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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


written at: 6:47 am
listening to: HIM
CD: Razorblade Romance
Fav song: Razorblade Kiss
mood: I want to cry - I am crying!
Hot guy: Chichiri from Fushigi Yugi

Well, I'm at my nerve's end. I'm sitting up at this God-forsaken time SOBBING. Anyone want to take a guess WHY?!!?

All right, let me take a DEEP breath........Sunday evening I went to the ER because I was having trouble breathing, and I've had this really bad cough for at least a month. They decided after a while that I have bronchitis with allergies, which was making it worse. So, they gave me some medication there, a prescription, and an inhaler with albuterol in it. I was fine and dandy.

I toook the inhaler several times, and late Monday afternoon, I had to go to the ER a second time. This time, I was breaking out in hives all over. The last time I did that - I really don't want to talk about it. Let's just say the sight of hives sent me into a blind panic. I'm serious, and nothing does. Not EVER. And these did.

We finally get to the hospital - ah, I'll break here. For two of mom's friends have been down here since last Friday. Dad had a meeting in another town, so he had the van, and mom's one friend (man and woman, this one the woman) is a crontrol freak. So, she wouldn't let MOM drive the goddamn car, but she did. So, I'm in there not able to breath or anything, and she's taking five fucking minutes backing out of the driveway. And then she's going BELOW THE GODDAMN SPEED LIMIT. I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE IN HER FUCKING BACKSEAT.

About halfway there, mom almost had a stroke when she told her to flag down a cop car, she SLOWED DOWN, and then didn't beep her horn. So mom started beeping the horn - and as the first car dissapeared, another just appeared coming towards us. And let me tell you, HE stopped! So he took us to the hospital, lights and no sirens, and must've been doing 80. Damn!

All right, so we spent about two hours in the ER, and they doped me up so well I couldn't even see straight. I was seeing double! ^_^' They decided I was either allergic to the antibiotic they had given me the night before, or the albuteral I had been taking. Thank God I didn't take anymore of the antibiotic, because the doc thinks that was it. So, now I'm taking Zantax or something, a steroid for the swelling, benedryl for itching, and something else for the hives. -_- Shitload of meds.

So, why am I up at this time, crying? Well, about two hours ago, around 4, I started itching and put anti-itch cream on my belly and arms, where it's been starting. I wake up NOW, and my chest is tight, and I have hives ALL OVER. All over my belly, chest, arms, wrists, neck - and my fucking FACE. My lips and eyes are swollen, my ears hurt - it's SCARY. I almost had a stroke. So I woke mom up and took two more benedryl, and am waiting for wonder-drugs to kick in. Please God, let it happen soon.

Unless you've have had hives and know what they're about, you can't imagine how terrified I was when I woke up a little ago. It sounds dramatic, but I really, truly was.

As for mom's friend - I feel bad, since it's kinda my fault, but my parents were so pissed. She called the hospital and after bitching at mom about 'poor her' and how mom hated her and all this crap, she finally asked how I was doing. Oh, I'm fine. -_- I was just suffocating in your car while you did 15 mph, that's all. ACROSS TOWN. When Dad took me on Sunday, he musta done 60 the entire way! O_o So, they left yesterday morning while I was sleeping, and mom wants nothing else to do with her. She couldn't believe - because they've known each other for YEAERS - that her 'friend' put herself before me.

There went down the tubes.

I just needed to get that out. I feel absolute miserable, and I remember what happened last time I got a case of the hives, and - ow! Ow! My chest just keeps getting tighter. I KNEW they should've kept me at the goddamn hospital....with my luck I'm having a reaction to the fucking steroids. I just really, really needed to get this all out. T_T

I'll check back in later, when (if) I feel better. Hope everyone else had a better weekend! (What a load of shit, honestly....always something....)


