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Thursday, April 9, 2009

here's a longggg post for you guys,
You are...s-e-x-y!
ok soo where do i start?
do you wanna hear problems or just recent activitities?
maybe both. i'll just tell you how my day went considering if i went into issues this post would go on forever.

well anyways, i've been a little down lately and my friends have been getting on my case about it.
i've been sooo annoyed cause one friends just like well be more happy and such.
and i argued with her today about how its not that easy to just be happy all of a sudden.
and she just kept going on and on and on and i wanted to scream. so i flipped out and i was like
ok so it seems i make you guys mad more then anything so just STOP wasting your time! [not to mention i was in guitar class so i didnt know where to go once i stormed out of the hall]
so i went to my teacher and i was like CAN I GO TO THE NURSE! and he was filling out the pass and he was like tell the girls they have to get back in here on your way out.
so then i was like omg never mind i dont want to go to the nurse [cause i didnt want to deal with them] and i went into a practice room and practiced by myself for the quiz tomorrow.
so after a little while one of my friends came in and was like..so whats going on?
and so i told her that im just annoyed and that i dont want to deal with people telling me that i cant "mope" when i just decided i wanted to be alone for a little bit. and so we just talked then she left.
then i went to my other classes and eventually it came time for math which is where i always see my other friend. and so i just talked to her cause i went up behind her and gave her a hug, as an apology for being a bitch.
i told her what was going on and everything and she was just like yeah, but you should try to put it aside and just try to be optimistic.
so i just let her talk and nodded and agreed and such.
and we were supposed to hang out today and she ditched me cause she had a bunch of stuff to do.
so i had to take the bus home [PURE torture] i havent taken the bus in weeks.
anyways, so then i decided to walk from my house ALL the way to a lake that has a gorgeous view.
and i got to see a friend of mine.
he picked me up like near where i wanted to meet haha.
but he couldnt stay long cause he had to go do an errand. so i just sat there. it was a pretty sight.
the water and such, i took a gorgeous pic lol.
when i was getting up to leave i met this kid.
hes my age [17] and hes going to go into the army, we just randomly started talking. he went to my school and his sister is some chick that i know.
blah blah blah. so then i left and did the whole nice meeting you scene.
and i was dreading the long walk home when my friend drives up next to me again.
i wasnt planning on seeing him but he was like i dont wanna make you walk this, so i'm going to be a nice guy and give you a ride home.
lol he is such a nice guy, not gunna lie.
but so we just talked and i got brought home and well here i am.
my legs hurt SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad though!
but its ok cause it was so nice out and i got to meet someone new and see a friend i didnt expect to see today :]

and woohoo i get paid tomorrow!

if you read this whole entire post you're amazing and i will SO take the time to go to your page and comment your post too :]
thanks guys!
<3 pommie!
Lisa loves you :]

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