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Why...Hello thar my fellow otakus, I hope you enjoy my site. :D I like making new friends so dont hesitate to sighn my Guest Book ^^
If you want, check out my gallary of my art!
Dun worry, Im not that bad :D
Ill do art trades, but NO REQUESTS. Cause I probably wont do it -3-
Wull, I hope you enjoyed meh site ^^
* Im not all love and fluff tho, so please respect the limits of critisizim and insulting*

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Monday, June 23, 2008

   holy shit man.....
I guess they brought back the myotakuy :0
JEEBUS...I havent posted for like a year! or somthing!

I wonder if anyone remembers me OO

So....I got my haircut, Its super short, like boy short. I dont have no pony tail and I smell real bad right now..

oh yeah, my dad died also D: But to tell you tghe truth, I feel like Im on vacation. Im not happy he died but whatever.

I havent been posting my art for a long time, I know! Ill just post them, no matter what! I have a hella lotta pics for me to submit :D
and I dont care if I only get one vote damnit!

Ive gotten a hella lot better since I left, and YOU my friend shall see!


I miss the otaku, I still like the old one better, BUT I AM REVIVED!!!!!!! GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!

nough o that.

wull, if you see this, expect more -.o

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

   I IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!
Yeah I dint die :I
I couldnt post cause of school, homework blah blah...
You know what I found out?
That my school district has the most LOWEST standards...yes...I DUN HAVE TO THINK DAT HARD!!!
Well I never tried anyway hahaa...maybe thats why I got an F in language...ah well! It was my first F evA! But now its a C. wewt.

K enough babbling!!!
ugg...I cant belive I made a MYSPACE...i hate that place...WHY?! Well I made to talk to friends cause most of my friends have accounts here but NEVER go on them...lameos -_-
They should be made into a cerail...LAME-OS
BWAHAHA!! *shot* That was the most cliche joke I ever made..

So my mom made me start old lady work out thing...yes..I have this old VHS video with a weird lady with strange pants tell me what to do...and I do follow her even if I dont have to...weird..
weights are HARD!!! I can barley pick up 5 pounds WTF?!
This is getting long...I think Im going to replay to my signitures...yeah..I is gonna do dat...and change my site...yeaah.....

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

well..yesterday I went with a friend to see a movie in a REALLY cold( and I mean it was freezing!!) theater, the movie was okay I guess, I dont really like kids movies -.O
( I watched the " Water Horse" )

But anyway...Im really ticked about whats hapening here at the otaku..I mean I submitted something and I got 48 views and what? 6 votes! I mean theres a lot of great artist but poeple only vote for the ones that well you know get in the featured section ALL THE TIME. Its lame >.<
If everybody voted when they saw a picture (which I do) everyone would be a happy duck :(
but thats okay -_- I probably shouldnt be complaining.. *cougheventhoughIworkedreallyhardonthemcough*
SOOO! How are ya'll? good? Great. Me too lol X3
You know I can wait for this "Version Vibrant" thingy X3 It sounds really great!
Well Ill see ya'll later okay?

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Soryy about the last post lol, I waz really dizzy and I couldnt keep meh head up! XP
But Ive been sick for awhile...god..ive been sick fer like......MONTHS but like not FOR months i just keep gettin sick!@ XP
Do you like meh new avi? :D
prettty cool huh? i made it myself 8D
Yeah i like shounen-ai, sometimes yaoi but then sometimes it gets WAY to nazty XP Ill be posting the picture from my avi tomarrow probably, i dont want to submit it tonight casuse then it will get forgotten D:
Im going to modofie meh site cause its hard t5o read the text X(
sooo..yeah..i am back in school which SUCKS aiaiaia...I wish i was like some hilbily livin in the middel of no where with no edimication @.@ yeah, that would be pretty sweet..
Okay, enough with me babbling XD
Ill see ya'll later!


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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Im realla diszxy rightr ncow so nod K icant TYpenas godos lololololol\

I sick s as you r proobly gudsssed, and my hjeafd is spiqning @.@
But Im Not goinsdg to GIvc UP!!
I mightre submit somene stufd up to marow but IA m not sruele Reasla

ugg..........I ahet being Shcck!!!! I tihnkg sm gonna stopssw rwright now ansd go to slhepp.

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