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Monday, March 14, 2005


Ok.....sooo i dont get 5 hours.....Hmmm...

Ok peepz! i'll make this post short and quick since my dad only gave me 1 Hour of Free Time before i have to study again!, since my Exams are tomorrow he's making me study double the time and less time on the Computer and on TV! (*AAAH!*), Hmmm...nothing much happened at school today we were given the whole day free time to study...but unfortunely we didnt take it to seriously and we had FUN! instead of studying Hehe! i did study a LITTLE bit thought Hehe! Hmmm...what else?...Oh yeah! i Completed My Clearance(Yay! for ME! Lolz!) today! i found the last 2 teachers and the bad thing about it is that they didnt hide anymore so that took the fun out of it! (^_^) ohwell atleast that means that i can take the exams tomorrow!(Is that a good thing? or a bad thing? Hmmm...) Ohwell i gotta stop here since i have to visit your sites and give comments! Weeeee! and i may not be able to post tomorrow since i going to take on the BIG subjects on wednesday(*Ack!*) So sorry about that...well better get going!

Red Phoenix Out...

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Sunday, March 13, 2005


Can i go out and play now?

(*Sign*) I didnt anticipate that i had to study today!, i thought i had all weekend to do Fun Stuff! but nooo! all the sudden my dad struck gold(This is just a metaphor ^_^) and said i should study NOW! (Ack!) but atleast he's given me 2 hours of free time to relax and do my stuff on the net!...like now! Hehe! but since i love you guys! i'll sacrifice my 1 hour of free time for you! Hehe! (^_^) so i better get started going to everyones site and post comments! Yay! so i'll just post tomorrow if i get another free time from my dad!(*wishes for 5 hours of free time tomorrow*) and Thanks to Blue Eyes for including me in he's fanfic! Yay! im Famouse! Joke! well until next time!

Red Phoenix Out...

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Saturday, March 12, 2005



Ok about my title it doenst mean anything, i just couldnt come up with something good so that will have to do! Hehe!.....Ok today i went to the mall scavenging for Beyblade Parts! Hehe! since i want my Dranzer to be the best among by friends and thier beyblades! its hard here since everything is expensive and its rare to find good parts this days...(*sign*)...but anyway i won in the Pokemon Tournament today sooo that brightened my day! Hehe! and while walking around the mall i saw my friends 1 by 1 and almost all of them had the same reason for coming to the mall.....SKIP STUDYING!, Hehe! slimy bastards! some of them just snicked out of thier houses and some said to their parents that their going to thier friends and STUDY! Hehe! ohwell...they gonna get caught sooner or later so i went my own path and continued browsing around...then i went to Filbars(anime joint) and asked for Gundam Seed Destiny Episodes then they said they dont have anymore! (*grrr*) i said to myself "WHAT! THATS UNHEARD OF! WHAT KIND OF CRAP STORE IS THIS!" after that i went out and saw one of my close friends, talked, went all over the place, then we went home...Hmmm.....this day was kinda fun! Hehe! (^_^) Oh Lookie!

You're Kai. You're cold, ruthless, anti-social and
don't take crap from anyone. You may seem to
hate people, but who could blame you? Compared
to you, they're just a bunch of intolerable
idiots. You've had a hard childhood, you were
forced into beyblading by your grabdfather,
which is the source of all your misery. You're
a realist and are the best at anything you do.

Beyblade Quiz: Which Bladebreaker are you? (Pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

Here's a quiz for you! Take it! it wont bite! Hehe!

Red Phoenix Out...

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Friday, March 11, 2005


Ballpens at the ready!

Hey peepz! sorry didnt update much this week since it was our Clearance Week this week, its where have a piece of paper that you have to make all the teachers sign it in order for us to take our exams! it's lot of hard work since those darn teachers kept on hiding on us! (*grrr*) but i found them all except 2 so i continue my persue on those Annoying Kiddie Brained Teachers! on monday! (*Bwahahahahahahaha!*) but now i have to study even harder since exams are due next week on Tuesday and Wednesday! and im going to get banned on using my computer on sunday 12:00 am hehe! since that counts as monday! and monday and tuesday are STUDY DAYS! (Ack! X_x) sooo i have until saturday and sunday to have all the fun i need to suffice my self! HeHe! Hmmm...what else?...oh yeah! something weird happened today except from finding my teacher today hidding under the cafeteria table(LoLz!) everybody's watch went random! like the other time sez 10:00am and the other 10:30am! how bizzar! Hmmm...someone must be playing pranks again! ohwell! i had my own watch! so i didnt need to ask anyone the time! HeHe! Ohwell! i've gotta fix up my Beyblade since my friends went back into it! LoLz! Cya!.....

