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Sunday, September 10, 2006

9-10-06 my last post maybe ^_~
lately some drama has been surrounding a lot of poeple here on the O. and i am right smack dab in the middle. ^_^ but oh well what can you do? all i can do is be the best friend and bf that i can be so here is my little post and it might be the last one you ever see from me. i dont know if anyone has noticed but i havent been on here very much. i used to be like clockwork commenting on sights as Morimoto seems to know all to well LOL!!! but i havent really had the energy or want to visit anyone i have only really wanted to concetrate on Harley. the woman i love more than anything else in this universe!! so please forgive me for not visiting and of course no one has to comment on this post if they dont want to.

Harley what i am gonna say you have heard me say before. i have told you through IM's and phonecalls but i have also told you i want the world to know how i feel about you. well i dont have an outlet to the world but this is my world i guess. so here it is for my world to hear.
when you came into my life those couple months ago i had no idea i would be feeling the way i am right now about you. i knew you seem to be having health issues and i just wanted to help you and give you my support. i still dont know why but something inside me told me to reach out to you and that something was so right!!!! we became fast friends started IM'ing and then a couple. we have 3 weeks under our belts now. and you have never left me even though there was a time i know you thought it would be easier to leave than to stay but you have chosen to fight along side me and im happy to see my girl is still there and plans on being here for a long time.

Harley i have told you that to me you are the perfect woman for me, i have told you many times how much i love you and will continue to tell you how much i love you. i have never felt this way about a woman before, i have never had this passionate of a feeling for anyone. no one has made me feel the way you do. I never thought love this powerful ever existed. i know i have been in love before i just didnt know it could go to this level. when i think of you my heart feels lifted and my mind body and soul are in perfect alignment. they all agree on one thing my heart is right you are the perfect girl for me and we all love you more than words can ever express!!! i cannot wait to get out there on the 29th. 3 days 2 nights of pure heaven. holding you in my arms and never letting you go.

to all my friends, you have supported me and Harley so much and im here to tell you all your support has been greatly appreciated. there are some who have been more involved than other but they know who they are the only name i want to mention in this post is Harley's. If this is my last post ever. i want it to be about my happiness and my girl. this is the last thing i would want to leave all my friends with. i want them to know i will never forget them and i also want the last thing for them to hear from me in a post is just how happy this perfect woman Harley has made me. but i have a feeling once things get to more of a normalcy. (that word is not even used right) i will be back to posting and commenting but right now i think at least until the 2nd i wont post again. cuz on the second i will post and tell everyone about my trip to see my girl. i might even put up pics but i will leave that to Harley i dont know if she will want to have her pic up all over my sight but i think she wont mind will you babe ^_~

now as for me. i know some people have been worrying about me but dont. i am absolutely great. the love in my heart for Harley and the feelings she has for me and the fact that she has chosen to stick by myside and fight with me to make this work. has made me the happiest man alive. i may have days where i worry a little but hey dont we all. but even while i worry im still happy cuz i have my girl!!! so to all my friends just know i am happy. happier than i have ever been but you know whats funny i have a feeling that even with as happy as i am and as in love as i am. that when i get out to see Harley i will be even happier and more in love than i am now. is that possible LOL well yes it is. I think that with Harley there is no limit to how happy i can be or how much love i can feel.

straight to Harley....I love you so much and cant imagine life without you. i want all my friends who visit this sight to know how i feel about you and everyone in my life to know as well.. Hell there is part of me that wants to stand on a street corner and just bug people who walk by and show them you pic on my phone and tell them how i much i love this girl. hey maybe when i visit you and we are walking down the street maybe i will just tell random people we pass. what do you think^_~

well in short let me summerize. I love Harley!!!!

