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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

The fic 2!! 8-7-06
ok so one of my lil sis's said i need to post and asked me to do so. and i know my other lil sis wants me to as well so i will, also for some reason i have friends who want me to too. ^_^ and oh yeah about the sight i am keeping it the way it is. i guess i just like things to be simple and lets face it this is as simple as it gets. although i still may darken the green writing a bit but still not sure. ok now the story.

nar-everyone is sitting in the office awaiting the Return of magnus after her meeting with the mayor.
Chi-when is she gonna get here, im bored just waiting around for her.
Grif-we have to wait, all of us. we need to know if Ran did something real dumb.
Lyt-isnt that a given with Ran? he seems to get us all in trouble with his big mouth.
Lory-he doesnt have a big mouth, he just sometimes speaks very passionately. i think we should forgive him.
Moon-forgive him!! he basically told off the most powerful man in town and was rude to boot. he can take our business liscense away.
LB-yeah Ran you really dropped the ball on this one.
Lena-well maybe we are at fault as well. we did let him answer the phone. we all know what disasters he causes when he talks on that thing.
Roiben-yeah remember the time he answered the phone and he let that guy con him into buying 100 Fuzzles. he thought he could give them away as pets for the holidays but what Ran didnt know is that Fuzzles dont exist.
GiGi- yeah there is no such thing as a fuzzle!!! *lauhgs*
Morimoto-well there used to be but they all died off hundreds of years ago. in fact i dont think anyone even cared when they did go extinct.
Toggle-yeah Fuzzles had a cute name but if i remember my lessons in school, they were actually quite furocious and ate people, so they were hunted to extinction cuz they were dangerous.
Santo-Ran you really should have payed more attention in school.
Juz-NOW JUST WAIT A MINUTE!!! why is everyone getting so down on my big brother? i know he said the wrong thing to the wrong person but that is no reason to be like this towards him.
Cat-yeah he did his best, its just that sometimes his best gets us all in trouble but its ok though cuz it will all work out. right big brother?
Shishou-Ran you sure dont have a lot to say right now. i mean he we all are bashing you and you havent even tried defending yourself.
Alona-yeah Ran dont you have anything to say. i have to admit i feel bad after all that has been said.
Lory-maybe we made him sad now. are you ok Ran?
Toggle-oh no our words have killed his speech, Ran speak to us!!!
Lena-yeah Ran i know your prolly upset but giving us all the silent treatment isnt gonna make you feel better.
nar-Villes sneaks in and over to Ran and yells in his ear
Ran-What!!! what the hel is going on? Villes why did you wake me up?
Juz-you were asleep!?!
Cat-*laughs and hugs her big brother* so you didnt hear anything that was said?
Ran-i heard Villes yell!! thanks Villes now im deaf.
Villes-*looks proud* no problem
Lyt-Ran you cant just keep falling asleep everywhere, you really should have been listening. a lot of important stuff was said.
Magnus-only Ran could sleep through being critisized.
a lot of voices-Magnus!!
Grif-your back. well what did he say?
Magnus-well first off he said Ran is banned from all phones. *everyone laughs* no really i think he is very serious about this.
Yensid-yeah he said he would give Ran the death penalty if he ever answered a phone again. he was mad!
Harley-but Ran you can thank me though.
Harley-cuz if not for me you would be getting the death penalty right now, but i convinced him you were mentally challenged and strangely enough he beleived that.
Roiben-YAY!!! Ran is one of the special people GiGi-wow ive never met a special person before, hey do i get a prize for knowing you? like a laptop maybe? ^_^
Kima-ok no more jokes now its time to get serious, the mayor actually does want us to find proof Sin exists.
Harley-there is a cave up on mount Killkev that hikers have said to have spotted a giant shadowy figure fly into. so we are all gonna go up there and once there our Samurais and Warriors will go in and wipe out any monsters that maybe lurking about.
Aya-hey wait, why are we going in first, why not send the Black mages to do it.
Inu1204-cuz the confines are to tight for big spells.
Lyt-leave it up to the android to have the answer.
Inu1204-please i like to be called a cybernetic human.
Lyt-sorry, your right. but still why are you gonna send in warriors and samurai, they never get along on the battlefield.
Kitsune-thats cuz the Samurais like to make all the killing look graceful and pretty. to much wasted movement if you ask me.
Kyuub-well you damn warriors think that everything has to be messy!! you have no style or real skill. its all hack and slash with you people and your always way to loud. always yelling and screaming and grunting.
SweetD-please tell me you didnt say all that?
Santo-he said it and i think i have to concur, warriors get the job done but there is always a mess to clean up afterwards.
SweetD-you want me to make a mess of all your samurai faces!!!
Yensid-see this is the warrior mentality at its finest. i dont have my wits so i will just kill you.
Grif-now wait a minute, are you calling us stupid now?
Ran-hey lil sis, i have a level one warrior and samurai skill, what side am i on here?
Cat-i dont know *looks confused*
Juz-maybe you should just be on the side thats winning.
Ran-whos winning?
Magnus-No one is!!! you will work together and you will do your job!! no more petty squabbaling.
Toggle-whew! i feel better now that thats over.
Harley-yeah i know it was pointless for all them to argue but that does leave a good question though. will Ran be going in with them?
Magnus-yes he will, cuz he does have level one healing powers so he can keep them healed while slightly defending himself.
Lory-slightly, wont that leave him open to being hurt?
Kima-you cant hurt Ran! he runs to fast to be hurt. *everyone laughs*
Morimoto-hey Magnus, why arent you sending in me and Roiben?
Magnus-no Berzerkers on this one im afraid. sometimes you lose yourselves a little too much and it might be dangerous in there for such behavior.
Lyt-what about summoners?
Yensid-sorry Lyt-chan your creatures are to big to fit in there.
LB-wait i thought sin was a big as a small village, how does that fit in a cave.
Chi-i guess we'll find out when we get there.
GiGi-ROADTRIP!!!! i get the frontseat! *GiGi runs to the Horizon and giant flying ship that Inu1204, Harley and Moon built.
Magnus-we're not leaving yet? oh well let her have her seat.
GiGi-*off in the distance* yay!!!
Shishou-so what are the rest of us gonna do?
Magnus-that is still to be decided....

and yes it will have to be decided cuz this is way to long and beleive me i understand if no one reads it. but i have to admit giving lines to around 30 people is way to tough *laughs* i promis only twice a month will you have to see the story how bout that ^_~

signing off

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