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Sunday, January 20, 2008

well..yesterday I went with a friend to see a movie in a REALLY cold( and I mean it was freezing!!) theater, the movie was okay I guess, I dont really like kids movies -.O
( I watched the " Water Horse" )

But anyway...Im really ticked about whats hapening here at the otaku..I mean I submitted something and I got 48 views and what? 6 votes! I mean theres a lot of great artist but poeple only vote for the ones that well you know get in the featured section ALL THE TIME. Its lame >.<
If everybody voted when they saw a picture (which I do) everyone would be a happy duck :(
but thats okay -_- I probably shouldnt be complaining.. *cougheventhoughIworkedreallyhardonthemcough*
SOOO! How are ya'll? good? Great. Me too lol X3
You know I can wait for this "Version Vibrant" thingy X3 It sounds really great!
Well Ill see ya'll later okay?

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