Red Phoenix Out...

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Monday, March 7, 2005


Yay! New Layout!

Ok i made a few changes in my site, probably because im bored stiff right now, LoLz! As you can see it's still a Gundam Theme whoch is my all time favorite right now, HeHe! so that will have to do...Hmmm...what else?.....Oh yeah! i got perfect in my Long Test today! Yay for me!, HeHe! So that's all for now since nothing much really happened today just the traditional food fight in the cafeteria, LoLz! and can you give me some feed back on my new layout? really much appreciate if you guys/gals do, (^_^) Well gotta go do my Homework since my dad is scolding me for taking to much time on the net and less on my Studies...(Not True!...hmmm...ok maybe i slack off one's in a while but i know what has to be done Damn'it! Im no 4 year old! *grrr*)...ohwell! i'll Cya guys!

Red Phoenix Out...

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Sunday, March 6, 2005


Gundam Seed Destiny

Hi! i went out today to do the grocery with my dad and went to church too...(sheesh! like i do every weekends!)then i went to Filbars(An anime joint) to buy a copy of Gundam Seed Destiny Episode 1-3 and went to Pocket Colector to buy some pokemon cards since the tourney for pokemon is coming up and i best to be ready before it...hmmm didn't buy too much today since i have to save my remaining money for school...(dont want to starve now? do i? ^_^) hmmm...that sums up what i did today, if you ask me it was a dull day...(Sign)...well gotta go get some sleep i still have classes tomorrow, so i'll leave you guys with a pic of Gundam Seed Destiny

Cool isnt it? hehe!

Red Phoenix Out...

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Saturday, March 5, 2005


The Retreat

Hey guys/gals! yesterday we had our retreat in a far away place called Cavite it was a school trip and was lots of fun! and sometimes boring hehe! we did all sorts of stuff like arts and crafts where we made a heart containing the story of the prodigal son and we had a bon fire activity almost all of us cried during the story telling(but when i say almost all of us cried that excludes me! hehe!) and we did all sorts of activities! we had 8 or 10 sessions that contained 2 activites each! hehe! we also slept and took a bath there! we couldnt swim in the beach though! darn!(something about piranas in the water...JOKE! hehe!) hmmmm....what else....we woke up this morning and did the last activity where the counselor explained where the good and bad go...pretty simple though bad=hell and good=heaven hehe! after that we had breakfast and went home, but me and my friends went out for awhile and watched a movie which was in japanese and was full of killing! yay!, then we went to timezone and played lots of arcade games! and then after all that we all went home! aahhh! home sweet home! lolz! sorry i not able to update much since exams are drawing close so im only allowed to use the computer in weekends! ACK! (X_x)well take care!

Red Phoenix Out...

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Sunday, February 27, 2005



Hey guys/gals! i've just finish all my projects!(luckily there were only 5! yay!) and i already got my classmate a gift! it's a big Spongebob Squarepants Keychain! yay!(my friend said it was popular with girls now so i got one for her! yay!) it's soft, cute and squisshy! hehe! and i met at the net who was american and lives here on the philipines, she was real nice so we chatted a while and got to know each other(but im not kinda not into dating for awhile since i dont have much money hehe!) oh! and yesterday me and my friends partied at hotel called the Makati Palace we started at 7pm and as the hour passes everyone was real crazy since they had to much alcohol! i think so did i! hehe that's why i was soooo hyper! hehehe! luckily my dad did not catch me! hehe! i had to buy Breath Mints to hide my alcoholic breath! so SHUSS! (^_^) and today i went to Church since i was told to...i wanted to skip going to church but my dad hired someone to spy on me! O.o so i had no choice but to go...(darn! X_x) after that went to the hardware store to buy my dad some Batteries since he asked me to buy some for him, then i went ti an anime store and bought some dvd's of Beyblade G and Gundam Seed Destiny which both rocked! hehe! and now im thinking that should i rap the present im going to give tomorrow or not? hmmmm....i'll just think about that later for now im going to watch animax since im bored off my feet now...(sign)...well atleast my bad days turned into semi-good days! hehe! why semi? coz im bored now! hahahahaha! well gotta go and entertain myself!