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Thursday, May 17, 2007


written at: 12:54 am
listening to: Linkin Park
CD: Minutes to Midnight
Fav song: Bleed It Out
mood: aggravated, stressed out, panicking again
Hot Guy: Ray Crisp (Berzerker) from X-Men: Evolution

My dad got the new Linkin Park CD yesterday, so I burned it (so we can both listen to it) and I love it. It's awesome!

Got my mom a Mother's Day present, finally. A nice pair of earring studs, which she really likes. Also went to Penny's and got my bro a suit. He's making Confirmation this Saturday - a Catholic sacrament, VERY important. It's when you're an adult in the eyes of the Church, basically. So, that's this Saturday. My mom's two friends are coming down for it Friday. So, tomorrow we're cleaning house, and then I'll have no time for anything for a few days. Ugh.

God forbid I actually get my work done. My bro starts high school this year, since my mom can't take homeschooling him anymore, so we're trying to get his work done. So, even though I have a HUGE paper to write for my government which is beginning stress me out and health papers to do, I have to do that instead. And clean - and various other things. I'm beginning to get pissed. How come no one helps ME when I'm trying to graduate, huh?!

I'm beginning to panic again, if it wasn't obvious. I haven't even done any writing for at least a week - and I mean I haven't even opened a file and LOOKED at it, seriously. Not even one sentence. It blows my muffins. (A phrase borrowed from my bro.)

I also got really sick a while ago, and my sinuses are still really screwed up. I have a cough that's driving me nuts, and my ears really hurt, and won't even pop a little. And my throat and tongue hurts......everything is just really uncomfortable. I can't sleep at all, and have a lot to do. Sucks to be me mostly at this point.

Nothing going on, if you couldn't tell. Had some perv try to bait me this Tuesday at work, but it's getting taken care of. Still, that just adds to it - it was creepy! And it bothered me, so even though I know it's all right, I can't help but think about it.


I just wanted to let you guys know I won't be around for a while, if things go the way I think they are, not even for PMs. I'll try late at night, though.

Not much more for me to say, sorry.


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Thursday, May 10, 2007


written at: 1:30 pm
listening to: Rush
CD: Chronicles
Fav Song: Time Stand Still
mood: need....chocolate.....!!
Hot Guy: Shhei Hisagi from Bleach

I just think he's cool. ^_^' And it's not a very good pic. So sue me.

Ah.....my harddrive got totally erased. I lost all my stuff - my files, my pics, my Sims2 stuff....everything's gone. I'm so depressed. T_T At least most of my files and pics were on the flash drive. But it's not the same......I stayed up a few nights ago, to almost 4:20 am, writing the last two essays for Jane Eyre that I needed. I couldn't go to sleep because they kept going around in my head!!!! So, at least they're done. And I'm basically done with the other three essays for another book, and that's the last of those. Thank God!

Not much has been going on, honestly. My computer was gone for almost a week before I got it back - the good thing is, I got double memory on my harddrive, since mom felt bad about what happened. ^_^ A silver lining!

I've had almost no inspiration to write lately....just tired. I got really sick Friday - woke up with a sore throat, but by late evening I was shivering, the whole thing. What a mess. My throat's still really sore, my ears hurt, my throat hurts, my mouth, jaw, tongue.....everything. It's not really sinuses, because when I press on the part underneath the eyes, it doesn't hurt like it does when you have sinus problems. So, I'm just a mess. My dad thinks I'm getting sick so much because the humidifier is broken.


So, I can't even chew anything. T_T It's really annoying me - I hate lingering sickness, and my ears HURT. I HATE i!!!!!! And I can only eat so much applesauce and yogure before that gets real old. -_-

Let's see...still haven't gotten a pic of Banshee up, obviously. Things haven't been going my way, but I'll try. Uhm.......not much writing....ah! Went to see Spiderman 3 in theaters Tuesday. I can't stand Spiderman, so I thought the movie was crap and fan-service. The action and CG was good, but the plot was predictable and crappy, the characters pissed me ALL off, and didn't really make much sense, either. So, if you like Spiderman, go see it, you'll love it. But if you're not a big fan - STAY AWAY. STAY FAR AWAY.

