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Sunday, July 11, 2004

one heck of a busy weekend
Paintball: i slept in a bit, so then i had to scramble into my paintball gear and get realdy. Moldy came on time and then we where off to pevs. We had a few troubles with my tippmann, but none with my auto-cocker. When we where at the safty briefing moldy spoted one of our friends. We didn't play with him because we played X-ball the hole time. the first game was the best, i got 2 people out in a 4 vs 4 game. and moldy and I were the only ones left. the second game was alright, but i wasn't happy with my preformence because i didn't look around or move to a new bunker. The third game wasn't that great, i choped paint in my gun so i steped out early, moldy was the only one left and he was bunkered, he was hit like 4 times. Oh and for those of who are wondering i did take pictures and they'll be up in 2 weeks, of course they'll go though photoshop so you can't see my eyes and/or face(but i was wearing goggles anyway). Also by the beginning of the school year i hope to put a nick name on the back of my jersy, i was thinking something like ... "Iggy" and i'll take a pictures of it ^_^

Sunday: family road trip... *groan* i slept the whole drive down to richmond, which is about 2 hours. Once there we picked up my sister and went to Ihop for breakfeast, then when to this really bad mall after a few other stores. But i did get a newtype out of it ^__^ then we went to see spiderman 2 which was... alright. it wasn't bad but it wasn't good either, thats my opinion so don't go hunting me down because i was just expressing my feelings of the movie. then we drove around until it was time for dinner, the nwe had to drop my sister off and sign her in. All in all it was nice to see her again, and i'm glad to see shes doing alright.

Newtype: in this issue i finaly found out about DES's favorite series "gravitation", and after finding that out, i was speachless for a bit... and really creeped out...

with that out of the way i'll talk about the cool article they had on Wolf's rain, since i've missed have the series i thought i'd read it. I like the idea behide the story (when i say that i mean the backround, the setting etc.) but i'm not so sure as to where the series is going.

FMA: yes it's come on adultswim in october 25 or something

News: i'm sorry i didn't get around to sites this weekend but i've been very busy.

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