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Monday, October 27, 2008

Holy SHIT, I've been gone a long time!! =O And then I couldn't remember my password...and then I realized I had capslock on. XD Stupid me.

Aaanyway.....I'm in my third semester (second year) of college now. Howzabout that? I have this feeling everyone has forgotten me....*sob*

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Saturday, July 7, 2007


written: 7:20 pm
listening to: Evanescence
CD: Anywhere but Home
Fav song: Breathe No More
mood: good!
Hot Guy: Kimblee from FMA

Hmmm.....what to say? I'm still trying to to get fingerprinted so I can go back to work with my group, damnit. Finished taking antibiotics the doctor gave me for my cough, and I'm on asthma medicine, and it seems to have helped, whew.

Puppy is doing well - about eight months, and getting bigger. The stubborn Boxer, though, is really starting to show. We have to show him he's not alpha dog in any way, shape, or form. Bit of an irritation.

Haven't been up to much. Being scared out of my mind about starting college and all the stuff I have to do. >< Oi....

Babysitting for the next few weeks on Monday and Thursday all day. By the end I'll make about $300 dollars. Putting it to clothes for college, heh-heh.

Damn, there really isn't much to say. Ah! Got my third piercings in each ear two days ago. My friend got her second holes as well. And then went on a shopping spree and got some CDs and stuff. Had a blast.

So boring....summer is so booooooriiiiiiing.......


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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


written at: 12:58 PM
listening to: Def Leppord
CD: Rock of Ages
Fav Song: Promises
mood: *speechless*
Hot Guy: Kurogane and Fai from Tsubasa

Well. Holy crap. (And yes, I've listened other things than Def Leppord since last post...)

First, I'd like to thank everyone for commenting. ^_^ I'm sorry I'm never around anymore!! My email is just a clicky away, so you can either PM me or email me if you want to get in contact with me. It's there for a reason! ^_~

Secondly - my parents totally, TOTALLY blew me away. Yes, they did forget. Yes, my dad worked late. Yes, they had to get a last-minute present. But the present they got me left me speechless. >_< And I am NEVER speechless. Try and guess. Think jewelery.

Guessed yet? I'll tell ya. A string of pearls. A necklace of REAL, matched pearls, not cultured or fake. O_o I almost took a heart attack. They had to explain to me what it was as I'm sitting there with the box open, thinking, "Is this what I THINK it is?! Oh. My. God." They said it was because I'm a young woman now, and I should get something special for my 18th birthday. My god. I still can't really believe it.

My dad's supposed to get a cake today - let's hope he doesn't forget. ^_^' And he and my bro are going to get my bro's present for me today. Poor kid, he was upset he didn't have one for me, but I told him not worry about it. My birthday dinner (homemade lasagna and garlic bread, mmm.....) is put off till the weekend, so we can all relax more.

I've been driving GoodMonkey up a wall, I'm sure. Hee-hee. And ravenouskitty's comment kinda depressed me....I don't like to think about dying!! T_T

I always say this, but I will try to pop in a little more often. Maybe I will just because I've got nothing to do now! ^_^' And again....you can email me if anyone wants to. Just make sure to have the subject "(name) from otaku" or something like that, or I'll think you're a creepy spammer and delete you. Totally delete your ass, I will. Talk like Yoda, I will.


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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

   Happy Birthday to m-OHMIGOD.

written at: 2 am
listening to: Def Leppord
CD: Rock of Ages
Fav Song: Promises
mood: shocked
Hot Guy: NONE!!!

Oh. My. Effin'. GOD. Today is my birthday. I am now 18. O_o I am in SHOCK.

*takes deep breath*

So bizarre....

Let me think....nope. I've got nothing inspiring to say, at all. Life's a bitch and then ya die. 'nough said. Got sick yet again and still getting over it. I won't even get into it, either. Urk.

I have no plans for today. (technically today...) My parents forgot about it entirely, and my brother just couldn't remember the date - he thought it was Saturday. But my parents totally just.....my mom got stuff for a cake today and brings it home, and after I put everything away she says she hopes I like 'this' kind of cake with such-and-such. -_- How nice. She didn't remember, so she makes a last-minute trip and instead of just asking, decides to hope I like what I end up with. I don't usually care (the cake sounded damn good, actually) it's just the point. And my dad made plans to work overtime, too. THE SUCK.

He's taking his birthday off, and mom's birthday off. (Dunno about the kid's, since his isn't until November.) But since mine's on a Tuesday, nope. But I'm not going to work either. I'm doing whatever the hell I feel like. Which will most likely be sulking in the basement and being online all day. My life has no meaning.

My mom said she'd help me write that goddamn government paper, and so far that's consisted of telling me I'm doing something wrong, and then forgetting she's supposed to be helping me with it and going out all the time. Thanks a lot.

Ah well. Somehow, life goes on. Except when it doesn't, which is kinda bad.

My friends on the one site remembered, though. They're all wishing me a happy birthday. ^_^ That cheers me up a bit, I guess. I think it's hilarious: I can drive, swear, smoke, have sex, and vote now, but I can't drink. I can give myself lung cancer and HIV and all that, but my liver must remain safe three more years!!

*rolls over laughing*

So stupid. I have no interest in smoking, drinking, and having sex anyway, but I just think it's funny.

Hmm....can't think of anything else to say! Happy Birthday to me, I sometimes didn't think I'd live to see 18! *toasts with wine*

....what?! I didn't say I didn't drink every once in a while at home!


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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


written at: 10:53 am
listening to: Guns 'n Roses
CD: Appetite for Destruction
Fav Song: It's So Easy
mood: whee!!
Hot Guy: Chichiri from Fushigi Yugi

I'm too lazy to go looking for pictures at this point, so it's a repeat. Yep.

Ah, I've been kind of miserable lately. The bronchitis is lingering, so I've got a god-awful cough and didn't sleep for a few days. Quite literally. -_- But it's a little better now. Not muuch to say there. And, EvilMonkey, I heard ya worried about me. ^_~ GoodMonkey ratted you out. Gotta let me know, or I'm oblivious!

Guests went home.....last Monday? My days are still all screwed up, and it felt like they were here for so long. -_- But we won't talk about that anymore.

Gotten some writing done. Ah, I'm so glad I've got wireless and my laptop. I'm able to hide away in my room in the basement and go on the net for hours, without worrying about doing anything. Trust me, it was REALLY nice when I felt like crap.

Nothing much going on. I've gotten some writing done, but not much. Got a crack-fic for Star Wars up that a friend online and I thought up of. It's not even a crack-fic, it's so bad. ^_^' I just put together our lines somewhat. I'll straighten it up and post it for the hell of it.

I've been staying in email contact with vagabonjesse for a while now. Again, if any of you guys just want to drop me a line, that little email button is waiting to be clicked. ^_~

Hmm....what else? Nothing. Blah. Found I don't care for wine - too acidic, even the sweet stuff. I want to try some of that fruit-wine or whatever next...maybe that'll be different.

Anyway, I'm gone. AH!! CHECK OUT THE POST BELOW THIS ONE!!!!! My puppy's picture is finally up!!! ^_^ LOOK!!!!!!! Please??


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Ah! I finally got the CD with the the pictures of my puppy up, so here's the best one I got. He's five months in this one, and now seven. A Boxer/Black Lab mix, for those who missed my previous posts, and his name's Banshee - from the vehicle in Halo.

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