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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

   Look out! SEA MONKEYS!

Heya peepz! sorry if i wasnt able to update the few days since i went to a VERY FAR AWAY! Beach Resort with my Uncle, Auntie and a Few of Friends (^_^), we had lots of FUN and i mean ALOT OF FUN! Hehe! so im gonna list the things we did...

1)Swimming(of course!)
2)Cave exploration(There be treasure here! Arr!)
3)Scuba Diving(AcK! SHARK!...joke!)
4)Sea Urchin Hunting(The pointy black ball like things under the sea @_@)
5)Rode a Jetski(I got to drive! *wOOt!*)
6)Rode a Kayak(Argh! #_^)
7)Rode an ATV(Similar to a Scooter except it has 4 wheels)
8)Sand Castle Making(The Traditional doing)
9)Rock Skipping(11 skips! Beat that!)
10)Burrying of friends under the sand(Oooh! my favorite activity!.....What? your not suppose to burry the head?...too late!...*laughs evily*)

So those are the things we did, its not much but it was still fun anyway! Hehe! and My auntie sez were gonna go again but in a different place...Bah! one thing i hate about it it's the Travel Time! it took us 12 Hours going there! and another 12 hours going back! so with a grand total of 24 HOURS! (X_x).....(*Grrr!*)......i wish i knew how Teleport! then i could just go here and there without any hassle and without wasting anytime!...(^_^)...oh thank you Sita for sending me your fic! (*Hugs*) I just got to read them only today...ohwell it was very nice so the wait was worth it! Hehe!.....ok till next time!

Red Phoenix Out...

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Monday, March 21, 2005


Yehey! (*WooT*) I finaly finished My Shaman King Theme! so what do you think? COMMENTS! (*Weeeee!*) sorry if I wasnt able to update in the past since i was with my mom visiting our relatives...(*sign*)...ohwell...not much to say about this post except that im playing ragnarok again(AND IM SO HOOKED! @_@) and i got quizzes for you! (*WooT!*)

You are Yoh's spirit - AMIDAMARU the ghost samurai!

What Shaman King spirit are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Yoh Asakura
You are Yoh Asakura. You love to sleep and
listening to the music. Your ideal phrase is
"it'll be all right". You are lazy,
friendly, but sometimes like to tease people.
As you grow older, your dark side become deep.
No one can understand your thoughts, not until
they get closer to you. Eventhough you're very
open, you're still the member of mysterious
Asakura family. Luckily, you're still that idle
and kind kid. Just try to stay the same.

Which Shaman King character are you? (result contains image^____^)
brought to you by Quizilla

Yoh X Anna
Bravo, you are the canon coupling of mankin,
YohXAnna. You are unable to admit your
strongest feelings for your true love, even
though it seems that both of you know you will
be together someday.

While you are strong, or maybe a little too
carefree, you seem to attract those around you.
Wanting to be with the person you love is not a
crime, but it is something that you will never
admit to. Such a shame... But if anyone makes a
remark about it to you, you'll either wave it
off as nothing or backhand them across the

What Shaman King Couple Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Awww! No more quizzies! darn! ohwell! i think its time i asked what have you guys been doing lately? besides school?...LET ME HEAR! Hehe!...I think i better go now since im going out with friends...agian...Hehe!

Red Phoenix Out...

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Friday, March 18, 2005



Ok so just ignore the title...Hmmm...Letsee...Im gonna probably change my sites theme into Shaman King since i kinda hook on that anime right now and it has a neat story to it! Hehe! Wanna hear it? NO PROB! (^_^) Hmmm...where should i begin...

Shaman King is the story of Asakura Yoh, a shaman, and his quest to become the Shaman King. Along the way, Yoh meets a boy, Manta, who has the ability to see spirits, an unusual feat for a human, attempts to find a powerful spirit that will be his main spirit and must withstand intense training from his fiancée, Anna, who dreams of living an easy life as the wife of the Shaman King. He also meets numerous friends along the way.

Shamans have the ability to possess spirits and then utilize the power and skills of the spirit to fight. One of the interesting things, though, is that a Shaman’s power does not all come from the spirit he possesses, but is a combination of the Shaman’s ability and the spirit’s ability, hence Anna’s insistence on training. With more training, the Shaman and his spirit become more comfortable with each other and can utilize greater attacks in battle.

