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Saturday, July 7, 2007


written: 7:20 pm
listening to: Evanescence
CD: Anywhere but Home
Fav song: Breathe No More
mood: good!
Hot Guy: Kimblee from FMA

Hmmm.....what to say? I'm still trying to to get fingerprinted so I can go back to work with my group, damnit. Finished taking antibiotics the doctor gave me for my cough, and I'm on asthma medicine, and it seems to have helped, whew.

Puppy is doing well - about eight months, and getting bigger. The stubborn Boxer, though, is really starting to show. We have to show him he's not alpha dog in any way, shape, or form. Bit of an irritation.

Haven't been up to much. Being scared out of my mind about starting college and all the stuff I have to do. >< Oi....

Babysitting for the next few weeks on Monday and Thursday all day. By the end I'll make about $300 dollars. Putting it to clothes for college, heh-heh.

Damn, there really isn't much to say. Ah! Got my third piercings in each ear two days ago. My friend got her second holes as well. And then went on a shopping spree and got some CDs and stuff. Had a blast.

So boring....summer is so booooooriiiiiiing.......


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