sigining off....for now ^_~

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Saturday, September 2, 2006

9-2-06 SURPRISE!!!!
yep im still here, i didnt leave or anything and im even gonna post! *shocked!!!* but some of you may have noticed that i dont seem to make it to every post anymore. i have recently gotten some very good advice from one of my best friends Lyt-chan. she said, that i needed to spend more time on my happiness. i spend 6 hours a day sitting in front of this computer trying to answer all the pm's. and emails. I IM and comment on posts that everyone does. and some of you post everyday LOL but i always love reading what you have to say especially seeing as you are all my friends. but now it is time for me to pull back a little bit.

i want to make all my friends happy, so this is why i try to comment on every post and answer all PM's but lately i have a real hard time doing this. i just dont have the time i used to. so i end up spending even more time in front of a comp still trying to do all the same stuff and i cant. i dont have one of those nice computer chairs i have an old kitchen table chair. the seat is ripped and the stuffing is coming out and this is the chair i spend 6 or 7 hours in LOL.

but now i will concentrate on my happiness, starting with this post, cuz i have tried to get to everyones sights all the time i dont have time to post myself. i am always groggy and tired. i am still gonna try to make it to all the posts but now my comments might be shorter and pm's will take me a little longer to get back to, cuz i have decided that im gonna do what makes me happiest and that is concentrating on Harley. I absolutely love this woman and i want to spend most of my time with her, either through IM'ing, texts, phonecalls whatever we decide at the time. since we are not in the same state and we are so far away i just feel like i have to spend all the time i can with her, cuz when i do. im very happy! so if i miss a post or i take a while to send back a PM. please forgive me. but just know this i will eventually get to it. ^_^ but the most important person in my life is Harley and i always want her to know that she is. wow this is just a whole lot of rambling LOL

summery:less time on the comp and more time with my girlfriend. it took me 3 paragraphs to say this. now the story that i promised to continue

nar-the group steps inside the cave and are stunned, the walls are covered in blood, the ground is basically just a pool of the stuff up to there knees or higher on the shorter members of the group.
Toggle-ewwww this is gross, is this human blood?
Grif-nah its to dark, its almost purple. definately from the creatures in this area.
Yensid-but why so much, how many things were slaughtered to create this and where are the corpses of the beasts?
SweetD-maybe they are under the blood. Santo you should check.
Santo-why should i check?
SweetD cuz this is the kinda thing your good at.
Santo-*looks confused* feeling around underneath a pool of this stuff is something im good at.
SweetD-yep, so ill be waiting outside you guys let me know what you find. *she turns around to walk out and is startled when she sees some of the others have followed.
Magnus-Dranz what are you doing here?
Dranz-Ametures! you came up here with out any healers. why do i even leave this in your hands?
Cat-hehe we snuck on the Horizon in some ammo crates.
Juz-yep Dranz said our help would be needed
Kyuub-we dont need summoners!! you guys always get in the way and your creatures take up to much space!
Lyt-excuse me but we also have summons that can do other things other than fight. we have summons that can heal the party.
Lory-yes this is true, you guys might have gotten hurt very badly and if you have no healers you would die. please let us stay.
Dranz-Lory there is no "let us stay" we are staying!
Magnus-we have Ran for the healing part thats why we brought him and Harley has potions that do the same thing so we didnt need to risk more peoples lives!
Kitsune-yeah now we as warriors have to protect even more people who cant fight.
Grif-yeah Dranz no offense but now we have to guard to summoners, a healer and a thief...wait why did you bring Cat?
Ran-her scan ability, she can sense the weaknesses of the monsters making it easier to destroy them. i can see where she will be useful.
GiGi-BOOOOMMMM!!!! *everyone just looks at GiGi*
Lyt-why did you yell that?
GiGi-cuz you guys were argueing to much. we are all friends and are on the same side so we need to just watch eachothers backs and we will be fine *GiGi gets an evil look on her face and splashes around in the blood. she tackles Kitsune anf they both go under for a second. GiGi pops back up and looks for her next victom and spots Harley.
Harley-GiGi dont you even think about it! *GiGi charges at Harley and Kyuub draws his sword and goes after Grif.
Grif-whoa!! what the hell Kyuub!?!
*Kyuub has the same evil look on his face that GiGi does and slowly you see Lyt, SweetD, and Dranzer get the same look. Lyt summons Ifrit a giant fire beast that looks half lion, half minatar.*
Ran-something is going very wrong! Cat scan the area is there something causing this?
Cat-there is but i cant get a fix on where its coming from theres to much magical energy in here right now. *SweetD lunges at Ran, Ifrit launches off a giant fireball towards Yensid, Kyuub is still trying to slash Grif, GiGi has pulled her guns out and is ready to fire on Harley and worst of all is Dranzer. she is starting to cast Ultima!
Magnus-we really need to stop her, if she casts that in here she will kill us all!! Cat find the sourse!
Cat-im trying but i need more concentration and all this magic is making things to hard. *Cat closes her eyes to concentrate and is unaware that Santo is now charging her with sword drawn.*
Lory-CAT!!!! *Lory yells as loud as she can but Cat is in a trance like state trying to discover what is casting the confusion spell*

