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Friday, January 18, 2008

Soryy about the last post lol, I waz really dizzy and I couldnt keep meh head up! XP
But Ive been sick for awhile...god..ive been sick fer like......MONTHS but like not FOR months i just keep gettin sick!@ XP
Do you like meh new avi? :D
prettty cool huh? i made it myself 8D
Yeah i like shounen-ai, sometimes yaoi but then sometimes it gets WAY to nazty XP Ill be posting the picture from my avi tomarrow probably, i dont want to submit it tonight casuse then it will get forgotten D:
Im going to modofie meh site cause its hard t5o read the text X(
sooo..yeah..i am back in school which SUCKS aiaiaia...I wish i was like some hilbily livin in the middel of no where with no edimication @.@ yeah, that would be pretty sweet..
Okay, enough with me babbling XD
Ill see ya'll later!


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