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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

8-2-06 UHG!!!
I wanted to post the next part of the story but i didnt. the reason is simple i make it up off the top of my head and i just didnt feel like sitting in front of the comp much longer tonight. i have answered pm's and visited sights and now i just cant sit here much more. AAAHHH!!!!

well im better but still no story. sorry but maybe some questions.
1.do you think i should change my sight? i kinda like it the way it is but im curious what you all think. i mean for me i like it cuz its simple like me i guess *laughs* but i thought well maybe my friends would like to see something cooler, have a bit more eye candy to look at then just green writing and a black backround.
2.what anime or video game world would you want to live in?
3.who on my friends list do you also have on your friends list? i guess im curious to see who we have in common.
4.Last one!!! what is your dream job. you know that job that you go "I cant beleive they pay me for this!!!"

well thats it, my eyes are killing me and i need to rest them by watching GITS Stand alone complex volume 6!!! yeah i know its not gonna help my eyes but i always look forward to more ghost in the shell!

once again as always thank you my friends for all your words, comments, pm's, and most of all your friendship.

signing off

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

7-25-06 ramblings and fic
well i promised the other post would only be up for only a couple days and i had to keep it on longer than i wanted cuz of difficulties with my comp. i have been using friends and family's anywhere i can get on the net i have been going trying to email, pm, and comment on posts. i have been doing my best to stay in touch with all my friends here. well it looks like the motherboard on my comp died so my friend is putting a new one in for me and all i have to do is help him move on sunday. fair enough, i say. well heres the first part of the fic, there will be a couple of exclusions in till i talk to a few people about this. i dont want to overstep my bounds cuz they might not want to be in it. so i will wait till i get a hold of them but as for the rest here it goes. the cast. summoners:Lytjuh and Juz Cuz Warriors:Grif, SweetD, and Kitsune. Blackmages:Lena, ChiChi, LB, Magnus Whitemages:Lory (aka Icebox) and Alona. Rogue:Shishou Thief:Cat Samurai:Toggle, Santo, Yensid Berserker:Roiben and Morimoto Alchemist:Moon and Harley Gun Mage:GiGi and Joker:Me this will get explained in the story. nar=narator

nar-a thousand years has passed since the last time Sin walked the land of Spira. the last heros supposedly banished him. but people around Spira have said that at night they have looked to the stars and witnessed a ginat flying beast. doom seems iminate once again.