I can't wait for Pirates 3 to come out at the end of the month. ^_^ Hee-hee. Got Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspecter a few days ago and watched it....kind of raunchy, but funny. I want to see Delta Force - with Bill and Larry. Awesome. ^_^' Those guys are great.

Summer is settling in....damn, we didn't even get any damn spring weather, and it's already hitting the 80s on a consistent basis. I'm going to wilt......and not take a step outside. I love the pool and green and flowers - but I HATE the bugs, the heat, the bugs, the.....well, the bugs and heat. Yeah. I'm not an outdoorsy person in the summer....gimmie fall anytime. -_-

I think that's really it. I just wanted to drop in and let you guys know what was going on. I'll try to drop into sites randomly, too. Catch you all later!


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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

   Me again!

written at: 11:19 pm
listening to/CD/Fav song: Nothing
mood: relieved
Hot Guy: Obi-Wan from Star Wars I

Hey, I'm on again! Whoo, I've been up to my eyeballs in work. Literally, since I've been doing all the reading. ^_^' All I have left now is three essays on "Silas Marner" and a paper on Roe v. Wade for my gov. course.

Of course, I still have the essays for "Jane Eyre". Only one is done. Wanna know why?! Because my laptop DIED ON ME AGAIN.


I had done the last two essays - and writing - that day and the day before, and that night I went to save the stuff. My computer hadn't been doing anything, just sitting there like all computers do. Then it shut down, and refused to turn back on. The little ungrateful piece of SHIT. So, if they're unable to fix it, or at least unable to save my data that I hadn't been able to update into my flash drive - I'm so screwed over. I'm screwed three times from Sunday, because I CANNOT rewrite those two essays. I did a kick-ass job on them, and if I have to do 'em over, I'm dead meat. Roadkill.

Shit. Well, at least I can bitch about it, since there's nothing else to do. So, I haven't had my laptop since Thursday night. WHAAAAA!!!!! At least my mom's cool and lets me use her computer for my email and crap. So, I've been able to stay in touch, however slightly.

Ah, gotta say this. I am SO HAPPY EvilMonkey and GoodMonkey are back on. I missed those two!! So, give 'em a visit and say hi. ^_^

Also, I am HORRIBLE at checking sites lately. I don't know why, but I'm bad. So, if you wanna get in contact, I still check my PMs regularly - or try - and have my email up. Some people are keeping tabs on me that way. ^_^'

I've been watching "Shear Genius" lately. It's addicting. I thought it was going to be really bad, but my mom and I are hooked. I mean - come on! I've never seen that many gay people in the same room before. Good God. But, it's funny and pretty good, so give it a try. Humor me, damn it!!

I've gotten almost zero writing done since my laptop fried, which depresses me. It seems that the best way to cure writers' block - listen up, people! - is to have no computer. I have carpel tunnel syndrome, so using the keyboard for all my work is a lot easier than writing it all out by hand, which I have to do now for all my essays. It's a bitch, even if I do use so much shorthand I don't know what the hell I wrote. Ah well. So, I can't really write by hand anymore, or I'd do that. But, I have my trusty flash drive, and not much of my creative writing hadn't been saved, so I can pick up there on my mom's comp and just save it all on the drive instead of her comp. I'm slowly getting back into the groove.

I'm still trying to get some more manga. Haven't gotten any in a LONG time. Or anime. Been watching Bleach on TV though, so at least I got that. I haven't been to work at the edu. center since I last said I took a break, and I finally went back to work at the gov. center this week. Yea! So boring, but what do you want? I'm looking for a job that will actually PAY me once I finish up all my crap, and my boss at the gov. center said I can use him as a reference. And apparently he's well-known in town, so that'll help me out.

I'm just so happy that I can see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel now. I'm still nervous about college, but now it seems I'll be able to graduate by June, which was my goal. Yea!!! And don't even bring UP getting my license. God forbid my father actually do what he said he would and practice with me. Since he promised he'd start taking me out regularly, we've been out....three times, I believe. In three weeks. Yeah. Big whoop. I gotta save money for a cab - I'll need it.

