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Monday, June 23, 2008

   holy shit man.....
I guess they brought back the myotakuy :0
JEEBUS...I havent posted for like a year! or somthing!

I wonder if anyone remembers me OO

So....I got my haircut, Its super short, like boy short. I dont have no pony tail and I smell real bad right now..

oh yeah, my dad died also D: But to tell you tghe truth, I feel like Im on vacation. Im not happy he died but whatever.

I havent been posting my art for a long time, I know! Ill just post them, no matter what! I have a hella lotta pics for me to submit :D
and I dont care if I only get one vote damnit!

Ive gotten a hella lot better since I left, and YOU my friend shall see!


I miss the otaku, I still like the old one better, BUT I AM REVIVED!!!!!!! GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!

nough o that.

wull, if you see this, expect more -.o

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