well this is all for now. sorry but i do all this off the top of my head and i didnt realize there was so much in there. LOL so it looks like there will have to be another part to this. i know there are people who are wondering when they will be back in the story but my plan is not working like i thought it would. well i hope everyone liked the story and will forgive me for maybe not making it to all the posts.

the for Harley section:
hey babe, i hope your day went well and that i will get to see you tonight. the last almost 2 weeks have been the happiest time of my life and i never want it to end. Thank you for giving me the chance to be your bf. ^_^ *long hug and kotl* love you babe!

signing off

ps-i got 21 comments on my last post. that is a personal best! YAY!!! to me for having such great friends! i also have 381 visits as well which is way cool!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

8-23-06 visiting my girl!!
ok so the last post was about how Harley and i were starting to get together well here is the update we are offically a couple now!!! after 8 long years, 416 weeks, 2912 days...holy crap! that many days it sounds so bad when you put it in days. LOL well why dwell on that now. I have a girfriend now. someone who is just for me. I havent been this happy in a long time.

Harley you have made me so very happy. i really cant find the words right now but all i know is that when i visit you in october i will find them somehow. (although i may have used most of them in our first phone conversation which lasted 7 and a half hours!!!) yep august 20th is the magic day. that is when my loneliness ended. I cant wait to hold you in my arms for real and i will stop there cuz there are young ladies who visit this sight who are my dear friends. ^_^

well i have also had a revelation about the story. it is way to hard to write for more than 20 people so i have decided to do little mini stories in the big story, so that when it is your turn in the story you will get more lines. this week i am gonna focus on my warriors and samurai, if you remember from the last part of the story they were at odds with eachother. but also i get to be in everypart seeing as i am writing it!! and oh yeah my gf will be in every part as well. ^_~ i love saying girlfriend. yeah i know im a sappy dork but hey thats me and im not changing. ^_^ ok story time! warriors, Samurais and a mountain cave.

