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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


written at: 12:58 PM
listening to: Def Leppord
CD: Rock of Ages
Fav Song: Promises
mood: *speechless*
Hot Guy: Kurogane and Fai from Tsubasa

Well. Holy crap. (And yes, I've listened other things than Def Leppord since last post...)

First, I'd like to thank everyone for commenting. ^_^ I'm sorry I'm never around anymore!! My email is just a clicky away, so you can either PM me or email me if you want to get in contact with me. It's there for a reason! ^_~

Secondly - my parents totally, TOTALLY blew me away. Yes, they did forget. Yes, my dad worked late. Yes, they had to get a last-minute present. But the present they got me left me speechless. >_< And I am NEVER speechless. Try and guess. Think jewelery.

Guessed yet? I'll tell ya. A string of pearls. A necklace of REAL, matched pearls, not cultured or fake. O_o I almost took a heart attack. They had to explain to me what it was as I'm sitting there with the box open, thinking, "Is this what I THINK it is?! Oh. My. God." They said it was because I'm a young woman now, and I should get something special for my 18th birthday. My god. I still can't really believe it.

My dad's supposed to get a cake today - let's hope he doesn't forget. ^_^' And he and my bro are going to get my bro's present for me today. Poor kid, he was upset he didn't have one for me, but I told him not worry about it. My birthday dinner (homemade lasagna and garlic bread, mmm.....) is put off till the weekend, so we can all relax more.

I've been driving GoodMonkey up a wall, I'm sure. Hee-hee. And ravenouskitty's comment kinda depressed me....I don't like to think about dying!! T_T

I always say this, but I will try to pop in a little more often. Maybe I will just because I've got nothing to do now! ^_^' And again....you can email me if anyone wants to. Just make sure to have the subject "(name) from otaku" or something like that, or I'll think you're a creepy spammer and delete you. Totally delete your ass, I will. Talk like Yoda, I will.


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