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Monday, December 22, 2008

You are...s-e-x-y!
ok so i'm wicked tired.
but i'm just going through things i haven't checked in a while and this happens to be one of them haha.
sooo...whats new?
welllll i got into a spaghetti fight with the girl that wanted the guy i liked even though she had a bf.
thaaaaaaaat ended well haha.
we ended up getting suspended for 5 days.
cause the guy i liked played me to hell.
it was baaaaad.
so now i act like he doesnt exist and dont even glance at him.
AND things with me and the girl are alll better.
she acts the same way towards him too.
hes a loser whos going no where in life pretty much.
sooo the two of us [spaghetti girl and i] just went shopping for xmas!
and we got chocolates for other people and i got her hollister spray and she got me hollister lotion haha.
we're exchanging them at school tomorrow :]
its soooo sick.
but anyways, so she has a new bf.
and i like him, hes wicked sweet and treats her how a guy SHOULD!
annnnd hes a firefighter.
so thats always a plus, so good for her :]
but ok, i'm tired.
goodnight! haha
Lisa loves you :]

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