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Sunday, September 10, 2006

9-10-06 my last post maybe ^_~
lately some drama has been surrounding a lot of poeple here on the O. and i am right smack dab in the middle. ^_^ but oh well what can you do? all i can do is be the best friend and bf that i can be so here is my little post and it might be the last one you ever see from me. i dont know if anyone has noticed but i havent been on here very much. i used to be like clockwork commenting on sights as Morimoto seems to know all to well LOL!!! but i havent really had the energy or want to visit anyone i have only really wanted to concetrate on Harley. the woman i love more than anything else in this universe!! so please forgive me for not visiting and of course no one has to comment on this post if they dont want to.

Harley what i am gonna say you have heard me say before. i have told you through IM's and phonecalls but i have also told you i want the world to know how i feel about you. well i dont have an outlet to the world but this is my world i guess. so here it is for my world to hear.
when you came into my life those couple months ago i had no idea i would be feeling the way i am right now about you. i knew you seem to be having health issues and i just wanted to help you and give you my support. i still dont know why but something inside me told me to reach out to you and that something was so right!!!! we became fast friends started IM'ing and then a couple. we have 3 weeks under our belts now. and you have never left me even though there was a time i know you thought it would be easier to leave than to stay but you have chosen to fight along side me and im happy to see my girl is still there and plans on being here for a long time.

Harley i have told you that to me you are the perfect woman for me, i have told you many times how much i love you and will continue to tell you how much i love you. i have never felt this way about a woman before, i have never had this passionate of a feeling for anyone. no one has made me feel the way you do. I never thought love this powerful ever existed. i know i have been in love before i just didnt know it could go to this level. when i think of you my heart feels lifted and my mind body and soul are in perfect alignment. they all agree on one thing my heart is right you are the perfect girl for me and we all love you more than words can ever express!!! i cannot wait to get out there on the 29th. 3 days 2 nights of pure heaven. holding you in my arms and never letting you go.

to all my friends, you have supported me and Harley so much and im here to tell you all your support has been greatly appreciated. there are some who have been more involved than other but they know who they are the only name i want to mention in this post is Harley's. If this is my last post ever. i want it to be about my happiness and my girl. this is the last thing i would want to leave all my friends with. i want them to know i will never forget them and i also want the last thing for them to hear from me in a post is just how happy this perfect woman Harley has made me. but i have a feeling once things get to more of a normalcy. (that word is not even used right) i will be back to posting and commenting but right now i think at least until the 2nd i wont post again. cuz on the second i will post and tell everyone about my trip to see my girl. i might even put up pics but i will leave that to Harley i dont know if she will want to have her pic up all over my sight but i think she wont mind will you babe ^_~

now as for me. i know some people have been worrying about me but dont. i am absolutely great. the love in my heart for Harley and the feelings she has for me and the fact that she has chosen to stick by myside and fight with me to make this work. has made me the happiest man alive. i may have days where i worry a little but hey dont we all. but even while i worry im still happy cuz i have my girl!!! so to all my friends just know i am happy. happier than i have ever been but you know whats funny i have a feeling that even with as happy as i am and as in love as i am. that when i get out to see Harley i will be even happier and more in love than i am now. is that possible LOL well yes it is. I think that with Harley there is no limit to how happy i can be or how much love i can feel.

straight to Harley....I love you so much and cant imagine life without you. i want all my friends who visit this sight to know how i feel about you and everyone in my life to know as well.. Hell there is part of me that wants to stand on a street corner and just bug people who walk by and show them you pic on my phone and tell them how i much i love this girl. hey maybe when i visit you and we are walking down the street maybe i will just tell random people we pass. what do you think^_~

well in short let me summerize. I love Harley!!!!

sigining off....for now ^_~

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