nar-Grif reads the paper. he is a member of a group called the paranormal eliminaters. there job is to deal with the unexplained. most of the old arts from the past are dead but these few with the help of there family's have kept alive some of the ancient practices. the skills and spells that were once used commonly a thousand years ago have been replaced with technology and have been forgotten by most.
Grif-you got to be kidding me?
Lena-what is it Grif?
Grif-they have spotted that giant flying thing again. they say its a big as a cruiseship.
Lytjuh-so we will be getting plenty of calls today from a bunch of nut jobs who claimed to have seen Sin.
Yensid-dont be so quick to dismiss these rumors, a long time ago the old texts told that the reason Sin would appear is cuz people had lost there way and didnt beleive anymore. they let science rule them instead of religeon. well maybe our technological advances have angered the spirits once again and our punishment is fast approaching.
Grif-thank you talking history book
Harley-leave her alone Grif. this info may just come in handy. its good to have someone who can tells us about the past.
nar- a few more members walk in.
Alona-ahhh a history lesson, who got Yensid going?
Lory-i like hearing what Yensid says, she has lots of neet things to say.
Yensid-Thank you Lory. its nice to know that someone around here wants to be informed and remain uneducated like some i know.
Grif-is that a crack at me?
Lory-please can we not fight, we are all friends lets just be happy we are all together. *the phone rings*
Santo-hello...uh huh...uh huh...no *Santo hangs up*
Lena-well what did they want? *everyone is just looking at Santo*
Santo-they wanted us to find hard proof that Sin existed. i told them no.
LB-but why it might be fun to go look for this thing.
Magnus-what does it pay?
Magnus-good girl
Toggle-what do you mean good girl?
Moon-it means since it doesnt pay why go and look for it. its not our problem till someone pays for it to be our problem. *Ran walks in the room*
Ran-i just mastered the spell cure!!!
Kitsune-isnt cure a level one spell?
Lory-yes its a level one spell for WhiteMages.
GiGi-good for you Ran!! WOOT!!
Ran-yeah WOOT!! hey what the hell is a woot anyway?
SweetD-Ran why do you always master level one spells of every type of magic or skill.
Juz-yeah Ran havent you ever heard the saying "Jack of all trades and master of none."
Ran-yes but i plan to master all the skills and magic there is to know.
Roiben-not likely it has taken me years to master just one profession, and to tell you the truth i still have more to learn.
Morimoto-yeah but thats why his kind are called "Jokers" it is a joke to think that you can master every profession. no offence Ran
Ran-none taken but watch who has a wound that needs healed i will cure it.
Lytjuh-i have a papercut can you fix that? *everyone laughs*
Ran-hmz...i will conjour all my power up and...go make me a sandwhich. im hungry.
Yensid-so your gonna cure your hunger. i dont think you are using that spell correctly.
Lena-yeah, you might want to think about picking just one profession and sticking to it.
ChiChi-i know how bout secretary, your by the phone Ran and its ringing. *Ran picks up the phone*
Ran-when did you get here ChiChi?
Chi-i've been here the whole time.
Ran-your to quiet! *talks to the person on the phone* WHAT!!!??....No we dont know if Sin is coming. and no we will not look for him unless we are paid to do so!! God why are you people so stupid? it was nice talking to you Mayor. *Ran hangs up the phone. everyone just looks at him and is stunned* What? what did i do now?
Harley-if you dont know there us telling you wont help. that was the Mayor right?
Magnus-and you spoke to him like that.
Lytjuh-and you dont think maybe you were a little harsh to our cities leader?
Ran-nope i didnt vote for the S.O.B.
Juz-from now on no one lets Ran answer the phone. i thought we had that discussion before.
Roiben-we did but none of us were listening remember me and GiGi were seeing who could flick an m&m into Rans mouth while he slept on the chair.
GiGi-I won!!!
SweetD-and Ran almost choked to death when it went down the wrong pipe. *everyone laughs*
Lytjuh-those were good times.
nar-Shishou and Cat run in the back door and hide under a desk.
Magnus-what are you to doing?
Harley-then why are you hiding?
Cat-well we might have stolen a few potions.
Shishou-nu uh i didnt steal anything, Cat is the thief here. im a Rogue we dont do common thievery.
Cat-you helped you distracted the shop clerk while i took them
Shishou-yeah but technically i didnt steal them, that was you. i was just having a nice talk with the owner of the shop while you took some of his goods. i did nothing wrong. Rogues never do. *she smiles confidently*
Cat-your a thief to, you even said i will distract him while you take the stuff.
Shishou-no Cat i said contact not distract and i said while you take the stuff to the counter so we could pay for it. you just didnt here all of what i said.
Cat-NO you didnt!! Ran please beleive me it wasnt just me this time.
Ran-well the fact of the matter is neither of you should have taken that stuff in the first place. give it to me and i will take it back and try to smooth things over.
Harley-Ran your to easy on them they need to be punished.
Ran-yeah right like im gonna punish my little sister and if im not gonna punish her i have no right to punish Shishou either.
Shishou-hey why do i need to be punished, i didnt take anything.
Juz-technically Shishou your an accomplise so yeah while you didnt actually take it, you didnt turn her in either.
Cat-YEAH!!! *she smiles big* and anyways Rogue is just a nice way to say thief!!! at least im not denying my roots.
Magnus-enough you 2 we will have a long discussion later about this, right now im gonna try and contact the mayor again and see what he wants. while Ran is smoothing things over with the shop owner i will see if i can do the same with the Mayor.

well there it is, it might be a bit boring cuz im trying to set up everything. but i hope you all like it and i hope i remembered to give everyone a line at least. i wrote this cuz i have made some great friends here and i just wanted to write a story that would have put us all in the same place at the same time. it might have been lots of fun. man my comp still isnt fixed yet *laughs* oh well and GiGi you never answered the question from the last post ^_~

once again thank you all for being my friends!!!

