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Monday, August 18, 2008

shopping makes me happy :]

You are...s-e-x-y!
so today was pretty much a good day!!!
i needed one of these baaaad.
cause these past two weeks...SUCKY!
but anyways, back to the goodness.
umm so my sister came home and then i told her we should go to my grandparents then to the pheasant lane mall.
and she agreed.
so we did...and then i went to hollister..got three shirts there..two tank tops and a short sleeve shirt.
urban behavior..got lots of things haha, shirts and i bought my sister a pair of pants and a couple shirts.
pac sun where i got two shirts, one white fox one with grey on it and a tank top to match it cause its rather see through haha.
hot topic where i got two shirts, one for my sister and a super cute shirt where i thought it was a kitty with wings on it..but my sister was like you idiot, thats a bat!! and so i laughed at myself and bought them cause it was buy one get one half off.
jcpenny where i got two pairs of pants, 19.99 each :]
annnd..i think that might be it..i'm not sure haha.
but i was all sad cause they didnt have a charlotte russe there :[
it sucked..but i got over it fast!
i'll just have to go to the mall up at my house and go shopping there :]
but yeah, so today was an amazing day.
i had soo much fun hehe. :]]]
<3 pommie!
Lisa loves you :]

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Friday, August 15, 2008

another sucky day in the life of..well..me.

You are...s-e-x-y!
how lucky am i?
lately all i do is work work work.
and then today, my day off...YAY. finally.
anyways, yeah, i take it off and make plans with my friend.
and we're planning how today is gunna go and everything.
and if he doesnt have to work then we'll hang out.
so i told him to text me this morning saying if we're still hanging out or not.
and so he does..and i was surprised cause hes into construction and i thought they didnt get days off unless it rained..and sure enough he had it off!
i was like..SCORE.
so his text was basically..
hey no work whatcha doin.
...in a nutshell anyways..
and so i text him back saying i'm doing nothing and i was surprised he had it off cause it was a beautiful day and everything.
and i ask if he still wants to hang out.
no response.
so an hr later i just text him back with a simple..
and no response.
then i'm on my way home and i live a short time away from him and i'm turning the corner and there he is.
he's driving a truck with wood in the back and everything..so i just assumed he was going to work.
so later on i text him
and i say..
so i assume you went to work and i saw you today and blah blah blah..you get the point.
and no response.
i haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate when he does this.
hes an amazing guy..just..NOT WHEN HE DOES THIS TO ME.
it was going good and everything, we were going to hang out..
and then we just..didn't :'[
so i just went bowling later on with a couple friends and moped around.
and i suck at bowling so i hated it.
no fun.
so annoying :[[
and i blew off my other friend for the friend that blew me off today.
funny right? not.
but i only blew off my other friend cause i had no gas money for him.
so whatever.
it sucked..i waited around pretty much all day for a response and didnt get one. :[

Lisa loves you :]

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


You are...s-e-x-y!
so i'm just kinda sitting here in my old town at the laundrymat.
why? because i currently don't have a washer or dryer :[
so lame.
but uhh...thank god for laptops cause i'd be soooooooooooooooo bored right now.
my parents left me to go to wherever they are right now haha.
but whatever.
i have work at 2 today.
and i'm there till close.
i don't really mind it so much anymore.
just..my parents keep taking money from me and its SO annoying.
they took 100 from me yesterday.
and i worked so hard for that.
and i had 300 something in the bank and now i'm down to like 100 something.
it makes me so mad.
lets see them work at a job they hate for 7 an hr and then give their hard earned money to someone else.
but i got called in earlier today.
a person i work with wanted to know if i could come in a couple hrs earlier and i was like uhh i gotta go to the laundrymat so i kinda can't.
cause i guess a girl i work with can't leave till someone else goes in.
i felt kinda bad.
but whatever.
so yeah, i guess that kinda wraps my day up.
<3 pommie!
Lisa loves you :]

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :[[[[[[

You are...s-e-x-y!
SO i went to borders. AND YOU HAVE TO BE EIGHTEEN TO WORK THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i was so mad!!
i was like nooooo this sucks.
and i searched other places.
no luck.
so i'm stuck with dunkins :[
so lame. and annoying.
and it just SUCKS :[

Lisa loves you :]

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

say what?!