Other than the license, which really pisses me off since I didn't want to have to renew my permit when I'm 18 next month, everything's going pretty smooth. I've had some up and downs, but it's okay. Turns out this guy I've liked for a while - didn't realize how much until now - has a girlfriend, so that kinda got me down. Still not sure how I feel about it. Huh. Guess I'm just screwed over in that department. Whatever.

Yes, I'm bitter and cynical. And so right. When the VA Tech thing happened, first it was all about the shooting, then the shooter, then a few things about the dead kids - and then nothing. I TOLD my parents that was going to happen the day of the shooting. Who the hell gives a damn about the shooter?! He went and killed all those people - no excuses, you bastards. And has anyone said anything about the professor who blocked the door with his body so his students could escape, and died because of it? NOOOOOOOOOO, of course not. Because we must be politically correct and be sympathetic and find excuses for the killer, because of COURSE no one could do that normally. Heaven FORBID society be proven to be immoral and disgusting.

Obviously, that pisses me off too. God Almighty, what a lowlife, scumbag, whoring society we live in, where the killers are risen to martyrs and dead are forgotten by all. Hmph.


Well, I'll close before I rant some more. I'm sure I'll get a pic of my pup Banshee up one of these damn days. He's just so darn CUTE!!!


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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


written at: 12:55 am
listening to: Switchfoot
CD: The Beautiful Letdown
Fav song: Gone
mood: tired
Hot Guy: Balthier

Hey, everyone! Long time, no see, yeesh. I have a CD with my dog's pics, and I'll try to put one up tomorrow. He's grown since we took the pics, too. ^_^

I've been busy as HELL with schoolwork - haven't been working at the edu. center or gov. center for a while now because of it. I've got three essays to write on "The Woman In White" for English, a few more answers for damn poetry for it, and then a gov. paper on "Roe v. Wade" - which everyone says is a bitch. Damn it all. But, I'm getting it done, so I feel optimistic!

Still havinbg problems with myO - it keeps just closing out on me. Pisses me the hell off.....damn it all. Ah, and EvilMonkey is back on, so I'm happy. Haven't seen his buddy around yet.

Not much - like I said, I've been working my ass off. Getting some writing done, and ff.net is driving me bananas. I haven't gotten any alerts, reviews, or anything. And I know they're there because I go check - the email alert system is either fried on just mine, or the site. I hate them!!

At least I wasn't so lazy and changed the pic, at least. ^_^' I tried.

I hope everyone's doing good! I haven't had any contact with anyone except EvilMonkey and nurika T_T Drop a line - I can usually get to my messages before it throws me off. I just can't update - don't have the time, or motivation, actually.

I wanna go see Blades of Glory! Only Will Farrel could be so...gay and still look straight. >_< He's hilarious - my friend and I are gonna try to see it this weekend. Yea! And I have a recent X-Men obsession. Don't know why, just do, damn it! Daniel Cudmore and Ben Foster are HOT in X3, and don't you argue with me!

'Kay, think that's it. Again, email or PM me on here if you wanna see what's up! I'm still alive. ^_^'


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Monday, April 9, 2007

written at: 6:04 pm
listening to: Shania Twain
CD: Greatest Hits
Fav song: That Don't Impress Me Much
mood: rushed
Hot Guy: Shigure again

Shigure's repeated because I've been having a LOT of trouble with Otaku lately, so I don't know if it's going to close out on me. >_< I don't want to waste time.

Yeah, I haven't been on in so long because of the stupid site. It usually will tell me that it can't connect/find server, or just close out on me in the middle of loading a page, or just freeze. Friggin' site. So, sorry!

Hope everyone had a good Easter! (If you celebrate it, I do.) I had a good one. Slept late, ate candy (of course!), all that stuff. Went to the vigil Mass the night before, and didn't get home until midnight. And it started at 8:30. O_o Longest. Mass. Ever!