nar-The Horizon lands in a clearing about a 1000 yards away from the cave entrance on Killkev mountain. every one files off the giant airship and moves towards the opening.
Magnus-well here it is. *everyone looks in disbelief. the size of the whole isnt what they were expecting*
Grif-wait didnt they say that Sin was a big as a villiage?
Kyuub-yeah, hes suppose to be massive. i have heard of people talking of ancient scriptures where he comsumed entire comunities.
Kitsune-i could barely fit through that hole. how are we gonna get in there?
Harley-i have the answer to that. *Harley pulls out a canister filled with a mysterious liquid*
Yensid-NOOOOO!!! Harley evertime you pull out something like that. bad things happen.
Aya-yeah maybe there is another way to get in. maybe a back door.
GiGi-throw it Harley!!! *GiGi dances around gleefully* i like Harley's booms!!!
Harley-see GiGi thinks i should
Santo-thats cuz GiGi is very distructive and way to hyper. *GiGi runs over and hugs Santo* GiGi please dont do that.
GiGi-im gonna dance with Santo!! *GiGi dances around while Santo just stands there.*
SweetD-well i vote she throws it as well, the weapons on the Horizon will blow the top off the mountain so this might be safer.
Magnus-this goes against my better judgement but Harley throw it. *everyone takes cover and Harley pulls her arm back and with a little demoic glint in her eye she hurls the canister towards the opening.*
Grif-brace yourselves!!! *the canister hits the cave and very quietly starts to disolve the mountain and makes the opening much bigger.
SweetD-what no big boom?
GiGi-*starts to tear up* Harley where was the boom? i like the loud noises and flying rocks and stuff. *harley walks over to GiGi and hugs her*
Harley-im sorry GiGi but this stuff isnt meant to explode just disolve.
Grif-well then i guess we can go in now.
Ran-guys i wouldnt, not yet.
Magnus-why Ran?
Ran-take a look at whats happening to the stuff around the opening.
Kyuub-why is it boiling?
Harley-oh yeah i forgot about that. everyone might want to take cover again. *everyone ducks and a massive ground shaking explosion is heard for miles around.*
Grif-gee i hope sin wasnt sleeping in there.
Nar-everyone looks at Harley and sighs she just smiles very proudly at her amazing work.
Ran-well hon i think it makes a statement.
Yensid-yeah, please wake up Sin
Magnus-well Samurai's and Warriors it your turn let go.
Nar-the group walk onto the cave and is amazed at what they see....

ok sorry folks this is gonna have to be 2 parts. it is already way to long. but before i go Harley i cant wait for october, to hold you in my arms for real. i think i said that earlier but its late im tired and all i can think of is you Harley.

but to all my friends once again thank you!!! thank you for your words and your support. your all just the best!! and oh yeah one more thing i got Lyt-chan hooked on ICP so now she is a Jugglette!! but i had to return the favor she got me hooked on a band called Di Rect so i needed to find her a good band as well. ^_^ now we're even. *laughs*

signing off (finally)

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

8-17-06 Special Someone
ok some of you know some of this stuff but here is a slight background on me and my success with women. i have always had horrible luck. i always fall for girls i cant have or who just want to be friends with me. so for 8 years i have searched the world around me for that special someone who would break this cycle. i have tried online dating services like Match.com, True.com and eharmony (which btw is the biggest rip off. they suck!!!) i have tried asking out girls i work with, girls i have just met, girls i was friends with but started to become attracted to them. the only thing i hadnt tried was standing on a street corner and holding up a sign that says "will be boyfriend for food" hmz...i wonder if that would work? LOL well no matter cuz it looks like soon i wont need any of that crap!

There is a girl on here who came to my sight out of the blue. she told me she visited it a few times and then one day she finally commented and signed my GB, then i went to hers and thought i was just doing the polite thing and signing hers as well. so like always when i visit a sight for the first time i read everything i could and found out her story. i was moved so much i gave up chocolate for her! YES CHOCOLATE!!! i missed it so but i stayed off of it till she said the docs said it was ok for her to eat it again. from this we started up a great friendship. PM's mostly and commenting on eachothers site. then we moved to IM'ing eachother. but before we got to that point i started to think to myself...wow this girl has a great sense of humor, she is really sweet and caring and she is wicked smart! the more i pm'ed her and she responded the more i started to fall. yep i knew it, my heart had decided that this was the one to persue.

so we did all the little asking of questions and found out stuff. ("found out stuff" @_@ yeah and im told all the time how great my words are LOL) and more and more i wanted to be with this girl. but i also knew my luck with women. but i never give up and maybe sometimes i push to hard. which led to a little problem that we worked out. i wont go into details. we still have some things that we have to work out, cuz its a long distance thing, so we still need a little time but i know we will work. i know it in my heart.

