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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

i'm back... i guess ... or ummm... meh
anyways i'm sorry i haven't been around, i've been planing stuff for my team and raiseing money for stuff like new paintball guns, paint, air, whatever, just money so we can practice.

although i've been working alot, i haven't raised to much money, soon i'll have $200. thats half of what i need, then again i have no idea... my plan was to buy a worrblade for my auto-cocker, because i didn't want to replace it so fast after i got a nitro tank for it. but i need a good back up gun, and i'd hate to use my tippmann in a tournament, but i'd also hate not useing an electronic gun *sigh* i guess i'll just save my money for whatever, since my parents are only willing to pay for paint & air (which is a very very good thing, i wonder how long that will last).

oh and on the 14th i'm leaving for a week, i'm going to hawaii. i really didn't want to go, and no you can't take my place...

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