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

This post is only up for a couple days 7-23-06
well this post is for GiGi i said i would post it and i did, so you are now require but Otaku law to answer these. *laughs* the rest of you can answer as well, but you dont have to if you dont want. but i have done 3 of these on other sights and i like doing them for me they are fun. i know i have a weird idea of what fun is! but also right now im bored and im watching my friend pull his hair out trying to fix my comp, so im using his while he goes crazy figuring what setting i messed up that wont let me on the net. to bad for him! BWA HAHAHAHA! just kidding man i do aprreciate (not that he will read this)
well i did end up trimming the friends list down to those who i consider my real friends. im disapointed that the others never showed back up but oh well time to fixate on the good friends i am lucky enough to have. you guys are the best! oh yeah the fanfic will be on the next post.
1. WHO ARE YOU?(user name)




5. WHAT ANIME ON MY LIST DO YOU AGREE WITH?(which one do you like that i like)














Well there it is another post YAY!! and oh yeah Happy b-day ChiChi!!

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Monday, July 17, 2006

2 more days 7-17-06
well first off let me say thank you to all my friends here on the O!! a lot of you have come through for me and showed that you still want me as a friend. and i appreciate it very much *bows* im honored that so many people come to my site and listen to my ridiculous ramblings. but there are still a few of you i still want to keep as friends that havent been by so im giving one last little nudge in hopes that maybe a new post will draw them in. *laughs* so i will wait a couple more days till i make my deletions and then i will concentrate on the great friends i have here who come by and visit.

and the other reason im doing this is cuz there seems to be some confusion. people seem to think that they can only go to a site and comment on it on the day of the post. if they see that it has been a couple days since the last one they ignore it. well let me say this, i leave up my post for a week usually, at least 5 days and whenever you get the timeand you've seen ive updated recently you are more than welcome to drop by. cuz i check my site everyday cuz im here everyday visiting others who have updated so i will most definatley see you comment even if you show up later. well thats enough of me whining about such things now for something different.

i have been thinking of a story to write on my site. i dont like writing negative stuff all the time so i thought well how bout this. i wanna write a fanfic about my friends on the O. the people who are on that friends list over there to the left. *laughs* i really like the FF10 world so i thought i would write a story about that using all my friends from here and then posting it. trust me i will try to keep it short and i will do my best to make sure everyone has a line. but what i need to know is do you think its a good idea or should i just abandon it. and if you dont want to be in it just let me know and i wont put you in there. i know some people are very uncomfortable seeing themselves in a story. especially one that others will see on my site. *laughs*

well and if you want to be in it i need to know what you want to be. would you want to be a summoner, a warrior, a blackmage, a whitemage, a thief, a samurai, a berserker, or an alchemist? if you dont have a preferance but still dont mind being in the story i will pick something for you and if to many people want to be the same thing then i will have to make tough descisions and make people other stuff. sorry ^_~ i kinda think this would be fun, to make a story about my friends here. so let me know what you think.

one last thing, i truly do thank you all again from the bottom of my heart. all the friends i have are great but of coarse i am closer to some than others but it doesnt mean i dont value all of your friendships. its why i visit almost everytime one of you updates. i know i have been bad myself sometimes and i have missed posts but i try not to. so thats why i cant just delete anyone just yet from that list cuz none of us are perfect so i want to give everyone a chance. thank you for listening *bows* as always i am honored to call you all my friends.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

annoyed 7-11-06
ok this has been bugging me now for a bit. there are people who are posting on the O but have not been by to visit me. even though i for the most part always comment on there sights. i go and read what they say and commnet and genuinly take an interest in what they have to say but yet when i post they are no where to be found. I mean am i asking to much that people who call themselves my friends drop by at least once every 3 posts of mine and comment. maybe i am. oh wait no im not i only post 4 or 5 times a MONTH!!!! its not like i post everyday or something.

