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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

   Happy Birthday to m-OHMIGOD.

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Oh. My. Effin'. GOD. Today is my birthday. I am now 18. O_o I am in SHOCK.

*takes deep breath*

So bizarre....

Let me think....nope. I've got nothing inspiring to say, at all. Life's a bitch and then ya die. 'nough said. Got sick yet again and still getting over it. I won't even get into it, either. Urk.

I have no plans for today. (technically today...) My parents forgot about it entirely, and my brother just couldn't remember the date - he thought it was Saturday. But my parents totally just.....my mom got stuff for a cake today and brings it home, and after I put everything away she says she hopes I like 'this' kind of cake with such-and-such. -_- How nice. She didn't remember, so she makes a last-minute trip and instead of just asking, decides to hope I like what I end up with. I don't usually care (the cake sounded damn good, actually) it's just the point. And my dad made plans to work overtime, too. THE SUCK.

He's taking his birthday off, and mom's birthday off. (Dunno about the kid's, since his isn't until November.) But since mine's on a Tuesday, nope. But I'm not going to work either. I'm doing whatever the hell I feel like. Which will most likely be sulking in the basement and being online all day. My life has no meaning.

My mom said she'd help me write that goddamn government paper, and so far that's consisted of telling me I'm doing something wrong, and then forgetting she's supposed to be helping me with it and going out all the time. Thanks a lot.

Ah well. Somehow, life goes on. Except when it doesn't, which is kinda bad.

My friends on the one site remembered, though. They're all wishing me a happy birthday. ^_^ That cheers me up a bit, I guess. I think it's hilarious: I can drive, swear, smoke, have sex, and vote now, but I can't drink. I can give myself lung cancer and HIV and all that, but my liver must remain safe three more years!!

*rolls over laughing*

So stupid. I have no interest in smoking, drinking, and having sex anyway, but I just think it's funny.

Hmm....can't think of anything else to say! Happy Birthday to me, I sometimes didn't think I'd live to see 18! *toasts with wine*

....what?! I didn't say I didn't drink every once in a while at home!


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