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Hey the name's Lisa.
Here on Myo people call me Pommie.
And that's really all you need to know hahaha.
You'll read more about me in posts obviously.
So do me a favor and comment them will ya?
Thanks loves!
<3 Pommie

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

here's a longggg post for you guys,

You are...s-e-x-y!
ok soo where do i start?
do you wanna hear problems or just recent activitities?
maybe both. i'll just tell you how my day went considering if i went into issues this post would go on forever.

well anyways, i've been a little down lately and my friends have been getting on my case about it.
i've been sooo annoyed cause one friends just like well be more happy and such.
and i argued with her today about how its not that easy to just be happy all of a sudden.
and she just kept going on and on and on and i wanted to scream. so i flipped out and i was like
ok so it seems i make you guys mad more then anything so just STOP wasting your time! [not to mention i was in guitar class so i didnt know where to go once i stormed out of the hall]
so i went to my teacher and i was like CAN I GO TO THE NURSE! and he was filling out the pass and he was like tell the girls they have to get back in here on your way out.
so then i was like omg never mind i dont want to go to the nurse [cause i didnt want to deal with them] and i went into a practice room and practiced by myself for the quiz tomorrow.
so after a little while one of my friends came in and was like..so whats going on?
and so i told her that im just annoyed and that i dont want to deal with people telling me that i cant "mope" when i just decided i wanted to be alone for a little bit. and so we just talked then she left.
then i went to my other classes and eventually it came time for math which is where i always see my other friend. and so i just talked to her cause i went up behind her and gave her a hug, as an apology for being a bitch.
i told her what was going on and everything and she was just like yeah, but you should try to put it aside and just try to be optimistic.
so i just let her talk and nodded and agreed and such.
and we were supposed to hang out today and she ditched me cause she had a bunch of stuff to do.
so i had to take the bus home [PURE torture] i havent taken the bus in weeks.
anyways, so then i decided to walk from my house ALL the way to a lake that has a gorgeous view.
and i got to see a friend of mine.
he picked me up like near where i wanted to meet haha.
but he couldnt stay long cause he had to go do an errand. so i just sat there. it was a pretty sight.
the water and such, i took a gorgeous pic lol.
when i was getting up to leave i met this kid.
hes my age [17] and hes going to go into the army, we just randomly started talking. he went to my school and his sister is some chick that i know.
blah blah blah. so then i left and did the whole nice meeting you scene.
and i was dreading the long walk home when my friend drives up next to me again.
i wasnt planning on seeing him but he was like i dont wanna make you walk this, so i'm going to be a nice guy and give you a ride home.
lol he is such a nice guy, not gunna lie.
but so we just talked and i got brought home and well here i am.
my legs hurt SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad though!
but its ok cause it was so nice out and i got to meet someone new and see a friend i didnt expect to see today :]

and woohoo i get paid tomorrow!

if you read this whole entire post you're amazing and i will SO take the time to go to your page and comment your post too :]
thanks guys!
<3 pommie!
Lisa loves you :]

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Sunday, April 5, 2009


You are...s-e-x-y!
i need my license and a car.
Lisa loves you :]

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Monday, December 22, 2008


You are...s-e-x-y!
ok so i'm wicked tired.
but i'm just going through things i haven't checked in a while and this happens to be one of them haha.
sooo...whats new?
welllll i got into a spaghetti fight with the girl that wanted the guy i liked even though she had a bf.
thaaaaaaaat ended well haha.
we ended up getting suspended for 5 days.
cause the guy i liked played me to hell.
it was baaaaad.
so now i act like he doesnt exist and dont even glance at him.
AND things with me and the girl are alll better.
she acts the same way towards him too.
hes a loser whos going no where in life pretty much.
sooo the two of us [spaghetti girl and i] just went shopping for xmas!
and we got chocolates for other people and i got her hollister spray and she got me hollister lotion haha.
we're exchanging them at school tomorrow :]
its soooo sick.
but anyways, so she has a new bf.
and i like him, hes wicked sweet and treats her how a guy SHOULD!
annnnd hes a firefighter.
so thats always a plus, so good for her :]
but ok, i'm tired.
goodnight! haha
Lisa loves you :]

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

long time no talk!

You are...s-e-x-y!
k sooooo.
uh, my life up to this point consists of drama.
actually theres no drama right now.
but there was a couple weeks ago.
i fell for this guy my best friend liked.
well she chose her current bf over him and then she found out me and the guy she had a thing for were hanging out and got mad and we were fighting about that.
so a lot of people told her she was wrong and such.
but anyways, she told me she was sorry, i moved away from the boy to stop the drama and we're good now.
well..i think i want him again.
and idk what to do.
cause i dont want more drama.
and yeahhh...i think i might go for him.
but i'ma tell her straight out this time instead of trying to hide it from her.
that way we can skip the whole, "why are you hanging out with him, can i come?" part.
this way she'll know i like him and that i'm actually going to go for it whether she likes it or not.
so that's about all the news from me!
Lisa loves you :]

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


You are...s-e-x-y!
so i went shopping again on monday.
and this time i went with my parents and three sisters.
i had my other sister lynda help me pick crap out and this was at the concord mall.
but anyways, i went to charlotte russe...got 5 pairs of underware for 10 bucks! chyeah! and a bra for 7 ;] hot pink mind you. its sooo cute.
anyways, i got two pairs of pants and some perfume.
then at claires i got a purse, makeup holder and a wallet. and a bag for school. its like a huge purse and its got cherries ALL over it!!!! all so cute.
then at bmoss i got a vest that looks pretty and a necklace to match it.
then i got a hot pink hoodie at aeropostale and a purple one just like it.
theyre both so cute.
i was gunna get one that had a bunch of cute chickens all over it but i didnt have enough money. :[
then i spent 15 dollars on my phone for minutes.
cause i have gay prepaid. :[
i wanted shoes but journeys was packed and i didnt feel like going in with all those people in that small of a space.
so i tried the shoe dept. and they were all out of converse.
i was soooo mad!!
but i still got stuff i needed :]
73 dollars at charlotte russe...
62 i think at claires..
22 at bmoss.
40 at aeropostale.
and 15 on my phone.
oh and like 6 bucks for food i guess.
but it was fun. :]
i'm all excited for school on thursday just to wear my new clothes!! :]]]
cant wait. ;]

<3 pommie!
Lisa loves you :]

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