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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

8-23-06 visiting my girl!!
ok so the last post was about how Harley and i were starting to get together well here is the update we are offically a couple now!!! after 8 long years, 416 weeks, 2912 days...holy crap! that many days it sounds so bad when you put it in days. LOL well why dwell on that now. I have a girfriend now. someone who is just for me. I havent been this happy in a long time.

Harley you have made me so very happy. i really cant find the words right now but all i know is that when i visit you in october i will find them somehow. (although i may have used most of them in our first phone conversation which lasted 7 and a half hours!!!) yep august 20th is the magic day. that is when my loneliness ended. I cant wait to hold you in my arms for real and i will stop there cuz there are young ladies who visit this sight who are my dear friends. ^_^

well i have also had a revelation about the story. it is way to hard to write for more than 20 people so i have decided to do little mini stories in the big story, so that when it is your turn in the story you will get more lines. this week i am gonna focus on my warriors and samurai, if you remember from the last part of the story they were at odds with eachother. but also i get to be in everypart seeing as i am writing it!! and oh yeah my gf will be in every part as well. ^_~ i love saying girlfriend. yeah i know im a sappy dork but hey thats me and im not changing. ^_^ ok story time! warriors, Samurais and a mountain cave.

nar-The Horizon lands in a clearing about a 1000 yards away from the cave entrance on Killkev mountain. every one files off the giant airship and moves towards the opening.
Magnus-well here it is. *everyone looks in disbelief. the size of the whole isnt what they were expecting*
Grif-wait didnt they say that Sin was a big as a villiage?
Kyuub-yeah, hes suppose to be massive. i have heard of people talking of ancient scriptures where he comsumed entire comunities.
Kitsune-i could barely fit through that hole. how are we gonna get in there?
Harley-i have the answer to that. *Harley pulls out a canister filled with a mysterious liquid*
Yensid-NOOOOO!!! Harley evertime you pull out something like that. bad things happen.
Aya-yeah maybe there is another way to get in. maybe a back door.
GiGi-throw it Harley!!! *GiGi dances around gleefully* i like Harley's booms!!!
Harley-see GiGi thinks i should
Santo-thats cuz GiGi is very distructive and way to hyper. *GiGi runs over and hugs Santo* GiGi please dont do that.
GiGi-im gonna dance with Santo!! *GiGi dances around while Santo just stands there.*
SweetD-well i vote she throws it as well, the weapons on the Horizon will blow the top off the mountain so this might be safer.
Magnus-this goes against my better judgement but Harley throw it. *everyone takes cover and Harley pulls her arm back and with a little demoic glint in her eye she hurls the canister towards the opening.*
Grif-brace yourselves!!! *the canister hits the cave and very quietly starts to disolve the mountain and makes the opening much bigger.
SweetD-what no big boom?
GiGi-*starts to tear up* Harley where was the boom? i like the loud noises and flying rocks and stuff. *harley walks over to GiGi and hugs her*
Harley-im sorry GiGi but this stuff isnt meant to explode just disolve.
Grif-well then i guess we can go in now.
Ran-guys i wouldnt, not yet.
Magnus-why Ran?
Ran-take a look at whats happening to the stuff around the opening.
Kyuub-why is it boiling?
Harley-oh yeah i forgot about that. everyone might want to take cover again. *everyone ducks and a massive ground shaking explosion is heard for miles around.*
Grif-gee i hope sin wasnt sleeping in there.
Nar-everyone looks at Harley and sighs she just smiles very proudly at her amazing work.
Ran-well hon i think it makes a statement.
Yensid-yeah, please wake up Sin
Magnus-well Samurai's and Warriors it your turn let go.
Nar-the group walk onto the cave and is amazed at what they see....

ok sorry folks this is gonna have to be 2 parts. it is already way to long. but before i go Harley i cant wait for october, to hold you in my arms for real. i think i said that earlier but its late im tired and all i can think of is you Harley.

but to all my friends once again thank you!!! thank you for your words and your support. your all just the best!! and oh yeah one more thing i got Lyt-chan hooked on ICP so now she is a Jugglette!! but i had to return the favor she got me hooked on a band called Di Rect so i needed to find her a good band as well. ^_^ now we're even. *laughs*

signing off (finally)

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