but now i have to thank some very special people, who have given me the confidence in myself that i havent had in a long time. they are Lydia, Stephanie, Lory, and my 2 adorable little sisters Jessikah and Cat. they have all listened to my problems and have given me there words and there strength. they have always told me how lucky a girl would be to be with me. and before i knew them i was starting to have my doubts. but they picked me up always and gave me more strength than i have had in a long time and for this i cant thank them enough. i will never be able to repay these special people for all they have done. thank you from the bottom of my heart, i hope that i will always have you in my life! *bows* i am honored and blessed to have met you all and have your friendship.

To Harley (i hope you didnt honestly think you were gonna make it through this post with out your name being mentioned in it. ^_~)i am very excited about where we are heading and where we will head. I cannot wait to see what is in store for us in the now and the future. as long as you stick with me i promise i will prove myself to you. ^_^ we may be far apart in distance but i hold you close to my heart.

well to all MyOtaku friends i am sorry for the long post but i needed to say all this. i wanted to tell everyone about this very special girl. and those very good friends. but as always thank you to all of you for being my friends, your all great! (yeah i know i have run out of words this post has eaten most of them) LOL

signing off now

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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

The fic 2!! 8-7-06
ok so one of my lil sis's said i need to post and asked me to do so. and i know my other lil sis wants me to as well so i will, also for some reason i have friends who want me to too. ^_^ and oh yeah about the sight i am keeping it the way it is. i guess i just like things to be simple and lets face it this is as simple as it gets. although i still may darken the green writing a bit but still not sure. ok now the story.

