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Wednesday, June 9, 2004

It's a Revolution

my site has been changed! i think it looks pretty good, so what do you think, serously don't suger coat it! And of course the Welcome sign is here, i personally like it ^_^ thanks so much to my great older sister (snowfox)

moving on, i took half my math final today and am going to finish it tomorrow (it's not soo bad). But also i have that evil spanish final, complete with a jaw droping 94 questions... *sigh*

no other news to post, i think i'll request a new THAT banner!

umm does my music work?

cya around

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Tuesday, June 8, 2004

New look

i'm planning on changing my site's look, changing my back round and colors a bit, i'm still considering a few color schemes. Also i'm going to make a Welcome sign... finally! With a little help from my sister... er ... alot of help, i should be able to create a welcome sign, and a cool banner!

i have 2 finals tomorrow and then a spanish final thursday... *sigh* this is going to suck. The math final is going to be kinda rough... the spanish is going to be a nightmare, 94 questions in a short period... oh well, nothing i can do now. My other finals are over, so just 3 left, but they're the hard ones...

hehe i kinda fell asleep during the review...

cya around

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Monday, June 7, 2004

i hate mondays

well now only one more monday of school, yep 9 days left. 9 days seems like alot now, but i'll make it through none the less... at least i hope...

well anywayz (which isn't a word) nothing much happening here, just a bunch of finals ... and studying, nothing really exceiting. Moldy gave me the Space Ghost coast to coast dvd, i've only watched the first few.

hmm ever noticed i alwayz start a sentence here with "well" ... interesting

cya around

i uploaded a new song! enjoy

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Sunday, June 6, 2004

D-Day: The Hour Is Go

-Franis J. Turner, from his personal archives

"Ones's eyes close tight and families fade,
When going to war which evil men made.
Though anxios and frightened, we don't let show,
For the day is approaching, when the Airborne must go.

Each day now rolls past; we wait just the same,
But D-Day is near, and for this we all came.
The hour grows near; each man feels it inside,
And soon we'll be falling, with nowhere to hide.

Our eyes are now down and the chatter the same,
Each weapon now loaded, no longer a game.
Eagls gather round and bow your heads low,
Europe awaits and the hour is go"

hats off to the Airborne, Navy, Army, and every unit that was in D-Day.

"The World was counting on them, They were counting on each other"

Today, sometime, someway, say thanks... to the fighting men & women of your country, many countries participated in the allied Operation: Overlord, thank them for there courage and bravery, they will be forever know as heros, never forget them

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Saturday, June 5, 2004

   1 project down one more to go!! MuaAHAHAHH

well i just finished FLCL, man i love that series... it's an ok manga but it doesn't have all the characters. anywayz...

Project status:WoOt! i finish my science project! now i just need to complete my huge project on China!

i guess you could say i'm in a good mood today ^___^ hehe i'm all hyper on the inside... but people say i have the "same blank stare"... oh well!


thats all for now!!

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Thursday, June 3, 2004

It came!!! the long wait has ended!!!

wow the SARGE T-shirt that i ordered like a month ago finaly came today! along with a Space ghost coast to coast shirt & Aqua teen hunger force dvd ... yep i need to be more careful with my money...

anywayz everything it goin' good for now, except the department of projects which i SHOULD be starting, but being lazy when it comes to projects.... i haven't... oh well

well thats all for now!

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Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Show down

it's gettin' close to my birthday and thankfully the end of school, however i'll have to walk through the feild of mines of finals next-week... and have to turn in my projects...

list of crap to do
1.)finish project
2.)Pass finals

yea short and striaght to the point

i guess it's just going to be "giant eye brow week"

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Tuesday, June 1, 2004

   End of the Year, & the Projects of doom

well today i was assigned 2 more projects, lucky i already completed my IB health so thats one less to stress over... however my civics one counts as my final... *sigh* i'd rather take the test >.<

nothing really else to say...

Lock'n' load! MUAHAHAHAHAH!

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Monday, May 31, 2004

Updated Intro

My intro has been updated, along with a temporary RedvsBlue thingie (i.e. the tank) i've also got a song up, (below avatar) "come down" from FLCL, enjoy! have a great memorial day!

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A day to Remember...

we all know what today is, well hopefully if you were paying attention...

Today we honor all our service men & women who have perticapated in current & past wars. Remember their sacerfice (SP) so we can live as though we do today

ok i have to run, got to start/finish a project and start another, later!

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