but now i am just gonna be myself and say this, if you dont wanna be friend why did you say i will add you as a friend only never to come around. the rules for me are simple if i post just drop by and read and comment and you only have to do this maybe twice a month and i will still consider you a friend. but when people post like 3 times a week and i go to there sight everyday and then they dont come to me once, that kinda hurts. well not really hurts just annoys the piss outta me.

there are friends on here that never miss a post of mine or maybe one a month but hell that is great. to me they are doing what friends do. and if your gonna be gone a long time then of coarse i understand why your not coming around and i wont delete you. but if you post weekly or daily or every other day and i still gets no visits then well i assume one thing you just dont want me around, so no worries we can go out seperate ways and i will wish you the best! ^_^

and oh yeah if you cant tell im pretty much just telling it like it is and if you dont like it, i dont care! i am not a 9 year old who thinks its the end of the world if someone doesnt like me or doesnt like what i have to say. i want to concentrate on the friends i know will be there and not keep going to sights where im not wanted anyway. but...

if you are my friends list as of now try to remember the reason you are there is cuz i do want you as a friend thats why i put you on the list. i have some real good ones as well that i can always count on to and they know who they are. ^_^ so after rambling all this let me just say that the friends on that list are the friends i wanna keep but if you dont want to put out the effort then neither am i. very simple and to the point i think.

sorry to those of you who are always there for me this is in no way shape or form aimed at you, and to those who are away and just cant get to a comp cuz of vacations or otherwise this is not aimed at you either. this is just a push to those i wanna keep as friends but am just not sure if they want the same.

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Friday, July 7, 2006

not much to say 7-706
well here i am just posting for no reason well i guess i got some news i finally made it to 200 visits *laughs* wehn i first started this i thought it would take me years to get that many visits cuz stupid ass me thought making wallpapers would make people visit my sight but i guess when they arent very good people dont come around. *laughs* oh well it was way to hard of work, posting is much easier and hell i am still to lazy for that most times.

well my vacation i son its last day all i have is the weekend left and i am done with it unless i win the lottery in which case i will go to work and sit around and do nothing till they fire me. at the homedepot though this could take weeks seeing as they never fire useless people so i would have job security when i dont need it. but as long as they are paying me to sit and do nothing may as well just take a little more of there money right. ok i know its a fantasy and when i get back on monday i will be hard at work again. oh well.

well this was a useless post but i will say this for Tomie i am on 7 days without chocolate still. havent weekened to much yet. ^_^ well thanks again to everyone who visits and once again i trimmed my friends list a bit more, cuz their are certain people who havent been around in a while. i dont know why i get a guilty pleasure from eliminating people from that list who ignore me and my posts when i visit them. if i can find the time so can they. *looks defiant* see ya.

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Sunday, July 2, 2006

stuff 7-2-06
ok first off i want to start off by saying this for prolly the hundreth time but i dont care i am sayin it again. i have like the best and sweetest friends on the O. *big hugs* for you all well except the guys. sorry Grif and Kagomefan its just not my thing. i hope you understnad how bout a hand shake instead *laughs* but yeah the people here are great and to think 5 or 6 months ago if you would have asked me about the people here i would have said they are a bunch of snobs that cant even answer a simple little PM without getting pissy about. there are 2 in partitcular that i added as friends but dumped them from in months and months ago. it seemed cuz they had so many friends all ready that i guess they didnt want more. oh well there loss right *laughs*

ok well 2 things that actually are the reasons i am posting. I made a new friend here recently name tomieharley, she has some health issues that i wont go into here, but you can find her on my friends list and go visit her. but after reading a PM from her and her first comment on my sight and the GB signing i was moved to give up chocolate with her. she cant have it right now cuz of her health so i decided to give it up as well till she knows more and maybe someday she can eat it again on a normal basis. ^_^ so yeah i am 2 days and counting we will see what happens, this is a hard give up for me but i am gonna try.

and the second thing is a very close friend of mine will be leaving for a month. Magnus will be going on an archeological dig in Wales and then to visit her mom, so i will not be able to talk to her for a month. Hey Magnus i have said this a bunch and your gonna hear it a few more times before you go. I am gonna miss the hell out of you. *long hug* but i hope you have a fun and safe trip and that you come back ASAP!