Okay, Banshee (dog) is doing great. Puppy stuff to deal with, like chewing, but that's also a Lab trait. Oh boy. He's so cute, and he's already growing. He's supposed to double in size, at least 90 lbs. (That's big, trust me.) We have pics of him, and I want to get them on my comp so I can show you all what he looks like. So CUTE!!!! LOTS of energy - he wears us out before we can wear him out!! Yeesh, we haven't had a puppy in over 23 years, so we're not used to it.

Lessee.....had the flu two weeks ago, and didn't get over it until last week. Then had a stomach virus at the same time, so I was dead. Icky. Already behind school, so I'm working my ass off to catch up so I can graduate on time, instead of stretching out my year into the summer. I have so many PAPERS to do!!! T_T

Been doing writing, though, still keeps me busy. Haven't really gone anywhere, how sad. My friend wants to take me to the prom with her this year, next month, so that'll be fun if we can go. Got up to vol. 5 of Ouran now - I love it!!! It's so funny. And Mori is my fav, with the twins a smidgen behind, and Kyoya in third. I don't know why, Kyoya's just awesome. I think I like Mori because he's always so serious, even when they're doing something funny. (Something like that......)

I can't think of anything else. I'm sorry I haven't been around! No one's messaged me except nurika, so haven't talked to any of you for a long time. If the Otaku EVER stops being a bitch (it's NOT my computer this time!!!!!!!), I'll be back on regularly. For now, don't expect me around too much. I'm also busy as hell with all the work, puppy, and just stressing out, so there.

Ah! Was supposed to get two fillings last week, since I have two tiny cavaties in the top and bottom molars on my left side. And I can't figure how I got them, either - honestly! I don't eat sugar a whole lot ('cept chocolate....), and don't do soda, or gum. I don't think the dentist believed me - bitch. Anyway, made the appointment and got there, waited for the guy to show up, and he decided to make an 'educated gamble'. I don't have fillings!! He said my mouth was really clean and nice, and he didn't want to put the fillings in. He thinks I got the things by grinding my teeth while I sleep - he said girls in their late teens and early twenties are the majority of people who do it, since we stress out about more stuff in general, and starting college and all. So, I bought a mouthguard, and hate it. I actually woke up the morning before and realized it wasn't in my mouth. It was on the floor, nice and neat. O_o Ooookaaaaaay. So, we're gonna remold it for my bottom jaw. (It's one of the ones you boil, stick in your mouth....go look at your store and find it.)

What fun. Damn, had something else, but forget it. Ah well, don't think it was very important. I know, this post is all over the place, but I'm trying to be quick. Oh! Been driving, and getting the hang of it. Not learning stick, since I'm stressing out too much. Sticking with the van and automatic until I'm REALLY good. That's going well. Hopefully I can get my license by summer, but I'm not holding my breath. I can't go and get a license from DMV until I'm 19 - before then, you still have to take the test. Here's hoping!

Okay, I think THAT'S it. Honestly! I'll catch everyone....eventually.


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Saturday, March 24, 2007

   Good News??

written at: 11:36 pm
listening to: mix CD
CD: MIX, PEOPLE!! Courtesy of yours truly.
Fav song: Blow Me Away (Breaking Benjamin on Halo I soundtrack)
mood: a bit confused....
Hot Guy: Shigure from Fruits Basket

Well, there's a reason Shigure - the Dog - is the guy for today. Today, we went to the Humane Society in town (my parents and I), and we adopted a puppy.

Okay, now the long part. My mom saw this dog in the paper while she was out, and - without telling me or my brother - went to the society and played with it for a while to get to know it. So, she came home and announced we were getting a dog.

This from the woman who: first, killed our last dog without even telling us; swore she was never going to get another; swore some more; and now does a complete 360. Needless to say, we were NOT pleased. Or happy. Or even joyous.