As humanity has developed, they have forgotten the spirits and have acted out of desire. The Shaman King is the Shaman who can unite with the Seirei no Ou, or King of Spirits to lead the world back to the right path. The Shaman King will become the world’s Savior and reinstate the harmony that once existed. Apparently, there are a good number of Shaman out for the title of Shaman King, to the point where there are even competitions to see who is the strongest. Being of Asakura heritage, Yoh may be a great rival, but he certainly isn’t strong enough… at least initially.

Yoh is a great character. He is very laid back and rarely lets his emotions get the better of him. He fights for what he believes in and to protect his friends. The best way I can describe him is that he’s mastered Zen philosophy. He can sit for hours thinking of absolutely nothing and believes that there is no point to worrying. Things will happen the way they do regardless of whether he sleeps or doesn’t. Anna’s pretty much the same way, except that she does worry about Yoh – not that she’d let him see that. The two have an odd relationship. Yoh’s scared of Anna and will do what she tells him and Anna constantly pushes Yoh to get better and better. She doesn’t seem as though she’s capable of showing him how much she cares or maybe she’s just scared he will let her down if he cannot become the Shaman King. Still, she believes strongly in him and shows she cares in odd ways like making him new clothes.

The Shaman Fight is a tournament that takes place once every 500 years. An Oversoul is a technique whereby a shaman can shape his spirit into form. They do this by consuming materialization energy known as Furiyoku. During the Fight, Shamans battle one another until their Oversouls fade and all their Furyoku is used up. The shaman who uses all of his Furyoku first is the loser.

The Shaman Fight preliminaries and getting to Patch Village, where the Shaman Fight will be held make up about half of this series. The other half is the actual Shaman Fight itself. Of course, it’s not quite that easy, and the Shaman Fight has other implications that Yoh and his friends discover along the way.

So pretty much that's about it, Cool eh? I guess i better get going since i have to find more stuff for my Shaman King Theme...oh yeah i may not be able to update tomorrow and sunday since my mom is taking me somewhere.....so till next time!

Red Phoenix Out...

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Thursday, March 17, 2005


The Brain Vs. The Heart

Ok peepz! your not gonna believe were i went today...*brief silence*...BACK TO SCHOOL! it all started simple all i was planning to do is get my Class Picture and go Home...then all the sudden when i arrived at school all My Friends were there!(What the he**!?) so a bit curious i asked them why they were at school they said it was their Recognition Day so i got my pictures and when i was on my way home, all the sudden! My Crush said "come and stay until Recognition Day is over..." So two parts of My Body were debating wether i should stay or go...

(*Here's what they said*)
Brain: No way! I've got better things to do!
(*While the other said...*)
Heart: Ofcourse we would like to stay! (*points GUN at Brain*)
Brain: (*Gulp*) I change my thoughts! will stay!...we can do those things later, their not that important anyway...

So My Heart got the best of My Brain...(*Grrr*)...So we stayed there for like 3 hours watching them practice their thing while my heart is still under control of my brain...so after 2 hours of practice we watched them recieve their awards(The ceremony was like 1 hour) then when it was all over my brain said...

Brain: OK! ALL OVER! can we go NOW!?
(My Heart said...)
Heart: Were not going anywhere! not unless we stay with her until she goes home! (*Points a SHOT GUN at Brain*)
Brain: (>_<)

So with that My Heart Wins...again...Ohwell as my heart said i stayed another hour! until My crush left...anyway we were all enjoying each others company so it wasnt all that bad, we all talked NON-STOP! during that hour, Hehe!...we played card games too! like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Weeeee! so after all that My Crush finaly said goodbye and after a few minutes she left...i left for home aswell...So with that my brian Jumped with Joy! while my heart Frowned with sadness! when i finaly arrived at home! Yay! So with that i end this post.....

Red Phoenix Out...

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Yay! No more bad all exams! Summer Vacation Here i come!

Yay! EXAMS ARE OVER! (*WooT!*) Time to do some fun! now what should i do? any suggestions? comment pls! thanks in advance! i got nothing to post except that we ripped are school patches of as a sign of freedom! Hehe!(Well not realy...but it was fun! Hehe!) so here some pics for you peepz!

Yami Yugi: Ok so which of you knows where the bathroom is located?
Monsters: (*Grrrrr*) Hell.....
Yami Yugi: (>.<)

Tristian: (*Ack!*) BIG EYE! (O.O)
Joey: Cool! (*evil smirk*) (\_/)
(*Joey pokes BIG EYE!*)
BIG EYE: ARGH! (>.<) (*cries*)
Yugi: Now you did it! you made it cry! (*pets BIG EYE*) (^_^)

Well Gotta go!

Red phoenix Out...

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