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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Im so glad cristmas is over :/ now i can enjoys the rest of my free days :3
DUUUUUUUDE!!!!! Theres Phoenix Comicon!!!!
HOMG since the other one got cancelled they put another one!!! HOMG Imma gonna grab all meh friends and go (of course if they can go)!!!! Cant wait!
Oh yeah! Meh sister is coming to visit X3
YAAAAAAY! I miss her so much! But she be gonna bring her boyfriend..bleh..
so I gues my christmas was OKAY...but there was a lot of fake smiling DX
I got money, 2 sketch books, charcoal pencils, and a voice recorder thingy. I dont kn ow why my father got that(voice recorder thingy)but my brother has been anoying the hell outta me with that thing XD
Well I guess thats it...:/
HEY If yer gonna go to the comicon...see ya thar!!! X3
Latar C:

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Monday, December 24, 2007

*happy dance*
No school for TWO WEEKS! I finally can rest now.. I love cristmas so much since we get breaks! WOO! Cant wait for cristmas, I probably got something crappy, but thats okay ^^'
The only thing that Im dancing about is no school. No more finals or tests..:)
I really have ntohing else to say....sooo...
Merry Cristmas ^^

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Loke my site? ^^
I drew the background myself!
I dont know why but you see my brother wanted to me draw a bee. So I did I thought it was cute X3 so I made more and more. Then the background came and viola! Bee site! ^^

I think it looks so cute!


WEll I havnt been on uch but it was a VERY busy week. I had all these finals to do and studing witch I really dont like doing -_-
I also had to disect a starfish...it sucked.
I HATE touching dead things! With the exception of chicken..that you eat.
But it smelled alot and I almost threw up >.<
I finisdhed the lab and now were disected...clams. Its weird but we are. Im probably the only onbe that finds it weird but yeah -_-

Man I really like my site! I feel so origanal! X3

I was thinking like a win ter theme but I drew this and i HAD too!
Even though bees are like.....deadly and freakly looking...their so cute! X3 well..the ones I drew.
I watched a movie abou these killer bees and it scared the shizzle outa mme >.< (...shizzle? XD)

But any way I hope you like my site ^^
Ima gonna go eat nowq so If you comment, I comment back!

ps. i got a haircut and it looks really bad on me...

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

[size=9]ahem...well its been awile! ^^
I know I havnt been on much and I probably shouldnt make anymore promises about updating every other day....so I promise to post when I feel like it -_-
Ive notcieed that there are alot of new artist on theo thats good ^^
Though If also notciced that practicly NO ONE
comments anymore..thats kinda sad..
I remeber when i was an otakuite...mhm..
WEll if you havnt heard, Pico died... :(
but he ives on!!! In my heart and my Otaku account!!!

If you didnt see, I put up a new pic :D
Its been a long since I did ^^
I shall live on with my art!!!! YEAH!!!

Well thats all for today ^^
I bet only a few poeple will see this post though...ahaha....^^'

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Monday, November 12, 2007

wow...I havnt been on in the longest time!.....Im so sorry..-_- I was so lazy and school and....yeah.

Welkl I got sick agian...w00t...there is no school today, and I got sick!
-_- That always happnes...

In other news...My hamster PIco Died yesterday.. ): but he was gonna die soon so it wasnt a total loss..

Im gonna submit some stuff soon! and I PROMISE to post everyother day instead of everyother month -_- heh...
WEllIll see you guys later ^^
Love you all, with berry mints!

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

:D its really awesome :D
hey :D
sorry I havnt been on in awhile. nothing interesting has happend so you didnt miss much. just school, school, shcool prety much...
my brother bought metriod prime 3 corruption fer the wii :D its really awesome :D
I havnt played it my self...the controls confuse me :D like most things...

well..I drew another thing. I submitted it.
go check it out if you want :D

.....thats really it....yeah/.....
oh yeah Ive been meaning to tell someone.

Im on gaia and my user name is "cold fridge" if you go on that site. ^^
weeeell...thats it
laters ^^

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

feels nice to finnaly be on the o agian ^^
so today I finished a painting I did. just some lame bottle-bowl-fruit type o thing...er still life :D
its not that good though...
damn...I have alot of homework..I have to , like, write 2 full essays in two days..... D:
oh yeah ^^
I submitted my...100 PICTURE!!!!!
yah...not that interesting but Ill give the link to it ^^
here it is....

Maid 100

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

I also colerd some other stuff, but Ill submit them later
oh, and Im entering that one contest!!! I already have the picture ^^
I just need to coler it, and Im gonna do the best dang colering ever!!!!!!!!
well...Ill try at least ^^
well...gotta eat in a garbage can!!
laters!!! :D

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

   w000ts times 3!!!
HI!!! ^^
wow...I really havnt been on for a REALLY long time.....now Ill try to updat every day!!!! ^^
w00t!! ^^
So yeah....I gotta wite a paper ya know?
Its a literary analeysis (sp?)paper ^^
but I gots it all ins my head ^^
I got a puffer fish ^^
then he died....
but thats ok, cause hes livin in fishy heavan ^^
(if there is such thing...)
I ate tacos today ^^
yeah.....I submit some stuff I did over the days I wasnt updating. ^^
I gots really good too. ^^

oh, you see the new look? OURAN HIGHSCHOOL HOSTCLUB!!!!!! ^0^ w00t!!

Ill be changin the back ground alot though....
oh yeah...can somebody,like, tell me about how I can out a picture in the back of the post???
pm me, thatll really help ^^
I dont now anything about html stuff...

dang..this is long......hokay Ill stop right now ^^'
dang...I have a lot of "^^"
those...Il chane it to " :D"
w00t! okay!!
laters! :D

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

   hey...sorry for not updating for so long...I kinda got the flu....ive been tired alot too...
I know I did promise to do those pics....but I was sick...but I guess that wasnt any excuse.....Im sorry.....but I will get em done.......just to lazy to do it....I like doing my own stuff better.

well.....theres nothing much to say...I havnt drawn anything in weeks...it sucks...espeically cause of school...doing homework for hours,,,,
ah well...theres no use complaining.

so how you guys been? ^^

did I miss anything speicial?
my school band theotaku.......stupid teacher....

well theres nothing else to say
laters! ^^

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

hi!!!!!! guess what?
Im at school right now!!!
well...its not that speicial....
I havnt been on much Iknow...I still need to finish reqests....Im so sorry!!!!
I havnt even touched the computer in a while.
ya know..Im not gonna take request only if Iwant to cause its like work for me and Ill never do it and dissapoint people......Im not the most reliable person....
Imglad that Im able to be with my friends though...
well I have to go so laters.....I PROMISE Ill get the request tomarrow!!!..

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