nar-everyone is sitting in the office awaiting the Return of magnus after her meeting with the mayor.
Chi-when is she gonna get here, im bored just waiting around for her.
Grif-we have to wait, all of us. we need to know if Ran did something real dumb.
Lyt-isnt that a given with Ran? he seems to get us all in trouble with his big mouth.
Lory-he doesnt have a big mouth, he just sometimes speaks very passionately. i think we should forgive him.
Moon-forgive him!! he basically told off the most powerful man in town and was rude to boot. he can take our business liscense away.
LB-yeah Ran you really dropped the ball on this one.
Lena-well maybe we are at fault as well. we did let him answer the phone. we all know what disasters he causes when he talks on that thing.
Roiben-yeah remember the time he answered the phone and he let that guy con him into buying 100 Fuzzles. he thought he could give them away as pets for the holidays but what Ran didnt know is that Fuzzles dont exist.
GiGi- yeah there is no such thing as a fuzzle!!! *lauhgs*
Morimoto-well there used to be but they all died off hundreds of years ago. in fact i dont think anyone even cared when they did go extinct.
Toggle-yeah Fuzzles had a cute name but if i remember my lessons in school, they were actually quite furocious and ate people, so they were hunted to extinction cuz they were dangerous.
Santo-Ran you really should have payed more attention in school.
Juz-NOW JUST WAIT A MINUTE!!! why is everyone getting so down on my big brother? i know he said the wrong thing to the wrong person but that is no reason to be like this towards him.
Cat-yeah he did his best, its just that sometimes his best gets us all in trouble but its ok though cuz it will all work out. right big brother?
Shishou-Ran you sure dont have a lot to say right now. i mean he we all are bashing you and you havent even tried defending yourself.
Alona-yeah Ran dont you have anything to say. i have to admit i feel bad after all that has been said.
Lory-maybe we made him sad now. are you ok Ran?
Toggle-oh no our words have killed his speech, Ran speak to us!!!
Lena-yeah Ran i know your prolly upset but giving us all the silent treatment isnt gonna make you feel better.
nar-Villes sneaks in and over to Ran and yells in his ear
Ran-What!!! what the hel is going on? Villes why did you wake me up?
Juz-you were asleep!?!
Cat-*laughs and hugs her big brother* so you didnt hear anything that was said?
Ran-i heard Villes yell!! thanks Villes now im deaf.
Villes-*looks proud* no problem
Lyt-Ran you cant just keep falling asleep everywhere, you really should have been listening. a lot of important stuff was said.
Magnus-only Ran could sleep through being critisized.
a lot of voices-Magnus!!
Grif-your back. well what did he say?
Magnus-well first off he said Ran is banned from all phones. *everyone laughs* no really i think he is very serious about this.
Yensid-yeah he said he would give Ran the death penalty if he ever answered a phone again. he was mad!
Harley-but Ran you can thank me though.
Harley-cuz if not for me you would be getting the death penalty right now, but i convinced him you were mentally challenged and strangely enough he beleived that.
Roiben-YAY!!! Ran is one of the special people GiGi-wow ive never met a special person before, hey do i get a prize for knowing you? like a laptop maybe? ^_^
Kima-ok no more jokes now its time to get serious, the mayor actually does want us to find proof Sin exists.
Harley-there is a cave up on mount Killkev that hikers have said to have spotted a giant shadowy figure fly into. so we are all gonna go up there and once there our Samurais and Warriors will go in and wipe out any monsters that maybe lurking about.
Aya-hey wait, why are we going in first, why not send the Black mages to do it.
Inu1204-cuz the confines are to tight for big spells.
Lyt-leave it up to the android to have the answer.
Inu1204-please i like to be called a cybernetic human.
Lyt-sorry, your right. but still why are you gonna send in warriors and samurai, they never get along on the battlefield.
Kitsune-thats cuz the Samurais like to make all the killing look graceful and pretty. to much wasted movement if you ask me.
Kyuub-well you damn warriors think that everything has to be messy!! you have no style or real skill. its all hack and slash with you people and your always way to loud. always yelling and screaming and grunting.
SweetD-please tell me you didnt say all that?
Santo-he said it and i think i have to concur, warriors get the job done but there is always a mess to clean up afterwards.
SweetD-you want me to make a mess of all your samurai faces!!!
Yensid-see this is the warrior mentality at its finest. i dont have my wits so i will just kill you.
Grif-now wait a minute, are you calling us stupid now?
Ran-hey lil sis, i have a level one warrior and samurai skill, what side am i on here?
Cat-i dont know *looks confused*
Juz-maybe you should just be on the side thats winning.
Ran-whos winning?
Magnus-No one is!!! you will work together and you will do your job!! no more petty squabbaling.
Toggle-whew! i feel better now that thats over.
Harley-yeah i know it was pointless for all them to argue but that does leave a good question though. will Ran be going in with them?
Magnus-yes he will, cuz he does have level one healing powers so he can keep them healed while slightly defending himself.
Lory-slightly, wont that leave him open to being hurt?
Kima-you cant hurt Ran! he runs to fast to be hurt. *everyone laughs*
Morimoto-hey Magnus, why arent you sending in me and Roiben?
Magnus-no Berzerkers on this one im afraid. sometimes you lose yourselves a little too much and it might be dangerous in there for such behavior.
Lyt-what about summoners?
Yensid-sorry Lyt-chan your creatures are to big to fit in there.
LB-wait i thought sin was a big as a small village, how does that fit in a cave.
Chi-i guess we'll find out when we get there.
GiGi-ROADTRIP!!!! i get the frontseat! *GiGi runs to the Horizon and giant flying ship that Inu1204, Harley and Moon built.
Magnus-we're not leaving yet? oh well let her have her seat.
GiGi-*off in the distance* yay!!!
Shishou-so what are the rest of us gonna do?
Magnus-that is still to be decided....

and yes it will have to be decided cuz this is way to long and beleive me i understand if no one reads it. but i have to admit giving lines to around 30 people is way to tough *laughs* i promis only twice a month will you have to see the story how bout that ^_~

signing off

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