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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

This was a dream of mine...yet...I drew it out...I think it is pretty cute!

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Friday, May 26, 2006

First page to my comic...

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My Hoposcope of the Day:

~The stars have you in a prime position. In fact, you have to do much less work than you think -- simply be present, and even the most minimal efforts will bear spectacular fruit. So suit up and get ready to win.
~Seek out the simple pleasures today. Truly, there's not much you need right now to make you happy -- everything is already in you, as you will come to more fully understand today. Events may catch you off guard, but there's a strong sense of balance around you right now, so you'll handle things with grace. In a relationship, small efforts will move the biggest obstacles. Sure, things may not move as quickly as you want, but you'll get satisfaction just from trying.
~Your sense of responsibility is essential to handling the situation. Believe it or not, this event is crucial to bringing about your and your sweetheart's highest good. But taking proper, considered action is key.

My Zodiac of the Day:

Patience will still be needed: Don't make definite decisions to force events or to provoke a power struggle. A favorable day for new friendships or for the beginning of new love affairs. You'll enjoy occupying yourself with a thousand small projects at home. Be aware that your wallet isn't inexhaustible: Watch out for money problems! You'll have less dynamism and vitality than usual, so accept to be reasonable and save your energy.


~I am looking forward kind of to Jessica's Birthday cause we are going to the Mall and I am getting $40 dollars to buy stuff...I wonder if the mall is still doing that one things that if you buy 4 mangas then you get the 5th one free...that is so cool...but I kind of feel bad from yesterday cause my best friend is kind of angry or something about my manga...even though I didnt mean to...but he said that my manga was stupid or that I made the characters stupid...that hurt my feelings cause I would never do that to my friends...they are the only ones I really have that do stuff with me. But then my friend Jessica was kind of talking bad about my boyfriend too...I dont need advise for my boyfriend anyway...I just want to do what fate tells me...basically my soul and heart...

My Picture of the Day:

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Aquarius Horoscope
"It's hard to bite down on that urge to splurge, but you simply must start exercising more self-control now. Perhaps it's time to look at the deeper issues that motivate these bouts of retail therapy."

Well...I guess this is true...gotta work hard!

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Late Night Working...
I was working on my Senior Project like crazy redrawing the scripts to make it look better...I am quite...satisfied with what I did...but I stayed up until 5:00 am in the morning doing this...and I woke up and took a shower...and the weird thing is...I passed out somehow...around 6:15 am...I wake up at 6:00...when I woke up it was 9:30 something and I rushed toward the school...I cant get behind on my project!
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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This may be my problem for today...
Aquarius Horoscope
May 24, 2006 / Wednesday

"Are you keeping some deep and very important feelings hidden? That makes things difficult, especially if they deal with things of a romantic nature. It's time to get it all out in the open. This problem might be nonexistent."

This could explain why I have been feeling this way...

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My best friend Rian is being...odd...and kind of mean to me...he said that his only friend is Justin...and I just found out that he invited Jarlm to Oak's Park...and it makes me sad...cause Rian told me that he can only have one friend over....and he said it was going to be his girlfriend...and I feel like crying...cause I felt like I have been lied to...
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Father's Coming Home
My father is coming home for a week from Mississippi...and we are going to spend some time together before he leaves to go to Afganistan...but I dont know...but he will be gone for a year...
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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My Yahoo Extravagant embracE Fan Club
If you are interested and want to look at my EE main page...you can look at my ideal pictures of my manga plus also get to read what I am really doing for my future works!



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I am really working hard on my manga and I have to go on my Yahoo to do some stuff for my project...
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