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Thursday, August 17, 2006

8-17-06 Special Someone
ok some of you know some of this stuff but here is a slight background on me and my success with women. i have always had horrible luck. i always fall for girls i cant have or who just want to be friends with me. so for 8 years i have searched the world around me for that special someone who would break this cycle. i have tried online dating services like Match.com, True.com and eharmony (which btw is the biggest rip off. they suck!!!) i have tried asking out girls i work with, girls i have just met, girls i was friends with but started to become attracted to them. the only thing i hadnt tried was standing on a street corner and holding up a sign that says "will be boyfriend for food" hmz...i wonder if that would work? LOL well no matter cuz it looks like soon i wont need any of that crap!

There is a girl on here who came to my sight out of the blue. she told me she visited it a few times and then one day she finally commented and signed my GB, then i went to hers and thought i was just doing the polite thing and signing hers as well. so like always when i visit a sight for the first time i read everything i could and found out her story. i was moved so much i gave up chocolate for her! YES CHOCOLATE!!! i missed it so but i stayed off of it till she said the docs said it was ok for her to eat it again. from this we started up a great friendship. PM's mostly and commenting on eachothers site. then we moved to IM'ing eachother. but before we got to that point i started to think to myself...wow this girl has a great sense of humor, she is really sweet and caring and she is wicked smart! the more i pm'ed her and she responded the more i started to fall. yep i knew it, my heart had decided that this was the one to persue.

so we did all the little asking of questions and found out stuff. ("found out stuff" @_@ yeah and im told all the time how great my words are LOL) and more and more i wanted to be with this girl. but i also knew my luck with women. but i never give up and maybe sometimes i push to hard. which led to a little problem that we worked out. i wont go into details. we still have some things that we have to work out, cuz its a long distance thing, so we still need a little time but i know we will work. i know it in my heart.

but now i have to thank some very special people, who have given me the confidence in myself that i havent had in a long time. they are Lydia, Stephanie, Lory, and my 2 adorable little sisters Jessikah and Cat. they have all listened to my problems and have given me there words and there strength. they have always told me how lucky a girl would be to be with me. and before i knew them i was starting to have my doubts. but they picked me up always and gave me more strength than i have had in a long time and for this i cant thank them enough. i will never be able to repay these special people for all they have done. thank you from the bottom of my heart, i hope that i will always have you in my life! *bows* i am honored and blessed to have met you all and have your friendship.

To Harley (i hope you didnt honestly think you were gonna make it through this post with out your name being mentioned in it. ^_~)i am very excited about where we are heading and where we will head. I cannot wait to see what is in store for us in the now and the future. as long as you stick with me i promise i will prove myself to you. ^_^ we may be far apart in distance but i hold you close to my heart.

well to all MyOtaku friends i am sorry for the long post but i needed to say all this. i wanted to tell everyone about this very special girl. and those very good friends. but as always thank you to all of you for being my friends, your all great! (yeah i know i have run out of words this post has eaten most of them) LOL

signing off now

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