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Saturday, August 21, 2004

bored... at sea ... er ... port

well i'm still in hawaii, and it's the last day (yay)("yay" because i want to go home & stuff) anyways i can't stay long, this internet is expensive! well Area 51 the only good game in the arcade is down so i'm siting here... hating life. i can't tell how many times i've read & re-read these paintball-mags. I'm about to resort to reading the book for school... (i have two weeks left to do that...) well anyway the vacation wasn't that bad, the ship sucks but hawaii is really nice. so anyway when i come back i'll visit your sites and tell the tales i have to... er tell... yea


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Thursday, August 19, 2004


hello everyone/or anyone, who ever comes to my site anymore. I'm postng from hawaii, just to let you all know i haven't been killed or some other thing that would prevent me from coming here. Not much to say, i missed the big tourny at pev's, (still sad over that fact, and also missed imfamous pratice) well anyway, i'm close to having enough money to afford a high end gun! woot! only limited by the speed of your hopper! well thats it for now. see'ya later.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

i'm back... i guess ... or ummm... meh

anyways i'm sorry i haven't been around, i've been planing stuff for my team and raiseing money for stuff like new paintball guns, paint, air, whatever, just money so we can practice.

although i've been working alot, i haven't raised to much money, soon i'll have $200. thats half of what i need, then again i have no idea... my plan was to buy a worrblade for my auto-cocker, because i didn't want to replace it so fast after i got a nitro tank for it. but i need a good back up gun, and i'd hate to use my tippmann in a tournament, but i'd also hate not useing an electronic gun *sigh* i guess i'll just save my money for whatever, since my parents are only willing to pay for paint & air (which is a very very good thing, i wonder how long that will last).

oh and on the 14th i'm leaving for a week, i'm going to hawaii. i really didn't want to go, and no you can't take my place...

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

picture number 1!

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa heres one of the pictures i took a while back...

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Friday, July 16, 2004

I've been cursed...

well not really but it felt like it this morning... i spent the hole day playing dawn of war... i only won a few times, no matter what happens i seem to kill the most units.

this morning when i was playing when ever i was having fun or doing really well there would be a error and the game would crash, and even once when i had a huge eldar army (i normaly play space marines) and was about to summon a Avatar... the power went out. then when i turned the computer back on... the internet didn't work... so i couldn't play the game *sobs*

well enough complaning. i'll come around to sites tomorrow.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

wasted time spent well

i've been playing Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War (for PC) the hole day...

the games isn't out yet though, i signed up (through gamespy) to test the beta for online play. There are a few errors, in gameplay and connecting. But they'll fix that. Because the hole point of a beta is to see whats wrong.

man... i can't stop playing it... well i'll see ya around then

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Sunday, July 11, 2004

one heck of a busy weekend

Paintball: i slept in a bit, so then i had to scramble into my paintball gear and get realdy. Moldy came on time and then we where off to pevs. We had a few troubles with my tippmann, but none with my auto-cocker. When we where at the safty briefing moldy spoted one of our friends. We didn't play with him because we played X-ball the hole time. the first game was the best, i got 2 people out in a 4 vs 4 game. and moldy and I were the only ones left. the second game was alright, but i wasn't happy with my preformence because i didn't look around or move to a new bunker. The third game wasn't that great, i choped paint in my gun so i steped out early, moldy was the only one left and he was bunkered, he was hit like 4 times. Oh and for those of who are wondering i did take pictures and they'll be up in 2 weeks, of course they'll go though photoshop so you can't see my eyes and/or face(but i was wearing goggles anyway). Also by the beginning of the school year i hope to put a nick name on the back of my jersy, i was thinking something like ... "Iggy" and i'll take a pictures of it ^_^

Sunday: family road trip... *groan* i slept the whole drive down to richmond, which is about 2 hours. Once there we picked up my sister and went to Ihop for breakfeast, then when to this really bad mall after a few other stores. But i did get a newtype out of it ^__^ then we went to see spiderman 2 which was... alright. it wasn't bad but it wasn't good either, thats my opinion so don't go hunting me down because i was just expressing my feelings of the movie. then we drove around until it was time for dinner, the nwe had to drop my sister off and sign her in. All in all it was nice to see her again, and i'm glad to see shes doing alright.

Newtype: in this issue i finaly found out about DES's favorite series "gravitation", and after finding that out, i was speachless for a bit... and really creeped out...

with that out of the way i'll talk about the cool article they had on Wolf's rain, since i've missed have the series i thought i'd read it. I like the idea behide the story (when i say that i mean the backround, the setting etc.) but i'm not so sure as to where the series is going.

FMA: yes it's come on adultswim in october 25 or something

News: i'm sorry i didn't get around to sites this weekend but i've been very busy.

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Thursday, July 8, 2004

those sleepy summer days

well nothing is going on today. I'm just kinda sleepy and don't know what to do with all this time. But that doesn't mean i regret leaveing instatute for the arts.

if anything i'm tired because i got little or no sleep. I spent my day just lying there, i listened to some music, played a few games, watched some anime and here i am. I'm still pretty tired but that doesn't matter that much.

well my site will be turning 1 year old sometime during the summer. I remember coming here and feeling like an outkast. Alot of the friends i made aren't here anymore, but i'm glad to see the ones who remain and the newer members.

your all great people... well as far as i see you all are...

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Wednesday, July 7, 2004

i'm sorry

forget about the post below this one, i was feeling upset this morning but i feel better now, sorry about that

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the instant music overflowed all over the world

just bare with the title... i couldn't think of anything

anyways i've withdrawn from instatute for the arts. yea i'm quiter, sure you can say it i don't care, i am what i am.

well i know, i know i should have given it more of a chance. things "may" have improved. But being graded, geting homework, waking up early and so on isn't worth $600. serously it's not fun, i was already an outkast. everyone was already in their little 'clicks'

i know, i know now i'm complaining

oh yea, we're getting our money back so it's not a total loss. Also instead of doing nothing i'm going to a paintball camp, and the coach is a former ironman team member. their team was the best for 3 seasons.

i know you all must be sick of hearing about paintball. i'm sorry.

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