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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


written at: 10:53 am
listening to: Guns 'n Roses
CD: Appetite for Destruction
Fav Song: It's So Easy
mood: whee!!
Hot Guy: Chichiri from Fushigi Yugi

I'm too lazy to go looking for pictures at this point, so it's a repeat. Yep.

Ah, I've been kind of miserable lately. The bronchitis is lingering, so I've got a god-awful cough and didn't sleep for a few days. Quite literally. -_- But it's a little better now. Not muuch to say there. And, EvilMonkey, I heard ya worried about me. ^_~ GoodMonkey ratted you out. Gotta let me know, or I'm oblivious!

Guests went home.....last Monday? My days are still all screwed up, and it felt like they were here for so long. -_- But we won't talk about that anymore.

Gotten some writing done. Ah, I'm so glad I've got wireless and my laptop. I'm able to hide away in my room in the basement and go on the net for hours, without worrying about doing anything. Trust me, it was REALLY nice when I felt like crap.

Nothing much going on. I've gotten some writing done, but not much. Got a crack-fic for Star Wars up that a friend online and I thought up of. It's not even a crack-fic, it's so bad. ^_^' I just put together our lines somewhat. I'll straighten it up and post it for the hell of it.

I've been staying in email contact with vagabonjesse for a while now. Again, if any of you guys just want to drop me a line, that little email button is waiting to be clicked. ^_~

Hmm....what else? Nothing. Blah. Found I don't care for wine - too acidic, even the sweet stuff. I want to try some of that fruit-wine or whatever next...maybe that'll be different.

Anyway, I'm gone. AH!! CHECK OUT THE POST BELOW THIS ONE!!!!! My puppy's picture is finally up!!! ^_^ LOOK!!!!!!! Please??


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