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Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Brain Vs. The Heart

Ok peepz! your not gonna believe were i went today...*brief silence*...BACK TO SCHOOL! it all started simple all i was planning to do is get my Class Picture and go Home...then all the sudden when i arrived at school all My Friends were there!(What the he**!?) so a bit curious i asked them why they were at school they said it was their Recognition Day so i got my pictures and when i was on my way home, all the sudden! My Crush said "come and stay until Recognition Day is over..." So two parts of My Body were debating wether i should stay or go...

(*Here's what they said*)
Brain: No way! I've got better things to do!
(*While the other said...*)
Heart: Ofcourse we would like to stay! (*points GUN at Brain*)
Brain: (*Gulp*) I change my thoughts! will stay!...we can do those things later, their not that important anyway...

So My Heart got the best of My Brain...(*Grrr*)...So we stayed there for like 3 hours watching them practice their thing while my heart is still under control of my brain...so after 2 hours of practice we watched them recieve their awards(The ceremony was like 1 hour) then when it was all over my brain said...

Brain: OK! ALL OVER! can we go NOW!?
(My Heart said...)
Heart: Were not going anywhere! not unless we stay with her until she goes home! (*Points a SHOT GUN at Brain*)
Brain: (>_<)

So with that My Heart Wins...again...Ohwell as my heart said i stayed another hour! until My crush left...anyway we were all enjoying each others company so it wasnt all that bad, we all talked NON-STOP! during that hour, Hehe!...we played card games too! like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Weeeee! so after all that My Crush finaly said goodbye and after a few minutes she left...i left for home aswell...So with that my brian Jumped with Joy! while my heart Frowned with sadness! when i finaly arrived at home! Yay! So with that i end this post.....

Red Phoenix Out...

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