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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

   Look out! SEA MONKEYS!

Heya peepz! sorry if i wasnt able to update the few days since i went to a VERY FAR AWAY! Beach Resort with my Uncle, Auntie and a Few of Friends (^_^), we had lots of FUN and i mean ALOT OF FUN! Hehe! so im gonna list the things we did...

1)Swimming(of course!)
2)Cave exploration(There be treasure here! Arr!)
3)Scuba Diving(AcK! SHARK!...joke!)
4)Sea Urchin Hunting(The pointy black ball like things under the sea @_@)
5)Rode a Jetski(I got to drive! *wOOt!*)
6)Rode a Kayak(Argh! #_^)
7)Rode an ATV(Similar to a Scooter except it has 4 wheels)
8)Sand Castle Making(The Traditional doing)
9)Rock Skipping(11 skips! Beat that!)
10)Burrying of friends under the sand(Oooh! my favorite activity!.....What? your not suppose to burry the head?...too late!...*laughs evily*)

So those are the things we did, its not much but it was still fun anyway! Hehe! and My auntie sez were gonna go again but in a different place...Bah! one thing i hate about it it's the Travel Time! it took us 12 Hours going there! and another 12 hours going back! so with a grand total of 24 HOURS! (X_x).....(*Grrr!*)......i wish i knew how Teleport! then i could just go here and there without any hassle and without wasting anytime!...(^_^)...oh thank you Sita for sending me your fic! (*Hugs*) I just got to read them only today...ohwell it was very nice so the wait was worth it! Hehe!.....ok till next time!

Red Phoenix Out...

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