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Friday, June 9, 2006

Time to Relax...Finally...
Hehe....now that my Senior Project a very huge sum of my busy schedual has been lifted off...but I still draw every so often cause I have been getting better! Yay! But I am a little sad for a weird reason....but I just need to set my mind aset and think positive! I was also invited to go to the Senior GAP party...geez...and it costs $25 dollars...I am not going cause I am already setting up a party for my friends and family to celebrate my graduation. Next week is my last week in school...how awesome is that!? I have another problem...I guess if Jessica doesnt like the way I act around her...it feels like I shouldnt hang out with her...oh well...its her loss but I dont want to even think about how she feels for me. I am also designing a Gemini tattoo for my friend silverzraven...I cant tell you guys who his name is but yeah...he requested it and he wants a tattoo so badly and he wanted me to draw some out for him to choose! Im glad...well...I better get drawing or something!
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Thursday, June 8, 2006

Check this out!
I drew this today and I love it...lol...like a hore for Santa Claws.....*laughs* Maybe I ought to make her lesbian! YAY! Hehe...she is so funny....

If you cannot see this...go to my Yahoo Groups site above....

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I have to take my presentation today...it was reschedualed since I was gone on Tuesday...what a blow off...today is my real presentation day...I am a little nervous...but all I have to do is talk about my presentation.

In the summer I will do art and keep it in a seperate binder so that I can keep my art seperate! It'll be more of my new art no matter what it may be...hmm...

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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

I am back at school. And most of the days I was gone...on Friday....Monday and Tuesday I got a call from Jessica bitching me out and I have been taking those days off so that I can have more time to work on my Senior Project. And yesterday I find out that it was offical Senior Skip Day and I just found that out today...and I was working my butt off on a skipping day for seniors...isnt that ironic. Uh....well....today is my Senior Project offical due day and I have to do my presentation and yeah....the 7th of this month...talk about a crazy trimester....well...I just hope that I dont get bitched out cause I dont like to be surrounded by females...they drive me nuts....oh well...gotta get ready mentally for my presentation! Wish me luck!
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Thursday, June 1, 2006

This is a great game...and I drew these...but if you cant see them...go to my yahoo group. I might even think about making a fun little manga out of it as well...as well as some of my favorite other games too! Its going to be fun!


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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Final Fantasy XII

I cant wait until this game comes out! I have seen the trailers and most of the pictures...and I love this game...I played the demo...and I loved how it ran...and how the mobility and everything went...and I have to say that it seems a little like Final Fantasy IX but much more better...but the story is different...the main character Vaan is basically a thief...lol...well...I love it and I cant wait for it! Either if it is for the PS2 or the PS3...I will get that game!

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Okay...last night my father went in my room to talk to me right? I was wondering why though...and all of a sudden he says this stuff to me about me not being gay and that he is saying that what I say as an excuse for him to believe that I am not gay cause I always say I am confused but not about my sexuality...my father wont believe that I am gay...he basically wants me to get a girlfriend and that if I had sex with a guy...then he is ashamed of me and that if he finds out that I am with a guy while he is down there in Afganistan...he'll come down...beat my lover and take me home...and it makes me think that I wont be able to love cause i cant love a woman for what I believe. I just love men...he wanted me to explain why I wanted to be gay...and as I said...there is no reason whatsoever to be gay but to follow my heart to what I want out of life...I want to be different...I want to love somebody I want to love...not what my parents want me to love....its odd...but frankly...I just feel like crying...
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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I had an okay weekend...almost perfect really...um...I hung out with some of my gay friends...I went to the mall...I got Gravitation manga novels 1 - 6 without anything missing inbetween...I got a Fullmetal Alchemist Roy Mustang Key Chain and a Lion Aslan Bookmark...then on the next day...I went to the movies with my family and went to see Over the Hedge...it was so cute! I like RJ the Racoon and Hammy the Squirel! I like most of the gayish parts in the movie when RJ and Hammy or either hugging or holding hands! :3 Its so cute! But I got home at like 9:30 pm...and I wanted to stay the night at my friends house cause of his birthday...and I couldnt reach him cause he went to bed early...damn....that is why I dont like going to do stuff at night with my parents cause usually I have things to do with my friends...and then the next day he called to see if I wanted to come over so I said yeah...and I got ready and took a shower and everything and told my dad that I was going to hang out with him for a while and as he drove down to my house my dad got pissy and said I am not allowed to go anywhere for that day and we didnt do anything...my friend drove all the way down here for nothing...my dad has to be an ass sometimes...it is a 30 minute drive down here from his house...but oh well...I'll get to go over next weekend definately when my dad is gone...
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If you cannot see my art on here...if you have a yahoo or whatever...you can join...I am looking forward to have new members...if you are a fan of yaoi or of my art...dont worry...I dont draw any of that nudity stuff...so yep...

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