So, my bro and I had a fit. Well, he had a fit, and I just was silent. And then she said she talked to dad, and he wanted one to.


Okay. He gets home, my bro refuses to go, and we take off. I sulk - I don't talk at all. We get there, and the dog has Chow and Golden Retreiver in it.

ExCUSE me?! CHOW?! For those of you who don't know - Chows are nasty dogs. They just ARE.

He was happy, though - a year old, and jumping all over and wagging and playing. Dad was sitting on the couch they had, and he climbed behind dad with a toy in his mouth. Dad started to play with him, and grabbed the toy.

Bad idea. Very bad. The dog bit dad. He didn't draw blood, but the lady came in (they HAD to have been watching with a camera or something, to get there as it happened - come on!), and had to drag the dog off dad. Luckily, he didn't draw blood, so dad didn't have to get rabies shots or anything, but now the dog is most likely going to be put down. It can't be so possessive about a toy - if that had been a child or someone who freaked out, the dog wouldn've taken their hand off.

That was obviously a bust. So, I was still pissy, and she asked if we wanted to see another dog, wait, or whatever. Mom and dad said they wanted to see another one, and we went into the kennel section. I had to leave, since the echos and barking hurt my ears, so I was surprised when they came out with a black lab puppy. We went in another room with him, and she let him loose to hang out. He's six months old, and a black lab/boxer mix - very cute. YOu can tell he's got boxer in him when you look at his face. Very hyper, since he's in the cage and happy, and very affectionate. And, as I told The Assassin - addictive. He had me laughing pretty quick, running all over and stuff. We were there for a while - and he LOVES dad. Literally climbed on top of him and everything. He isn't as big as our other dogs, but not small either, which is cool.

After much thought, we decided to adopt him. So, he should be coming home tomorrow, and we already bought dog toys and all for him. I've never had a puppy before. Our first dog was already an adult when I was born - our second was nine months, but I was little, and our third was already four when he got him. So, it'll be interesting.

We took FOREVER to think of names. Top of list - eventually - were: Ziggy (from Ziggurat 8 from Xenosaga.....) and Taz (Tazmanian Devil, people!) But, we had an inspiration through my brother - Banshee, from Halo. ^_^ That's his name now. I think it's cool.

Part of me still is hesitant, but he's so cute, and I think it'll be good. And besides, I've always had a dog, and it didn't feel natural.

That's the big - and abrupt! - news! What do you all think?? I'm kind of shock, but I'm excited. I think it'll work out good.

Hmm....not much other than that. Been getting work done, thank god. Just not today - today was strange. Got work done in the morning, though!! ^_^

I'm convinced the boy I work with is a sociopath....I'm totally serious. He has no conscious, and tortues animals.....I have to go talk to the teachers about it Tuesday. I didn't get a chance today before I left. >_< Damn it. But I know it's serious.

Okay, that's over. I hope I'll see some of you around! Else some people are getting deleted.....Catch ya all later!


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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


written: 11:00 pm
listening to: Red Hot Chili Peppers
CD: Stadium Arcadium
Fav song: Animal Bar
mood: wiped and stressed out
Hot guy: Gippal from FFX-2

Just beat the damn thing again - just had to fight the final bosses. My goal is to get 100% - it's a matter of pride, damnit!

I'm really tired, so this'll be brief. Not doing so hot in school - can't seem to get anything done, so I'm stopping piano lessons for a while. No great loss, since the teacher and I don't really see eye-to-eye on how I like to play. Anyway, I'm also stopping the edu. center for afternoons - unless they need me, this week is the last I'll be there all day. I need time to just sit down and get the shit that I need to get done, done. Ya know? So, that's that. It's just....all the damn essays I need to do. PLUS, learning how to drive, getting my license, and planning for college this fall, as well as finishing up high school.

I'm stressing out - TO THE EXTREME. AAAOAIFGADNWEOFAHWSADFNWE49NA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM tired and stressed, and a bit cranky. Been getting some writing done, have two betas for two different stories, and I'm helping SesshomaruMistres out on her site. (I hope.) Doing bios for Forgoteen Realms characters related to Drizzt Do'Urden.

