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Wednesday, July 7, 2004

the instant music overflowed all over the world
just bare with the title... i couldn't think of anything

anyways i've withdrawn from instatute for the arts. yea i'm quiter, sure you can say it i don't care, i am what i am.

well i know, i know i should have given it more of a chance. things "may" have improved. But being graded, geting homework, waking up early and so on isn't worth $600. serously it's not fun, i was already an outkast. everyone was already in their little 'clicks'

i know, i know now i'm complaining

oh yea, we're getting our money back so it's not a total loss. Also instead of doing nothing i'm going to a paintball camp, and the coach is a former ironman team member. their team was the best for 3 seasons.

i know you all must be sick of hearing about paintball. i'm sorry.

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