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Monday, March 21, 2005


Yehey! (*WooT*) I finaly finished My Shaman King Theme! so what do you think? COMMENTS! (*Weeeee!*) sorry if I wasnt able to update in the past since i was with my mom visiting our relatives...(*sign*)...ohwell...not much to say about this post except that im playing ragnarok again(AND IM SO HOOKED! @_@) and i got quizzes for you! (*WooT!*)

You are Yoh's spirit - AMIDAMARU the ghost samurai!

What Shaman King spirit are you?
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Yoh Asakura
You are Yoh Asakura. You love to sleep and
listening to the music. Your ideal phrase is
"it'll be all right". You are lazy,
friendly, but sometimes like to tease people.
As you grow older, your dark side become deep.
No one can understand your thoughts, not until
they get closer to you. Eventhough you're very
open, you're still the member of mysterious
Asakura family. Luckily, you're still that idle
and kind kid. Just try to stay the same.

Which Shaman King character are you? (result contains image^____^)
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Yoh X Anna
Bravo, you are the canon coupling of mankin,
YohXAnna. You are unable to admit your
strongest feelings for your true love, even
though it seems that both of you know you will
be together someday.

While you are strong, or maybe a little too
carefree, you seem to attract those around you.
Wanting to be with the person you love is not a
crime, but it is something that you will never
admit to. Such a shame... But if anyone makes a
remark about it to you, you'll either wave it
off as nothing or backhand them across the

What Shaman King Couple Are You?
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Awww! No more quizzies! darn! ohwell! i think its time i asked what have you guys been doing lately? besides school?...LET ME HEAR! Hehe!...I think i better go now since im going out with friends...agian...Hehe!

Red Phoenix Out...

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