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Saturday, February 9, 2008

   I IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!
Yeah I dint die :I
I couldnt post cause of school, homework blah blah...
You know what I found out?
That my school district has the most LOWEST standards...yes...I DUN HAVE TO THINK DAT HARD!!!
Well I never tried anyway hahaa...maybe thats why I got an F in language...ah well! It was my first F evA! But now its a C. wewt.

K enough babbling!!!
ugg...I cant belive I made a MYSPACE...i hate that place...WHY?! Well I made to talk to friends cause most of my friends have accounts here but NEVER go on them...lameos -_-
They should be made into a cerail...LAME-OS
BWAHAHA!! *shot* That was the most cliche joke I ever made..

So my mom made me start old lady work out thing...yes..I have this old VHS video with a weird lady with strange pants tell me what to do...and I do follow her even if I dont have to...weird..
weights are HARD!!! I can barley pick up 5 pounds WTF?!
This is getting long...I think Im going to replay to my signitures...yeah..I is gonna do dat...and change my site...yeaah.....

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