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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Yay! No more bad all exams! Summer Vacation Here i come!

Yay! EXAMS ARE OVER! (*WooT!*) Time to do some fun! now what should i do? any suggestions? comment pls! thanks in advance! i got nothing to post except that we ripped are school patches of as a sign of freedom! Hehe!(Well not realy...but it was fun! Hehe!) so here some pics for you peepz!

Yami Yugi: Ok so which of you knows where the bathroom is located?
Monsters: (*Grrrrr*) Hell.....
Yami Yugi: (>.<)

Tristian: (*Ack!*) BIG EYE! (O.O)
Joey: Cool! (*evil smirk*) (\_/)
(*Joey pokes BIG EYE!*)
BIG EYE: ARGH! (>.<) (*cries*)
Yugi: Now you did it! you made it cry! (*pets BIG EYE*) (^_^)

Well Gotta go!

Red phoenix Out...

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