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Saturday, October 25, 2008

long time no talk!
You are...s-e-x-y!
k sooooo.
uh, my life up to this point consists of drama.
actually theres no drama right now.
but there was a couple weeks ago.
i fell for this guy my best friend liked.
well she chose her current bf over him and then she found out me and the guy she had a thing for were hanging out and got mad and we were fighting about that.
so a lot of people told her she was wrong and such.
but anyways, she told me she was sorry, i moved away from the boy to stop the drama and we're good now.
well..i think i want him again.
and idk what to do.
cause i dont want more drama.
and yeahhh...i think i might go for him.
but i'ma tell her straight out this time instead of trying to hide it from her.
that way we can skip the whole, "why are you hanging out with him, can i come?" part.
this way she'll know i like him and that i'm actually going to go for it whether she likes it or not.
so that's about all the news from me!
Lisa loves you :]

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