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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

You are...s-e-x-y!
so i went shopping again on monday.
and this time i went with my parents and three sisters.
i had my other sister lynda help me pick crap out and this was at the concord mall.
but anyways, i went to charlotte russe...got 5 pairs of underware for 10 bucks! chyeah! and a bra for 7 ;] hot pink mind you. its sooo cute.
anyways, i got two pairs of pants and some perfume.
then at claires i got a purse, makeup holder and a wallet. and a bag for school. its like a huge purse and its got cherries ALL over it!!!! all so cute.
then at bmoss i got a vest that looks pretty and a necklace to match it.
then i got a hot pink hoodie at aeropostale and a purple one just like it.
theyre both so cute.
i was gunna get one that had a bunch of cute chickens all over it but i didnt have enough money. :[
then i spent 15 dollars on my phone for minutes.
cause i have gay prepaid. :[
i wanted shoes but journeys was packed and i didnt feel like going in with all those people in that small of a space.
so i tried the shoe dept. and they were all out of converse.
i was soooo mad!!
but i still got stuff i needed :]
73 dollars at charlotte russe...
62 i think at claires..
22 at bmoss.
40 at aeropostale.
and 15 on my phone.
oh and like 6 bucks for food i guess.
but it was fun. :]
i'm all excited for school on thursday just to wear my new clothes!! :]]]
cant wait. ;]

<3 pommie!
Lisa loves you :]

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