I feel like boring you guys so yeah. kahaha.

haven't had time to work on the new layout yet, but don't worry, IT WILL GET DONE. sooner or later. haha.

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