You are...s-e-x-y!
so i've decided that i'm going to quit my job.
cause i just can't handle it.
so i'm going job hunting soon.
my next day off.
which..is idk when..or if i get out sometime early.
which is prolly gunna be on saturday.
cause i have to work 7am-1. so hopefully i'll go then.
and i'm thinking of borders.
it's a nice quiet place and i'd get to borrow books like manga and such haha.
and i'd be able to handle it.
it'd be nice.
plus theres a coffee place right in the store so i can get something there.
and it just sounds nice. haha.
i just need a less crazy job.
my sister used to work at borders and she quit cause she didnt have enough hours or something. and it was 7 bucks an hr.
but i mean, i'm getting paid 7 now and i do a lot more work then 7 dollars worth.
and i wont mind 7 at borders cause it's a laidback job.
you deal with books all day and its nice inside.
so i'd be completely content with that.
but i mean with the hours part, i'll just ask for more hours. i'm sure they wont mind giving me more.
and plus schools starting up soon on the 28th and it'll work out fine cause i can't work that much during school anyways.
i'd have prolly just weekends. which i don't mind spending my weekends there at all. cause i like borders haha.
sooo hopefully i get to go there soon.
i wish i could tomorrow cause i have it off..but i cant unless i talk my sis into bringing me.
but then i gotta pay her..and i cant afford that.
and my mom has a ton of stuff to do :[
but i told her that since its open till 11 and both me and my sister are going to help her paint then we'll be able to get it done faster and i'd still be able to go and fill out an application there.
sooo wish me luck!!!

<3 pommie!
Lisa loves you :]

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Monday, August 4, 2008

another long day.

You are...s-e-x-y!
sooo i got called into work today.
after being told yesterday that i didn't have to come in today.
i cried hahaha.
i ended up not going in.
i was at my friends house and we have the same job.
so i was waiting for my mom to come get me and then my boss called her or something and my mom said it was up to me if i could make it today or not.
and then kara [friend] calls my cell and tells me kelley [boss] wants me in today.
and thats when i broke down crying and i made up an excuse, i was like I HAVE TO GO TO CONCORD TODAY!!!
and such. so after my mom came to get me and everything we actually went to concord hahaha.
my mom told my boss i had an eye doctors apt. [sucha liar!!! haha]
but anyways, so i ended up getting a call from this girl shaunna who works there.
and had been there since 5am and it was now like 3pm. and she was like
i cant go home unless i find someone else to come in, could you please? and then i felt bad and ended up saying yes after my 'eye apt' i'll be in.
and she was like ok thank you so much.
and then later on i get a voicemail from her saying she's staying till 5 [when i'd be going in] and that i don't need to go in cause they'll be all set by that time.
so i was all happy and such.
and yeah.
tomorrow i'm getting my hair cut hopefully.
and my phone plan on! unlimited texting here i come!!
i'll upload pics if i get a chance if i get my hair cut. :]
can't waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!
later lovliesss!
<3 pommie
Lisa loves you :]

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Saturday, August 2, 2008


You are...s-e-x-y!
well, so today...SUCKED.
i tried to get out of work early.
and couldn't.
and now i gotta be to work for SIX AM TOMORROW MORNING.
so annnnoyyyyingggg.
and THEN. to top it all off.
i got picked up an hr late.
and i wanted to go to the balloon rally.
did that ever happen?!
NO. it didn't, poor pommie got stuck being home.
she got to go NO WHERE.
and she cried all day.
ha not.
so lame.
i'm so sore like beyond sore.
it sucks so bad :[
all this for seven dollars an hr.
Lisa loves you :]

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Friday, August 1, 2008


You are...s-e-x-y!
so work was completely exhausting today.
its so annoying.
i didnt get out till about like 2 hrs after i was supposed to.
cause she wanted me to stay later.
and my legs hurt...i got raped by a crate.
stupid thing. it was filled with creamers and it fell on me!!!!!
it hurttttt.
i work at dunkins btw ha.
so i got picked up by my sis and i HATE driving with her.
scares meeee.
and i got mad cause i cancelled THREE sets of plans today cause my mom wanted me to help her..
and i couldnt cause i was driving with my sis to like every godforsaken place on the planet.
so i met my mom somewhere.
and i got to live another day cause my sis no longer was drivinggg! :]
and now i still feel like i'm wasting my day.
i couldve hung out with my friend dan, gone to the balloon rally or gone to the mall.
soooooooooooo annoying.
and not to mention i gotta get up at 7am to be to work for 8am tomorrow!!!!!
and i dont get out till 4 :[
i'm gunna see if i can get out early though cause i worked longer today.
hooooooopefully it works.
doubt it, but i can hope.
well i gotta go.
<3 pommie
Lisa loves you :]

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

welcome back lisa!

You are...s-e-x-y!
long time no talk!
i redid myo!
can't you tell?
so basically..misa, my favorite on the show!!
yeah dude. haha. idk why but she is.
her and kira.
but i choose her cause i'm a girl and shes a girl...seemed more fitting.
so hope you like ittt! :]
<3 pommie
Lisa loves you :]

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