Red phoenix Out...

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Thursday, February 24, 2005


Work! Ack! and more WORK!

Ok this was a very hard week that i went through! everything was just wayyy! to much! first of all i have to do 5(or was it 6?) projects and pass them all next week! oh come on! what happened to a little extra week to TRY and finish it! sheesh! next i have to pay for the retreat! and i have to come or else me teacher says i'll lose 50% of my grade!(THE HELL!?!?)next i was told by my principal if i dont have a haircut she'll shave my head bold! ACK! AAAH! X_x then for some minor problems my classmates birthday is coming up on Feb 28 and im still thinking on what to get her!(yes you heard me right HER!) she's a real special friend so i have to think up a good gift for her...hmmm...any ideas? a little help would really do good and be much appreciated! ^_^ (especially what im going thru...) and now i have to visit my friends here on MyOtaku and give comments ^_^ and what else? oh yeah! i had a little extra time to hangout with my friends sooo i guess THAT lightened up my day! hehe! oh and NO CLASS TOMORROW! YAY! *celebrates* an event here that's called EDSA DAY which surely sounds wierd to you guys/gals! but anyway im not going since lot of people get stuck in the crowd and you cant even breath! so im just staying home since i also have a cold or something and i dont feel well...*coughs* ohwell that's life for you! you try to do everything what you have to do and life just spits at you face! *grrr* well gotta go and finish my projects and rest for a little while and do my projects again and rest and do and rest and ..... well you get the idea!

Red Phoenix Out...

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Sunday, February 20, 2005


What a boring day...

*Yawns* oh boy nothing happened interesting today, just played gunbound all day and had lots of ice cream and totally hyper few hours ago!(while playing gunbound ^_^) oh and i watched constantine yesterday and it ROCKS! with all the killing, the hell, the killing, the hell, the killing and ummmm?...oh yeah! the HELL! haha! i think i maybe still hyper! hehe! so know im turning in for the night! real sleepy and i have school tomorrow! *curses school* *yawns* oh well im so bored i made somthing yay!

Bald Guy: HAHAHA! you stupid assasin you'll never take me down!

RP: .....

Bald Guy: Silent eh? THEN TAKE THIS! *throws eggs at RP* BWAHAHAHA! Feeling lucky now huh!? punk!

RP: *Takes 1 step to the right dodging the thrown eggs* ...

Badl Guy: ACK! think your that tough huh! well now im going to.....MOMMY! *runs away*

RP: *Rushes at Bald Guy and slashes head off!* BAKA!


Yami Yugi: Now that was kinda bad to do dude!

Joey: Yeah! hehe! I like eggs!

Pegasus: Oh my Oh my! what a mess!-boy!

RP: Who the hell are you?

Yami Yugi: Im Yugi! dude.

Joey: Im Joey and i like eggs!

Pegasus: and Im pegasus! and what's yours-boy?

RP: Mine is non of your business!

Yami Yugi: I saw what you did and i'll never forgive what you did! dude...


Pegasus: Go show him your stuff Yugi-boy!


RP: *slices dark magician*

Yami Yugi: *in shock* IMPOSSIBLE!

*Damage meter pops out and indicates yugi has only 1 LP left!*


Pegasus: *chews popcorn and drinks soda* Go Yugi-boy! teach that other guy-boy a lesson!

Yami Yugi: Aslong as i have 1 LP im never going to give up!

Pegasus: *tries to cheer yugi while having his mouth full of popcorn*


RP: What 3 disturbed little men...

Yami Yugi: Set 2 reverse cards! my turn is over dude! Make your move!

RP: *Slshes yugi in half!*

Yami Yugi: ARGH! (X_X)

Pegasus: *screams like a little girl and runs off gayishly*

Joey: RED PHOENIX! *runs*

RP: *Does a SONIC BLOW on Pegasus and Joey*

Pegasus: BOY! (X_X)

Joey: BANANA! (@_@)

RP: And im outa here...*walks off*


Red phoenix Out...

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