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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Free Time!


i'm soo sry i haven't been able tp come to sites let alone my site for the longest time!

right now the teachers are piling on the homework and such. but today i don't have so much so i decied i should come back and let you all know i'm still around!

Last weeks Tourny:
last week i went to the Pev's PTS pevs tournament series, i went there to jump on a team if any needed some help. Well an entre team was missing, so it was filled with 3 substatues (including me). So now we were team "konas" or something like that(the great thing is that we got to play for free cus they already paid) You may be wanting to know why they weren't there, well you see their team captain was arrested just the day before(lol). Anyway we where playing in the rookie divison (ya we go the shit blown out of us X_X). Lol we did so bad cuz we were formed in less than 5 minutes and where playing with people who belonged in the NPPL, also it was our first tourny. Only towards the end of the day did we start to win games, TWO PERFECT WINS! So we agreed to all play in the youth divison at the next tourny.

school is hell...

Other news:
i've got a bunch 'o' manga and anime to watch... now if only i had the time to watch it...

Otaku redifined:
once this has been released i plan to overhaul my site, change alot 'o' stuff and make it all cool! or i'll just be lazy and claim the government took my overhaul plans

a message to my friends:
i miss you all sooo freakin' much! but homework comes first cuz i wanna do something with my life. but anyway i really miss you all, and thanks for commenting on some of my last posts even if i didn't comment back!

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Sunday, September 19, 2004


doing all that hard english work really paid off ^__^ Today my dad and i went to Pev's big game. I'm not sure how many people were there and played but there was a hell of alot of people! So anyway my dad decied to play as well, also we meet up with a couple of our paintball buddies, 2 adults and 2 teens. All of which are excellet woods ballers'. So we all had a good time, except those stuipd "rockets" if you found a toy rocket then you'd call a ref over and he'd elimiate any 20 guys, and some how the other team kept getting those damn things and killing everyone! And when we finally found one we called the ref over and told him to take out this huge mass of people, but he just walked the other way and gave it to the other team! WTF!?

but beside the rockets the "BIG GAME" was alot of great fun. hehe i also got 25bsp (balls per second) with my timmy ^___^

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Monday, September 13, 2004

wow... i'm here

hey everyone, i don't have that much homework today so i thought i'd come here (finally). Well so far school sucks, not that thats surprising. In other news i took my gun to the shop and got the regs greased up, so my gun with be in great working order for the big game. And also i ordered some rocking awesome Team Strange apparel, found at www.strangegear.com i got a team strange shirt, a "wear it" shirt, and a team strange jersey. So you all know, Team Strange is a pro Paintball team.

in anime news i got one of those ani-manga books and a dvd... neither of which i can spell... *sigh*

well i hope everyone's alright here... i guess thats it

cya around

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Wednesday, September 8, 2004

schools in...

today was the second day back to school... *sigh* i'm going to be knee deep in the dead... er homework... DAMN YOU HIGH SCHOOL! my english class is the worst, that is what i like to call "The Icon of Sin" known by most as the gate leading to hell. Oh well, so it seems you'll be seeing less of me... *sigh* and i REALLY REALLY miss you guys! but i will try my very hardest to get around!

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Saturday, September 4, 2004

er... i hate school work

sry, i've been reading my my book for school, and today i was working on the written part of the assignment.

but i did get a chance to go to the pro-shop on friday and get some new lens and a dye ultra-light barrel. Also i went to the feild today and had a rockin' awesome time! Except when i got bunkered... ouch... my arm is swelling from that...

oh well, 2 days left of summer...
then the gate to hell that is school opens...

cya around

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Wednesday, September 1, 2004

don't you just love it when fate conspires against you?

*sigh* i went to school orientation today...

yep school starts uncomforably soon. But i guess it's alright all my classes have at least two people i know from last year.

well anyway theres still some time left in summer. I'll try and enjoy it.

oh i went to pevs yesterday with moldy, he tested out his tippmann. and i had alot of fun with my head turning timme (intimidator). well, i'll cya around

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Sunday, August 29, 2004

a fun day on the range

today we went to pev's paintball (theres a big suprise) anyway, we went because my gun was ready sooner than we thought. So i went to test it out, the first time i shot it all the balls where cracking in the barrel! AHHH! but then it became obivous it wasn't the gun's fault, it was the paint. the paint was too big so it broke in the barrel (that sucks cuz we bought like 4 cases of that paint!). Moving on, after learning this we went up and asked for paint that would be good for my alias. So we brought the barrel and they tested it and we ending geting some alright paint. Then i meet someone from the camp, so we went up and played two games of hyperball. Let me tell you this gun rocks! I'd like to get a new barrel though, other than that the set-up is sweet, and the nitro tank is perfect! ^______^ so i had a great time with my new gun.

heres like 2 pics from the range:

hehe shooting my alias! ^_^

you'll have a great day, cya around ^_^

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Saturday, August 28, 2004


i few days ago i got DOOM3,
and i have to tell you...


the graphics are insane! this game rocks! AND IT'S SOOO FREAKY!

just look at these pics!


of course i've always said that about all doom games, yep i still love the oringnal!

thats because before QuakeII it was the only thing i played. My dad and i used to play doomII at the game parlor, and i sometimes played with my grandpa on his computer. Yep i love doom!

alright, thats all i have to say!

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Friday, August 27, 2004


today my dad picked me up early, and first we went to the toy soldier show, (i didn't buy anything) then the best part of the day! we went to pevs paintball, and bought a new very awesome gun

NO, not the dm4. THIS IS BETTER! MUAHAHAHAHAHA! i got a alias intimidator! W()()T!!!! with an empire reloader-B (better than a halo) and a "stuby" nitro tank! w00T! heres a pic

my gun is in the shop, they're attaching the drop-forword thingie & the line to the reg. we're going to pick it up tuesday ^_^

anyway, i'm sry everything is about paintball. I just haven't got anything new in terms of anime, but that will change! ... after i pay off my dept... of $270 but that'll be paid off faster than you'd think

thanks for support everyone, and you can expect me to come around to ALOT more sites ^___^ I'M BACK MY COMRADES!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004


well i'm pretty happy today, i'm very close to haveing enough money for a dm4!!! a dm4 is a VERY highend gun, it's like the best one out there or almost the best. anyway right now i currently have $1101, and i need $300 more! i'm sooo close! but i'll also need a halo which is like anywhere from $129 to $145, but i'll get the gun first. heres a pic:

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