and also yes Lyt-chan i have missed you as well, ^_~ *glomp for when you get back* she has been at an anime con for the past couple days but she will be returning soon.

well that is the post, tis a really long one i know but there was lots of stuff i wanted to say. maybe i should post more often. *laughs* but thanks again to all my friends. see ya

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Monday, June 26, 2006

going better 6-26-06
well things have been going better for me. i dont seem to have any mental issues right now. my friendships are strong and there is something else that is really start to go very well in my life right now. the shoulder is better but still hurts a bit when i dont take the meds but then again when i take the meds they make me groggy and i feel like crap. well except for the shoulder cuz it takes the pain away from that. *laughs* i go to the docs on tuesday to see how the shoulder is doing. i hope it is better cuz i really want to get away from the filing job i am doing now. i have hit my head 4 times on the damn filing cabinet doors. they just dont stay shut!!! if i had a welder i would have taken care of them already. ^_~ well i guess that is all for now. they meds will be kicking in soon and i will not be able to think to save my ass. so i am posting before this happens. once again thank you to all my friends for your nice words. i guess it is just wierd for me to have so many people comment cuz when i look back at my first posts only one person commented now between 11 and 14 do. that is so cool!! well i guess i could have more friends on here if i tried but it is hard enough for me to keep up with the ones i got now. *laughs* i will try as always to make it to your sights.

and to Lyt-chan and Magnus. yes i have learned my lesson...listen to the docs the first time *hugs* ^_~

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Friday, June 2, 2006

Thank you! 6-1-06
well first off let me say thank you to the nice people who commented on my last post. i didnt realize there were actually people who wanted to comment on my site. it is actually funny to me. but if you read the comments of some of the people who visited they are such sweet words, i was called a great person, i was thanked a lot by one nice girl, i was called a good friend i was even called big bro, which i think is adorable. he he. God i sound...well we will say a little light in the loafers but i assure i am not. *laughs* oh yeah and one evil girl said i could go to the library. Evil evil Roiben! *laughs* but thank you all who commented.

I guess the reason i dont really comment is cuz i just never know what to say. i mean i had some ramblings on hear about my truck trying to die but i guess i feel wierd telling everyone that kind of stuff. you know just telling everyone my daily routine. so let me ask this...do you ever feel wierd posting something personal about yourselves or have you ever read the comments from your friends and then said to yourself Holy crap i told everyone that!!

you know what hit me...i have a tiny friends list but there are some real special people on it. and i would rather have that than a friends list a mile long but no one visits. *hugs for you all* and i am honored to call you my friends *bows*

but if you all actually like seeing what i post then you should thank Somegirl. she is the one who basically yelled at me in one of her posts and told me that i needed to post more often. *laughs*

But to Lyt-chan, Roiben, Cat, Magnus and Santo the WDX girls and members of the big 8...Thank you so much for giving me the chance to get to know you all and for always commenting when i post. and most of all for being great friends. i cannot express in words how much you all mean to me, and how glad i am that i stumbled onto WDX and met you all. HUZZAH!!! to Magnus for creating that wonderful place. yeah Magnus you got Hazzahed *laughs* yep there is some pretty sappy sentimental stuff there. oh well, those who know me best know i always speak from the heart. ^_~

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Monday, May 29, 2006

been a while! 5-29-06
well i have not posted in a while and there is a very nice person on this sight who seems to feel guilty that i comment on her sight but everytime she comes here i have nothing updated so she cant comment on mine. well to her i say dont feel guilty beleive me right now i barely have the time to do this. i realy would have liked to do a review but there is definately no time for that. but i thought it was cool of people to give there input on Fruits Basket back to me. By what i see the manga is i guess way better then the anime. but unfortunately my bank account will not allow me the luxury of buying a bunch of Mangas so i am stuck with my opinion of the series the way it is. but of coarse i will still try to find time to visit all your sites and i am curious. is everyone like that? does everyone feel guilty when somone comments on your sight but you cant on theres cuz they havent updated? I would really like to know the answer to that one.
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