Lessee.....other than that, not much. Just the same ol', same ol'. Tired, been having nightmares, can't sleep, what else is new?

Ah well. Hmm.....I can't think tonight. Maybe I'll add something later, or another post a few days later. I dunno. Don't feel like doing anything - I'm going to bed. Sorry that I didn't visit sites.


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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

   Yep, it's me...

written at: 8:40 pm
listening to: Blondie
CD: Blondie Live
Fav song: Heart of Glass/X Offender
mood: all right
Hot Guy: Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka and Mitsukuni "Hunny" Haninozuka from Ouran High School Host Club

Man, it's a bitch to find a good pic of Mori.......-_-

Not much to tell, guys. Haven't been up to much. Totally exhausted, though. If I have to argue with a certain kid about math answers, I'm gonna whack him. So smug......treats me like I'm supposed to do the work for him. He got a damn surprise, that's for sure. Hmph.

I got the newest Naruto (13), 14 and 15 of Bleach, and the first two Ouran mangas over the weekend. That's the only decent thing - I love Ouran, by the way. Mori and the twins rock. ^_^

Got some really crappy - devestating, though it sounds so dramatic - news over the weekend. Don't really want to talk about it, and can't anyway, since it involves someone close to me. But sucks, majorly. I've been really stressed out, which is probably why I'm having trouble sleeping again, I'm always hungry, my stomach cramps, and I'm tired all the time. -_- So, it bites. I haven't been visiting many sites - I hope you guys'll forgive me! >_< I'm just not up to anything lately.

Well, not much else. Still watching Avatar - man, Zuko just can't catch a break. ^_^'

Can't think of anything else. Just wanted to let you guys know I was still out here. See ya.


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Thursday, March 8, 2007


written at: 11:56 pm
listening to: Breaking Benjamin
CD: Phobia
Fav song: Dance with the Devil
mood: pissed off, now!!!!!!!!!
Hot Guy: Kimblee from FMA

Okay, two things:
1) I was all right before, except for a constant asthma attack I seem to be experiancing these past few days;

I hate that. -_- All right, let me think......

Deleted people who are on and don't keep in PM contact, or whom I visit often and whom never come over themselves. People:

amaya night raine
Animated Girl 2
Mrs. Elric
Wings of Dream

More people will probably go as well, so oh well. I have lost all empathy, damn it.

Okay, snow. We got snow late afternoon today. We were SUPPOSED to get it early morning - like, 2 am. So, for whatever reasons, school closed. My mom woke me up at a quarter to seven to let me know it was closed, I didn't have to get up to go to the edu. center, and to turn off my alarm. I went back to sleep, and got up at 10. And there wasn't any snow on the ground. At all. I think it's hilarious. And we got over an inch, so the mountains will freeze up, so I'm positive there won't be school/work tomorrow for me either, since most of the kids are on the mountain. Yea!!

I started watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, last night. I was hesitant to watch it for two reasons: it's on friggin' NICK, and it looks like a cartoon. But a lot of people have said they changed their minds once they watched it, that the story was really good, so I decided to try it. My bro watched it too, and we're hooked. I think it's hilarious!! I love Sokka. And I am officially a Prince Zuko fan. You gotta love the guy - he can't win! And he's cute. ^_^'

Aaaaaanyway........lemme think, damn it! Ah. I've gotten a LOT of writing done - three stories updated, as well as a lot of miscellaneous stuff in-between. Ya know, not enough for a full chapter, but a lot. So, I'm pleased with myself.

Watched Young Frankenstein with my bro last night. Good gosh - Mel Brooks is a friggin' genius. I love all of his movies!!

Oh, I'm changing the 'Bishonen' to 'Hot Guy' now. Since I think a lot of the guys aren't really bishies, so whatever. ^_^

Nothing much else to say. I'll catch you all later!


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